Greek patrician, dau. of Amphion of the Bacchiadae clan, Corinth, m. Eetion of Petra and mother of Cypselus, tyrant of Corinth 655 - 625 B.C.E., grandmother of Periander.
(fl. c685 B.C.E.)

Labe, Louise (La belle cordiere)
French poet, author of Oeuvres (1555). Mistress of the poet Oliver de Magny.
(b. c1522, Lyons - d. 1566)

Laberia Marcia Hostilia Crispina Moecia Cornelia
Roman patrician, m. Bruttius Praesens, proconsul of Africa, her granddaughter Bruttia Crispina became the wife of emperor Commodus. Patron of the city of Trebulanis.
(b. c80 - d. after 153 C.E.)

Laberia Pompeiana
Roman patrician, m. consul M. Claudius Macrinius Vindex Hermogenianus, proconsul of Asia. Attested by inscription from Venafrani, and domestic water pipes.
(fl. c220 C.E.)

Labille-Guiard, Adelaide
French artist in pastels and oils, Portrait of the Sculptor Pajou.
(b. 1749 - d. 1803)

Lachapelle, Marie Louise
French obstetrician, Pratique des accouchements.
(1821 - 1825). (b. 1769 - d. 1821)

Lacombe, Claire (Red Rosa)
French revolutionary, arrested as a militant feminist. Released in 1795.
(b. 1765, Pamiers - d. after 1795)

Lacy, Margaret de
Norman religious patron, dau. of Matilda de Braose, founded the convent of Aconbury, Herefordshire (1216).
(b. c1184 - d. after Nov, 1255)

Ladice of Cyrene
Queen of Egypt, m. King Amasis II. Her husband defeated and executed by Cambyses II of Persia (525 B.C.E.) whom she received at Sais. He restored her safely to her parents.
(fl. c540 - 525 B.C.E.)

Laelia (1)
Roman Republican patrician, taught the art of rhetoric by her father, C. Laelius. She was renowned for her legal knowledge.
(b. c150 - d. after 90 B.C.E.)

Laelia (2)
Roman Vestal virgin, chief priestess (Virgo Maxima) c55 - 62 C.E., under emperor Nero. The successor of Vibidia, she was in turn succeeded by Cornelia.
(b. c5 B.C.E. - d. 62 C.E., Rome)

Laeta (1)
Roman Augusta 383 C.E., second wife of emperor Gratian (359 - 383 C.E.). Childless, she retired to her palace on the Aventine Hill in Rome. Fed the people during the first Gothic siege (400 C.E.).
(b. c361 - d. after 400 C.E., Rome)

Laeta (2) (Leta)
Roman Christian patrician, daughter of Publius Caeonius Caecina Albinus, governor of Numidia, m. Toxotius, and mother of St Paula the Younger.
(b. c378 - d. before 419 C.E.)

Laffan, Patricia
British actress, Quo Vadis ? (1951) with Peter Ustinov, as the empress Poppaea.
(b. March 19, 1919, London)

La Fayette, Marie Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne, Comtesse de
French novelist, La Princesse de Montpensier (1662) : La Princesse de Cleves (1678).
(b. 1634 - d. 1693)

Lafite, Marie Elisabeth Bouee de
French educational writer and translator, Lettres sur divers sujets (Letters on Various Subjects) (1777).
(b. c1750 - d. 1794)

Laforet, Diaz, Carmen
Spanish novelist, Nada (1944) : La isla y los demonios (1952) : La muyer nueva (1955).
(b. 1921, Barcelona, Spain)

Laguiche, Guillemette Eleonore de
French religieuse, younger sister to Jeanne Nicole (below), the daughter of Claude Elisabeth, Marquis de Laguiche and Marie Louise Eleonore de Langheac. Nun at Abbey de Chases, in the Auvergne, later prioress of Valdosne, Charenton
(b. Sept 16, 1720 - d. after 1758)

Laguiche, Jeanne Marie Louise Philiberte de Clermont-Montoisson, Comtesse de
French courtier of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Originally a canoness of St Louis, at Metz, she m. (1777) Charles Amable, Comte and Marquis de Laguiche (1747 - 1794). Her husband was guillotined during the Terror, but the comtesse survived the Revolution.
(b. Sept 15, 1757, Chagny, Saone-et-Loire - d. Feb 19, 1822, Nuits-sous-Ravieres, Yonne)

Laguiche, Jeanne Nicole de
French religieuse, sister to Guillemette Eleonore, the eldest daughter of Claude Elisabeth, Marquis de Laguiche and Marie Louise Eleonore de Langheac. Abbess of Bonneval, Thouars, Poitiers (1758) and of Beaumont-les-Tours (1772) and of Saint-Amand, Rouen, Normandy (1786).
(b. May 18, 1718 - d. after 1786)

Laguiche, Marie Louise Eleonore de Langheac, Marquise de
French society figure, courtier to Louis XV, m. (1717) Claude Elisabeth, Marquis de Laguiche (1685 - 1758).
(b. 1701 - d. Feb 16, 1772, Roanne)

Laguiller, Arlette
French Trotskyist politician, author of Moi, une militante (1974).
(b. 1940)

Laine, Dame Cleo
British jazz and popular vocalist, DBE (2002). Wife of musician John Dankworth.
(b. 1927, Southall, Middlesex, near London)

Greek courtesan
(fl. c340 - c300 B.C.E.)

Lais of Corinth
Greek courtesan
(fl. c450 B.C.E.)

Lais of Hyccara
Greek courtesan
(b. c421 - d. c350 B.C.E.)

Greek painter
(fl. c330 B.C.E.)

