Roman Christian martyr, perished during the reign of Hadrian.
(b. c105 – d. c130 C.E., Cagliari, Sicily)

Quaile, Elizabeth
Irish-American piano pedagogue
(b. 1874 – d. 1951)

Quaranta, Letizia
Italian actress, Nerone e Agrippina (1913) as empress Octavia.
(b. Dec 30, 1892, Turin, Piedmont – d. 1974)

Quaranta, Lidia (Lydia)
Italian actress, Cabrina (1914).
(b. 1891, Turin, Piedmont – d. March 5, 1928, Turin)

Quarrier, Isabella
Scottish institutional activist, involved in the Orphan Homes of Scotland founded by her husband.
(b. c1833 – d. June 22, 1904)

Roman Christian martyr, perished with Blandina during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.
(d. c177 C.E., Lyons, Gaul)

Qudsia Begum
Indian queen and ruler
(b. c1754 – d. after 1817)

Queiros, Dina Silveira de
Brazilian novelist, dramatist, and journalist
(b. 1911 – d. 1983)

Quennell, Marjorie
British illustrator, A History of Everyday Things in England series 1918 – 1934.
(b. c1881, Bromley Common, Kent – d. Aug 2, 1972)

Quesnet, Marie Constance Renelle
French companion of the Marquis de Sade during part of his imprisonment.
(b. 1757 – d. 1832)

Questel, Mae
American vocalist and actress, singer behind ‘Betty Boop’ amd ‘Olive Oyl’.
(b. 1907 – d. Jan 4, 1998, Manhattan, New York)

Questiers, Katharina
Dutch artist
(b. 1631 – d. 1669)

Quian Xijun
Chinese revolutionary
(b. 1905 – d. 1990)

Qui Jin
Chinese poet and revolutionary
(b. 1875 – d. 1907)

Quimby, Edith Hinkley
American physicist and radiation specialist
(b. 1891, Rockford, Illinois – d. Oct 11, 1982, Manhattan, New York)

Quinault, Marie Anne Catherine
French vocalist
(b. 1695 – d. 1791)

Quinctia Marcella
Roman Christian martyr, perished with her mother during the reign of Septimius Severus.
(b. c175 – d. June 28, 202 C.E., Alexandria, Egypt)

Quincy, Eliza Susan
American writer and diarist, amanuensis to her father Joseph Quincy.
(b. Jan 15, 1798, Boston, Philadelphia – d. Jan 17, 1884, quincy, Massachusetts)

Quincy, Eliza Susan Morton
American memoirist, wife of Josiah Quincy (1772 – 1864).
(b. 1773, New York – d. Sept 1, 1850, Quincy, Massachusetts)

Quiney, Judith
English literary figure, daughter of William Shakespeare.
(b. 1585 – d. 1662)

Quintia Crispilla
Roman Augusta, wife of emperor Pupienus Maximus (c177 – 238 C.E.)
(fl. c230 – 238 C.E.)

Quintia, Antonia
Roman Imperial freedwoman, cantrix (singer) to Antonia, mother of emperor Claudius.
(fl. c14 – c37 C.E.)

Quinton, Amelia Stone
American organizer of native Indian reform.
(b. 1833 – d. 1926)

Roman Christian martyr
(d. c150 C.E., Entre Minho e Douro)

Qui Yihan
Chinese revolutionary
(b. 1907 – d. 1956)