Indian mystic and poet, author of Kashmiri verses, Lal-Wakhi (The Songs of Lal).
(fl. c1380)

Byzantine queen, the mother of emperor Zeno (426 - 491 C.E.). Imprisoned in a convent because of the conspiracy of her younger son Flavius Longinus.
(b. c408 - d. after 492 C.E., Brochthi, Bithynia, Asia Minor)

La Marck, Marie Anne Francoise de Noailles, Comtesse de
French correspondent of Mme Du Deffand, wife of Louis Engelbert, Comte de La Marck.
(b. 1719 - d. 1793)

Lamas, Maria
Portugese feminist, activist, essayist, and editor, Mulheres do Meu Pais (Women of My Country) (1948).
(b. 1893 - d. 1983)

Lamb, Caroline Ponsonby, Lady
British novelist, Glenarvon (1816). Mistress of Lord Byron (1812).
(b. 1785 - d. 1828, Brocket)

Lamballe, Marie Therese Louise de Savoie-Carignane, Princesse de
French coutier, friend of Marie Antoinette, brutally murdered by the mob.
(b. 1749, Turin, Piedmont, Italy - killed 1792, Paris, France)

Lambrino, Zizi (Joanna Maria Valentina)
Romanian courtier, first wife (not recognized) (div. 1919) of King Carol II.
(b. Jan 7, 1896, Bucharest, Romania - d. March 27, 1953, Paris, France)

Lamia (1)
Greek courtesan
(fl. c450 B.C.E.)

Lamia (2)
Greek courtesan
(b. c335 - d. c280 B.C.E.)

Lamia, Aelia
Roman patrician, courtier of emperor Domitian, related to the empress, criticized by Juvenal in his Satires for her shallow impiety towards the gods.
(fl. cc80 - 96 C.E.)

Lamington, Mary Houghton Hozier, Lady
British public figure, wife of Lord Lamington, governor of QLD, Australia 1896 - 1901.
(b. 1871 - d. Jan 18, 1944)

Queen of Sparta, dau. of King Leotychides I and wife Eurydame. She m. her half-nephew King Archidamus I (d. c427 B.C.E.), the son of Zeuxidamus.
(fl. c450 B.C.E.)

Roman Imperial patrician, m. Annius Fuscus, a knight. She was the mother of usurper Pescennius Niger, emperor 193 - 195 C.E.
(fl. c120 - c140 C.E.)

Queen of the Molossians, wife of Neoptolemus, the first recorded king, dau. of Cleodaeus. Mother of King Pyrrhus I, perhaps ancestress of Tharypas (d. c400 B.C.E.).
(fl. c1130 B.C.E.)

Lanassa of Thrace
Princess, dau. of King Agathocles, m. (1) Pyrrhus I, king of Epirus m. (2) Demetrius I Poliorcetes, king of Macedonia. She held the island of Corcyra as her dower.
(b. c309 - d. c274 B.C.E.)

Lancaster, Isabella de
English religieuse, daughter of Henry, Duke of Lancaster. Prioress of Amesbury, Wiltshire.
(b. 1317 - d. after Feb 1, 1349)

Lanceni, Michelangela
Italian painter, daughter of Giovanni Battista Lanceni, none of her work survives.
(fl. 1720, d. a nun at convent of Santa Caterina della Ruota, Verona)

Landa, Anne
Australian music patron, established the David Paul Landa Piano Competition.
(b. Jan 5, 1947, Miskolc, Hungary - d. Dec 17, 2002, Sydney, Australia)

Landau, Genevieve Millet
American child development specialist, editor of Parents 1970 - 1978.
(b. 1923 - d. June 29, 1993, Manhattan, New York)

Landowska, Wanda
Polish harpsichordist, pioneer of twentieth century revival of this instrument.
(b. 1879 - d. 1959)

Lane, Dame Elizabeth Kathleen
British lawyer, Circuit Court Judge 1962 - 1965. DBE (1965).
(b. 1905)

Lange, Dorothea
American documentary photographer, An American Exodus : a Record of Human Erosion (1939).
(b. 1895, Hoboken, New Jersey - d. 1965, New York)

Lange, Helene
German conservative feminist, edited the Handbuch der Frauenbegung 1901 - 1906.
(b. 1848, Oldenburg, Germany - d. 1930, Berlin)

Langer, Susanne Knauth
American philosopher, The Practice of Philosophy (1930) : Feeling and Form (1953).
(b. 1895, New York - d. 1985)

Langmann, Adelheid
Bavarian visionary and mystic, author of Offenbarungen (Revelations).
(b. c1310 - d. 1375, Engelthal, Bavaria)

Langtry, Lillie
British actress, ' the Jersey lily', mistress of Edward VII.
(b. 1853 - d. 1929)

Macedonian Greek courtier, related to Cleitus, foster mother to Alexander the Great.
(b. c374 - d. after 328 B.C.E.)

Merovingian princess, sister of Clovis I. Brought up in the Arian faith, she was baptized a Catholic (496 C.E.) by St Remi. Probably m. Sigivaldus, dux in the Auvergne.
(fl. c480 - after 496 C.E.)

Laodice (1)
Macedonian royal mother, m. Antiochus and mother of first Seleucid king Seleucus I (d. 280 B.C.E.). The cities of Laodicea in Phoenicia and Phrygia were named for her.
(fl. c370 - c350 B.C.E.)

Laodice (2)
Seleucid queen, dau. of Antiochus II, m. Mithridates II, king of Pontus (d. c220 B.C.E.) and mother of king Mithridates III (c250 - c185 B.C.E.).
(fl. c270 - c250 B.C.E.)

Laodice (3)
Seleucid queen, dau. of Seleucus II, m. Mithridates II, king of Pontus (d. c185 B.C.E.). Mother of Pontic kings Pharnaces I (d. 156 B.C.E.) and Mithridates IV (d. c150 B.C.E.).
(b. c250 - d. after 183 B.C.E.)

Laodice (4)
Seleucid princess, perhaps dau. of Antiochus IV, m. Heliocles, King of Bactria (d. c129 B.C.E.). Coins celebrating her marriage survive. Mother of king Strato (d. 75 B.C.E.).
(fl. c160 - c150 B.C.E.)

Laodice (5)
Seleucid princess, dau. of Demetrius II Nicator, m. Phraates II, king of Parthia (d. 128 B.C.E.). Probably not the mother of his successor Sanatruces (d. 70 B.C.E.)
(b. c150 - c130 B.C.E.)

Laodice (6)
Queen regent of Pontus 120 - 111 B.C.E, widow of Mithridates V, mother of Mithridates the Great. Imprisoned and brutally treated, she was said to have been publicly beheaded.
(b. c151 - d. 110 B.C.E., Sinope, Pontus, Asia Minor)

Laodice (7)
Queen of the Gileadites (Calamans), her capital at Laodicea, Gilead. She led her armies as an ally of the Seleucid king Antiochus Eusebius against the Parthians.
(fl. c90 - c83 B.C.E.)

Laodice I
Seleucid queen, cousin and first wife of Antiochus II (d. 247 B.C.E.) and mother of Seleucus II (d. 226 B.C.E.). Divorced (253 B.C.E.) she conspired on behalf of her son.
(b. c287 - d. c229 B.C.E.)

Laodice II
Seleucid queen, daughter of Andromachus, m. Seleucus II (d. 226 B.C.E.) and was the mother of Seleucus III (d. 223 B.C.E.).
(b. c267 - d. after 222 B.C.E.)

Laodice III
Seleucid queen, daughter of Mithridates III of Pontus, m. Antiochus III (d. 187 B.C.E.). Sent supplies to the city of Iasus after an earthquake and provided dowries for poor girls.
(b. c237 - d. after 193 B.C.E.)

Laodice IV
Seleucid queen, daughter of Antiochus the Great, m. Antiochus IV (d. 164 B.C.E.). Mother of Antiochus V Eupator (d. 162 B.C.E.). Chief priestess of the royal cult at Laodicea, Lydia.
(b. c213 - d. after 162 B.C.E.)

Laodice V
Seleucid queen, daughter of Seleucus IV, m. (1) Perseus, king of Macedonia (d. 165 B.C.E.) m. (2) her brother Demetrius I (d. 150 B.C.E.). Honoured by city of Delos for her piety.
(b. c194 - d. 150 B.C.E.)

Laodice of Pontus
Queen regent of Cappodocia c101 - c98 B.C.E. for her son Ariarathes VIII, daughter of Mithridates V, m. (1) Ariarathes VI of Cappodocia, m. (2) Nicomedes II of Bithynia.
(b. c134 - d. c95 B.C.E.)

Laodice Prisca
Queen regent of Pontus 110 - 99 B.C.E., daughter of Mihtridates V, m. her brother Mithridates the Great. Publicly poisoned for conspiring against him.
(b. c131 - d. 99 B.C.E., Sinope, Pontus, Asia Minor)

Laodice Thea
Seleucid queen, daughter of Antiochus VIII, m. Mithridates I, king of Commagene (d. c70 B.C.E.). Honoured in suriving inscriptions as 'Laodice Basilissa Thea Philadelphos.'
(fl. c110 - c90 B.C.E.)

La Rochefoucald, Edmee Frisch de Fels, Duchesse de
French salon figure and writer, Images de Paul Valery (1949).
(b. 1895)

La Rochefoucald, Elisabeth Francoise Henriette de
French religieuse, daughter of Francois, Marquis d'Estissac, abbess of Saint-Sauveur, Evreux, Normandy.
(b. c1663 - d. before 1710)

La Rochefoucald, Francoise de
French religieuse, daughter of Francois II, Comte de La Rochefoucald, abbess of Notre Dame, Saintes.
(b. c1531 - d. 1606)

La Rochefoucald, Francoise Margeurite de
French religieuse, abbess of Sainte-Claire, Montbrison and of St Julien, Dijon.
(b. 1667 - d. 1736, Dijon, Burgundy)

La Rochefoucald, Gabrielle Marie de
French religieuse, abbess of the Paraclete and of Notre Dame, Soissons.
(b. 1624 - d. 1698)

La Rochefoucald, Marie Elisabeth de
French religieuse, abbess of Saint-Sauveur, Evreux, Normandy.
(b. 1617 - d. 1698)

Larrimore, Francine
American stage actress, Nice People (1921) : Let Us Be Gay (1929).
(b. 1897, France - d. March 7, 1975, New York)

Larsen, Christine
American actress, Valley of the Headhunters (1953).
(b. March 15, 1918, Durand, Wisconsin - d. Feb 13, 1973, Los Angeles, California)

Larson, Henrietta Melia
American educator, author, and business historian, Jay Cooke : Private Banker.
(b. Sept 24, 1894, Ostrander, Minnesota - d. Aug 26, 1983, Northfield, Minnesota)

Lartidia Cominia
Roman patrician, courtier of emperor Claudius I, daughter of proconsul Sextus Lartidius, m. T. Cominius Proculus, proconsul of Cyprus. Attested by inscription from Liguria.
(fl. c40 - c54 C.E.)

Lask, Berta
German poet, dramatist, and novelist, Stille und Sturm (Calm and Storm) (1955).
(b. 1878, Galicia, Poland - d. 1967)

Laskaridou, Aikaterini
Greek educator and feminist, promoter of education for women.
(b. 1842 - d. 1916)

Lathom, Wilma Pleydell-Bouverie, Countess of
British war worker, CBE (1920), m. (1889) Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 2nd Earl (1864 - 1910).
(b. Sept 26, 1869 - d. Feb 10, 1931)

Lathrop, Julia
American reformer, first Head of the Federal Children's Bureau (1912 - 1921).
(b. 1858, Rockford, Illinois - d. 1932)

Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne
American poet, writer, nun, and philanthropist, established St Rose's Free Home for Cancer, New York (1898).
(b. May 20, 1851, Lenox, Massachusetts - d. July 9, 1926, New York)

Latynina, Larissa Semyonovna
Russian gymnast, winner of Olympic Gold Medals (1956) (1960) and (1964).
(b. 1935)

Lauder, Estee
American beautician and cosmetics entrepeneur.
(b. 1906, New York - d. April 24, 2004, New York)

Breton princess, divorced by Olaf of Man, who was then murdered by her nephew Godred Donn, to avenge the family honour.
(fl. 1214 - 1223)

Laurac, Guiraude de (Gertrude)
French Cathar leader, brutally murdered by followers of Simon de Montfort.
(b. c1170 - d. 1211)

Laurencin, Marie
French painter and portraitist, well known for her elongated stylized society ladies.
(b. 1886, Paris - d. 1956)

Lavington, Francoise Lambertine Kolbel, Lady
German-Anglo courtier, lady-in-waiting to Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III.
(b. c1742, Dresden, Saxony - d. May 2, 1830, Hampton Court Palace, London)

Lavoisier, Marie Anne Pierrette
French chemist and editor of her husband Antoine's memoirs, Memoires de chimie (1805).
(b. 1758 - d. 1836)

Law, Phyllida
British actress, Tree Hands (1989) : Blinded (2004). Mother of actresses Emma and Sophie Thompson.
(b. May 8, 1932, Glasgow, Scotland)

Lawrence, Frieda (Baroness von Ricthofen)
German-Anglo literary personality, wife of D.H. Lawrence 1914 - 1930.
(b. 1879, Metz - d. 1956, New Mexico)

Lawrence, Mary Georgene Wells
American advertising executive, highest paid American executive in 1981.
(b. 1928, Youngstown, Ohio)

Lawson, Louisa
Australian feminist and writer, editor of The Dawn. Mother of writer Henry Lawson.
(b. 1848, Guntawang, NSW - d. 1920)

Greek miniature painter
(fl. c100 B.C.E.)

Roman Christian, she lived the religious life after the death of her husband. Highly thought of by St Jerome, and later regarded a saint.
(b. c325 - d. March 22, 384 C.E., Rome)

Hittite biblical matriarch, sister of Rachel, and first wife of patriarch Jacob.
(fl. c1750 B.C.E.)

Leda see Lydia (2)

Greek courtesan and heroine
(b. c537 - d. 514 B.C.E.)

Leakey, Mary
British archaeologist, identified the famous ' missing link ' skull at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania (1959).
(b. 1913, London - d. 1997)

Lease, Mary Elisabeth Clyens
American Labor politician, author of, The Problem of Civilization Solved (1895).
(b. 1850, Pennsylvania - d. 1933)

Leavitt, Henrietta Swan
American astronomer, head of the Photographic Photometry department at Harvard College Observatory.
(b. 1868, Lancaster, Massachusetts - d. 1921)

Le Blond, Elizabeth (Mrs Aubrey Le Blond)
British mountaineer and writer, climbed Piz Palu (1900) with a maid in attendance.
(b. 1861, Ireland - d. 1934)

Leclerc, Ginette
French actress, The Baker's Wife (1940) : The Raven (1948).
(b. Feb 9, 1912, Paris - d. Jan, 1992)

Lecouvreur, Adrienne
French actress, Voltaire attended her deathbed. Her fame inspired Scribe's play, Adrienne Lecouvreur (1849).
(b. 1692 - d. 1730)

Ledingham, Una Christina
British physician, specialized in diabetes at Hampstead General Hospital, London.
(b. 1900 - d. 1965)

Leduc, Violette
French novelist, L'asphyxie (1946) : Ravages (1955) : La batarde (1964).
(b. 1907, Arras, France - d . 1994)

Lee, Mother Ann
American mystic, leader of the Shaker sect at Watervliet, near Albany, New York.
(b. 1736, Manchester, England - d. 1784)

Lee, Doris Emrick
American abstract and landscape painter
(b. Feb 1, 1905, Aledo, Illinois - d. June 16, 1983)

Lee, Dorothy Demetracapoulou
Greek-American anthropologist and writer, Freedom and Culture.
(b. 1905, Constantinople, Turkey - d. 1975, Cambridge, Massachusetts, America)

Lee, Grace Keay
British heiress, inherited the estate of Broad Oak, Whitchurch, Salop.
(b. 1795 - d. Feb 22, 1882)

Lee, Gypsy Rose (Rose Louise Hovick)
American stripper and actress, Gypsy Rose Lee and Her American Beauties (1949) : Auntie Mame (1960).
(b. 1914, Seattle, Washington - d. 1970)

Lee, Harriet
British novelist, dramatist of the The Canterbury Tales (1797 - 1805).
(b. 1757, London - d. Aug 1, 1851, Clifton)

Lee, Jennie
Scottish Labour politician, Minister of State 1967 - 1970. wife of Aneurin Bevan, Life Peer as Baroness Lee of Asheridge.
(b. 1904, Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland - d. 1990)

Lee, Karen
Australian internet designer and latex clothing manufacturer, Reactor Rubber, Newtown, Sydney. Fetish costume designer for film and television, Matrix Revolutions (2001).
(b. June 20, 1960, Adelaide, SA)

Lee, Sarah
British writer and illustrator, The Fresh Water Fishes of Great Britain (1828).
(b. 1791, Colchester, Essex - d. 1856)

Lees, Florence Sarah
British pioneer of district nursing, Guide to District Nurses and Home Nursing (1889).
(b. March 31, 1840, Blandford, Devon - d. Oct 24, 1922, Walton-on-the-Naze)

Le Fanu, Nicola
British composer, daughter of Elizabeth Maconchy.
(b. 1947)

Lefaucheux, Marie Helene
French feminist, president of the International Council of Women 1957 - 1963.
(b. 1904, Paris - killed in a plane crash 1964)

Le Fort, Gertrud
German novelist and writer, The Song of the Scaffold.
(b. 1876 - d. 1971, Oberstdorf, Bavaria)

Legh, Alice Blanche
British archer, she held 23 British championships between 1881 - 1922.
(b. 1855 - d. 1948)

Lehmann, Lilli
German soprano particularly excelled in Mozart roles, author of Mein Weg (1913).
(b. 1848 - d. 1929)

Lehmann, Lotte
German-American soprano, Strauss's Rosenkavalier (1914) : Die Walkure (1930).
(b. 1888 - d. 1976)

Leicester, Juliana Whitbread, Countess of
British patrician, first wife (1843) of Thomas Coke, first Earl of Leicester (1822 - 1902).
(b. June 3, 1825 - d. April 21, 1870, Holkham Hall, Norfolk)

Leigh, Janet
American actress, though she appeared in nearly one hundred and seventy films, she was most famous for her role in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, Psycho, opposite Anthony Perkins. Married four times, including to actor Tony Curtis, she was the mother of actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Lady Haden-Guest).
(b. 1927 - d. Oct, 2004)

Leigh, Vivien
British actress, famous as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind (1939) : A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).
(b. Nov 5, 1914, Darjeeling, India - d. 1967)

Leinster, Emilia Mary Lennox, Duchess of
Anglo-Irish patrician, great-granddaughter of Charles II, wife of James Fitzgerald, 1st Duke of Leinster.
(b. Oct 6, 1731, London - d. March 27, 1814, London)

Leinster, Hermione Wilhelmina Duncombe, Duchess of
British society beauty, wife of George Fitzgerald, fifth Duke of Leinster (1851 - 1893).
(b. March 30, 1864 - d. March 19, 1895, Mentone)

Leitch, Ann Tizia
Austrian novelist, traveller and biographer
(b. 1896 - d. 1979)

Lemaire, Jeanne Magdeleine
French salonniere, floral artist, and illustrator
(b. May 24, 1845, Les Arcs - d. 1928)

Lemche, Ellen Gyrithe
Danish historian and novelist
(b. 1866 - d. 1945)

Lemel, Nathalie
French socialist leader, deported after the fall of the Commune (1871).
(b. 1827 - d. 1921)

Lenglen, Suzanne
French lawn tennis player, awarded the Cross of the Legion d'Honneur posthumously.
(b. 1899 - d. 1938)

Lenhart, Katharine Bradley
American civic benfactor and dramatist, The Greening of Rosita.
(b. 1902, Nyack, New Jersey - d. 1992)

Lenngren, Anna Maria
Swedish poet, daughter of the academic Malmstedt. Author of The Conseillen (1777).
(b. 1754 - d. 1817)

Lenormand, Marie Anne Adelaide
French fortune teller, predicted the divorce of the empress Josephine.
(b. 1772, Alencon - d. 1843, Paris)

Lenya, Lotte
Austrian-American vocalist, Die Dreigroschenoper (1928).
(b. 1898 - d. 1981)

Spanish Christian martyr, tortured, she died in prison during the persecutions of Diocletian. Venerated as a saint, her relics were restored to Toledo in 1589.
(b. c285 - d. 304 C.E., Toledo, Spain)

Leodolter, Ingrid Maria Margarete
Austrian physician and politician, Minister of Health and Environmental Protection 1971 - 1980.
(b. 1919, Vienna)

Leon, Josephine de Gontaut-Saint-Blacard, Princesse de
French Bourbon courtier, daughter of the Marquise de Gontaut-Biron.
(b. 1796 - d. 1844)

Leon, Leonie
French-Creole mistress of the statesman Leon Gambetta.
(b. 1838 - d. 1906)

Leon, Pauline
French revolutionary and feminist, president of the Societe des Revolutionaires Republicanes (1793 - 1794).
(b. 1758 - d. after 1795)

Leonora Christina
Danish princess and political prisoner, dau of Christian IV. Memoirs of the Imprisoned Countess Leonora Christina (1869).
(b. 1621, Royal Palace, Copenhagen - d. 1698)

Leontia, Aelia
Byzantine princess, yger dau. of emperor Leo I, m. (1) Patricius Caesar m. (2) Flavius Marcianus, son of emperor Anthemius. Imprisoned in a convent for life (479 C.E.).
(b. 457, Constantinople - d. after 488 C.E., Bosphorus, Asia Minor)

Leontias, Sappho
Greek writer, translator, and educator, editor of the literary journal, Euridice.
(b. 1832, Constantinople - d. 1900)

Greek philosopher
(fl. c300 B.C.E.)

Lepaute, Nicole Reine Hortense
French astronomer, wrote a monograph on the transit of Venus (1761).
(b. 1723 - d. 1788)

Lepida see Aemilia Lepida or Domitia Lepida

Lermontova, Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Russian palaeontologist
(b. 1889 - d. 1942)

Le Rochois, Marthe
French soprano vocalist
(b. 1650 - d. 1728)

Lescaille, Katherine
Dutch poet and translator
(b. 1649 - d. 1711)

Lesparre, Philippine Louise de Noailles, Duchesse de
French Bourbon courtier, wife of Louis de Gramont, Duc de Lesparre (c1743 - 1795).
(b. 1745 - d. 1791)

Lespinasse, Julie Jeanne Eleonore
French salonniere, companion, and then rival of Mme Du Deffand.
(b. 1732 - d. 1776)

Lessing, Doris
Rhodesian novelist and writer, The Golden Notebook (1962) : Particularly Cats (1979).
(b. 1919, Kermanshah, Iran)

Leuchtenburg, Daria Alexievna Obolenskaya, Duchess of
Russian patrician, m. (1929) Constantine, Duke of Leuchtenburg (1905 - 1983).
(b. June 29, 1903, Kaluga, Russia - d. July 4, 1982, Toronto, near Ontario, Canada)

Leverson, Ada
British novelist, Love's Shadow (1908) : Tenterhooks (1912) : Love at Second Sight (1916).
(b. 1862, London - d. 1933)

Levien, Sonya
Russian-American screenwrier, Quo Vadis ? (1951) : The Student Prince (1954).
(b. Dec 25, 1888, Russia - d. March 19, 1960, Hollywood, California)

Lewald, Fanny
German novelist, Clementine (1842) : Diogena (1847) : Die Familie Darner (1887).
(b. 1811, Konigsberg, Prussia - d. 1889)

Lewis, Alice Hudson
American missionary to China 1920 - 1938.
(b. 1895 - d. 1971, Radnor, Philadelphia)

Lewis, Diana
American actress, Go West (1940) with the Marx Brothers : Andy Hardy Meets a Debutante.
(b. 1909, New Jersey - d. 1996)

Lewis, Edmonia (Mary Edmonia)
American sculptor, Hiawatha's Wedding : Hagar in the Wilderness (1868).
(b. 1845, near Albany, New york - d. after 1909)

Lewis, Janet
American poet, Good-Bye Son and other Stories (1946).
(b. 1899, Chicago, Illinois - d. Nov 30, 1998, Los Altos, California)

Lewis, Joyce
English Protestant martyr, she was burnt alive.
(b. c1532, Mancetter, Warwickshire - d. 1557, Litchfield)

Ley, Margaretha
Swedish-American sportswear designer
(b. c1943, Sweden - d. June 4, 1992, Munich, Bavaria)

Leyster, Judith
Dutch genre painter, Flute Player (1631) : The Proposition (1631).
(b. 1609, Haarlem, Holland - d. 1660)

Irish poet and nun, lover of the poet Cuirthir Mac Dobharchon.
(b. c625 - d. c650)

Liang Na
Chinese empress dowager
(b. c220 - d. 150 B.C.E.)

Roman Christian patrician, she was the sister of Epiphanius, Bishop of Pavia and of Honorata and Luminosa. Lived as a nun, she was captured by the Vandals, but later ransomed.
(b. c440, Rome - d. after 493 C.E., Pavia)

Libert, Marie Anne
French botanist
(b. 1832 - d. 1865)

Lichtenau, Countess von see Enke, Wilhelmina

Licinia (1)
Roman Republican patrician, first wife of Cato the Elder (234 - 149 B.C.E.). Plutarch records the care she took with bringing up her sons.
(b. c210 - d. c157 B.C.E.)

Licinia (2)
Roman poisoner
(b. c195 - d. 154 B.C.E.)

Licinia (3)
Roman Vestal virgin, she took lovers, was acquitted, then again arrested and condemned by L. Cassius Longinus, with another vestal Marcia. Buried alive.
(b. c140 - d. 113 B.C.E., Rome)

Licinia (4)
Roman Republican patrician, sister of L. Licinius Crassus, cos 95 B.C.E., m. Metellus Nepos, cos 98 B.C.E. Her daughter Mucia Tertia became the wife of Pompey the Great.

(b. c110 - c90 B.C.E.)

Licinia (5)
Roman Vestal virgin, Crassus was accused of behaving improperly toward her, but the case acquitted when it was revealed that his motives were purely property related.
(fl. c90 - c80 B.C.E.)

Licinia Cornelia Volusia Torquata
Roman patrician, m. C. Calpurnius Piso Crassus Frugi Licinianus, cos 87 C.E. Attested by water pipe inscription, which also identfy her steward Eutychus Volusius Torquatus.
(fl. c80 - c100 C.E.)

Licinia Eudoxia see Eudoxia, Aelia Licinia

Licinia Galliena
Roman Imperial princess, dau. of emperor Gallienus and Cornelia Salonina, m. praetorian prefect Sergius Terentius. Mother of Anicia Lucina.
(fl. 260 - 268 C.E.)

Licinia Mucia
Roman republican patrician, m. C. Sempronius Gracchus (d. 121 B.C.E.), she lost her dowry when his possessions were sold at public auction.
(b. c153 - d. after 120 B.C.E.)

Licinia Praetextata
Roman Vestal virgin, dau. of M. Licinius Crassus Frugi, cos 64 C.E. Chief priestess (Virgo Maxima) during the reign of emperor Trajan.
(fl. c64 - c100 C.E.)

Licinia Victorina Hispella
Roman patrician, m. Gavius Saturninus. Patron of the city of Hispellas.
(fl. c150 C.E.)

Licinnia Flavilla
Roman priestess (flaminica) of the Imperial cult at Oenoandensis, Lycia, Asia Minor, m. C. Licinnius Marcius Thoantianus Fronto, imperial legate of that city.
(fl. c100 - 127 C.E.)

Liechtenstein, Georgina von Wilczek, Princess von (Gina)
German princess consort 1955 - 1989.
(b. Oct 24, 1921, Graz, Austria - d. 1989, Liechtenstein)

Lieven, Dorothea Kristoforovna von Benckendorff, Princesse de
Russian political salonniere and letter writer, the 'Sibyl of Europe'.
(b. 1784, Latvia - d. 1857)

Ligne, Apolline Helene Massalska, Princesse de
Polish-French memoirist and letter writer
(b. 1763, Poland - d. Oct 30, 1815, Paris, France)

Queen regnant of Ceylon 1196 - 1210, 1209 - 1210, and 1211 - 1212, widow of King Nissamkamalla.
(b. c1150 - d. 1212)

Lillie, Beatrice Gladys
British actress and memoirist, Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) : Every Other Inch a Lady (1973).
(b. May 29, 1894, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
d. Jan, 1989, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England)

Lind, Jenny
Swedish soprano, La sonnambula : Robert le diable : La fille du regiment.
(b. 1820, Stockholm - d. 1887)

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Spencer
American aviatrix and writer, wife of Charles Lindbergh, Gifts from the Sea (1955).
(b. June 22, 1906, Englewood, New Jersey - d. Feb 7, 2001, Passumpsic, Vermont)

Lindgren, Astrid
Swedish children's writer, Pippi Longstocking (1945).
(b. Nov 14, 1907, Vimmerby, Sweden - d. Jan 28, 2002, Stockholm)

Lindsay, Dorothy
American sports editor of the Boston Herald in the 1920's.
(b. 1902 - d. Aug 23, 1983, Seattle, Washington)

Linley, Elizabeth Ann
British soprano and beauty, painted by Reynolds and Gainsborough, she eloped with and married the playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
(b. 1754 - d. 1792)

Linton, Eliza Lynn
British novelist and anti-feminist, author of Azeth the Egyptian (1846) : The Girl of the Period (1868).
(b. 1822 - d. 1898)

Lioba (Truthgeba)
Anglo-Saxon nun, abbess of Bischoffsheim, her Life written by Rudolf of Fulda.
(b. c706, Wessex, England - d. 782)

Lippe, Elisabeth von
German heiress, she ruled Lippe as co-regent 1643 - 1646, inherited Schaumburg (1640).
(b. 1592 - d. 1646)

Lippe-Saalburg, Marie Louise Schroder, Countess von
German morganatic wife (1876) of Count Eric von Lippe-Weissenfeld (1853 - 1928).
(b. Nov 28, 1854 - d. April 23, 1933, Berlin, Prussia)

Lipson-Gruzen, Bernice
American pianist, she recorded with the Beijing Central Philharmonic Orchestra (1981).
(b. 1925, Brooklyn, New York - d. 1998, Bad Wiessee, Germany)

Lisiewska, Anna Dorothea
German painter of genre scenes and historical and mythological themes.
(b. 1721, Berlin, Prussia - d. 1782)

Lisiewska, Rosina
German painter, sister of Anna, elected a member of the Dresden Academy, Saxony.
(b. 1713 - d. 1783)

Lismore, Margaret Josepha O'Brien, Countess of
Irish letter writer, wife (c1735) of Daniel, first earl of Lismore (1683 - 1759).
(b. c1710 - d. after 1763)

Listowel, Freda Vanden-Bempden-Johnstone, Countess of
British patrician, wife (1904) of Richard Hare, fourth Earl of Listowel (1866 - 1931).
(b. April 9, 1885 - d. March 10, 1968)

Littlewood, Joan Maud
British actress, The Quare Fellow (1956) : Fings ain't wot they used't be (1959).
(b. 1914, London - d. 1987)

Liubatovich, Vera
Russian revolutionary, arrested and exiled to Siberia (1877). Author of Memoirs (1906).
(b. 1854 - d. 1917)

Visigothic queen, wife of King Ervigio (d. 687). Forced into a convent by her son-in-law.
(b. c632 - d. after 693 a nun)

Livia, Bronislava
Hungarian actress, Bahno Prahy (1927) : Utrpeni sede sestry (1930).
(b. Nov 18, 1901, Nagasaki, Japan)

Livia Drusa
Roman Republican patrician, sister of M. Livius Drusus, tribune 91 B.C.C., m. (1) Q. Servilius Caepio, m. (2) Cato Salonianus, mother of Cato Uticensis (95 - 46 B.C.E.)
(b. c126 - d. 92 B.C.E.)

Livia Drusilla
Roman Augusta 14 - 29 C.E., widow of Augustus, mother of Tiberius.
(b. Sept 28, 59 B.C.E. - d. Jan 22, 29 C.E., Rome)

Livia Medullina Camilla
Roman patrician, dau. of M. Furius Camillus, cos 8 C.E. Betrothed to Claudius, grandson of empress Livia. She died suddenly on her wedding day.
(b. c9 B.C.E. - d. 3 C.E.)

Livia Ocellina
Roman patrician, dau. of quaestor L. Livius Ocellus, m. C. Sulpicius Galba, cos 5 B.C.E. and adopted her stepson, the future emperor Galba (3 B.C.E. - 69 C.E.)
(fl. c15 B.C.E. - c30 C.E.)

Livia Orestilla
Roman Augusta 37 C.E., second wife of Gaius Caligula (12 - 41 C.E.). Stepsister of Domitius Corbulo, Caligula carried her off at her wedding to C. Calpurnius Piso.
(fl. 37 - after 40 C.E.)

Livilla (Livia Julia Claudia)
Roman Imperial princess, sister of Germanicus, m. Drusus the younger, son of Tiberius, whom she poisoned with the aid of her lover Sejanus. Starved to death by her mother.
(b. c13 B.C.E. - d. after Oct 18, 31 C.E., Rome)

Llewellyn-Davies, Margaret Caroline
British General Secretary of the Women's Co-operative Guild 1889 - 1922.
(b. Oct 16, 1861, Marylebone, London - d. May 28, 1944, Dorking)

Lloyd, Marie (Matilda Alice Victoria Wood)
British music hall singer, Oh Mr Porter : My Old Man said Follow the Van.
(b. 1870 - d. 1922)

Lockhart, Anne
American actress, Dark Tower (1987) : Disconnected (2002).
(b. Sept 6, 1953, New York)

Loden, Barbara
American film actress and director, After the Fall (1964) : Wanda (1970).
(b. 1934, Asheville, North Carolina - d. 1980)

Lodge, Eleanor Constance
British historian, author of The English Rule in Gascony (1926), principal of Westfield College, London.
(b. 1869 - d. 1936)

Loeb, Sophie Irene
Russian-American social reformer, Everyman's Child (1920) : Palestine Awake (1926).
(b. 1876, Rovno, Russia - d. 1929)

Login, Lena Campbell, Lady (Nellena)
Anglo-Indian diarist, Sir John Login and Duleep Singh (1890) : Lady Login's Recollections (1909).
(b. 1820, Perth, Scotland - d. 1904)

Loisinger, Johanna Maria Luisa
German soprano, morganatic wife (1889) Alexander of Battenberg (1857 - 1893).
(b. April 18, 1865, Pressburg - d. July 20, 1951, Vienna, Austria)

Roman Republican patrician, dau. of M. Lollius Palicanus, m. Aulus Gabinius (d. 47 B.C.E.). Said to have been the mistress of Julius Caesar.
(fl. c100 - c70 B.C.E.)

Lollia Paullina
Roman Augusta, third wife of emperor Caligula. Killed at behest of Agrippina Minor after emperor Claudius had considered her for a wife.
(b. c15 - d. 49 C.E.)

Lollia Saturnina
Roman patrician, m. Decimus Valerius Asiaticus, cos 35 C.E. Sister of empress Lollia Paullina, she was the mistress of Gaius Caligula.
(fl. c10 - 41 C.E.)

Lollis, Mary Lou
American centenarian memoirist
(b. Jan 1, 1895, Greenville, South Carolina - d. Feb 2, 1998)

French trobairitz
(fl. c1220)

Lomenie, Elisabeth Louise Sophie de Verges, Vicomtesse de
French memoirist, Fragments des memoires inedits de la vicomtesse de Lomenie (1882).
(fl. 1789 - 1792)

Lomenie, Marie Louise Anne Constance Poupardon d'Amanzy, Marquise de
French society figure, friend of Mme Du Deffand and mistress of the Archbishop of Toulouse.
(fl. c1765 - 1780).

Londonderry, Frances Anne Emily Vane-Tempest, Lady
British society figure and traveller, Journal of a Three Month's Tour (1839).
(b. Feb 7, 1800, St James's Square, London - d. Jan 20, 1865, Seaham Hall, Durham)

Long, Margeurite Marie Charlotte
French pianist and musical writer, Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin (1919).
(b. 1874 - d. 1966)

Byzantine princess, dau. of Flavius Longinus, niece of emperor Zeno. Betrothed to Procopius, her father's conspiracies led to her permanent seclusion in a convent.
(fl. c475 - after 492 C.E., Brochthi, Bithynia, Asia Minor)

Lonsbrough, Anita
British swimmer, Olympic medal winner (1960). MBE.
(b. 1941)

Lonsdale, Grace Cecilia Gordon, Countess of
British war worker, CBE (1920), wife of Hugh Lowther, fifth Earl of Lonsdale.
(b. 1854 - d. May 12, 1941)

Lonsdale, Dame Kathleen Yardley
Irish-Angli crystallographer, physicist and chemist.
(b. 1903, Newbridge, Ireland - d. 1971)

Loos, Anita
American screenwriter and novelist, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1925) : San Francisco (1936).
(b. 1893, California - d. 1981)

Lopata, Frances
American philanthropist, patron of medical research.
(b. 1922, New York - d. Aug 9, 1997, New Rochelle, New York)

Lopez de Cordoba, Leonor Carillo
Spanish courtier and autobiographer
(b. c1363 - d. c1412)

Lopokova, Lydia Vasilievna (Lady Keynes)
Russian ballerina, The Firebird (1916) : The Sleeping Princess (1921).
(b. 1892, St Petersburg, Russia - d. 1981)

Loraine, Violet Mary
British actress and vocalist, If you were the only girl in the world (WW I).
(b. 1886, Kentish town, London - d. 1956)

Loren, Sophia
Italian actress and memoirist, wife of director Carlo Ponti, Aida (1953) : The Millionairess (1960).
(b. 1934, Rome)

Lorimer, Louise
American stage, film and television actress, The Glass Menagerie (1950).
(b. 1898 - d. Aug 12, 1995, Newton, Massachusetts)

Los Angeles, Victoria de
Spanish soprano, notable for the title role of Massenet's Manon.
(b. 1923)

Loughlin, Dame Anne
British trade unionist, first woman president of the General Council of the Trades Union Congress (1943).
(b. 1894, Leeds - d. 1979)

Louisa of Tuscany
Austrian archduchess and memoirist, wife (div.) of Crown prince Frederick of Saxony.
(b. Sept 2, 1870, Salzburg Castle, Austria - d. July 23, 1947, Brussels, Belgium)

Louisa Ulrica of Prussia
Queen consort of Sweden, wife of Adolphus Frederick. Patron of the arts and sciences.
(b. July 24, 1720, Berlin, Prussia - d. July 16, 1782, Svartsjo Castle, near Stockholm)

Louise d'Orleans
Queen consort of the Belgians, wife of Leopold I. Founded creches and orphanages.
(b. April 3, 1812, Palermo, Sicily - d. Oct 11, 1850, Palace of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium)

Louise of Belgium
Princess and memoirist, dau. of King Leopold II, My Own Affairs (1921).
(b. Feb 18, 1858, Brussels, Belgium - d. March 1, 1924, Wiesbaden, Germany)

Louise of Denmark
Princess, dau. of Christian VI and Sophia Magdalena of Kulmbach, m. (1749) Ernest Frederick III, Duke of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1722 - 1780).
(b. 1726 - d. 1756)

Louise Caroline Alberta
British princess, daughter of Queen Victoria, wife (1871) of John Campbell, Duke of Argyll.
(b. March 18, 1848, Buckingham Palace, London - d. Dec 3, 1939, Kensington Palace).

Louise of Savoy, Duchesse d'Angouleme
Italian-French princess, mother of King Francois I, and regent of France 1515 - 1516.
(b. 1476 - d. 1531)

Lovelace, Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of
British mathematician, daughter of Lord Byron and Annabella Milbanke, she was the originator of the ADA or universal computer programming language, was named in her honour (1977).
(b. 1815 - d. 1852)

Loveling, Virginie
Belgian poet, novelist and children's author
(b. 1836 - d. 1923)

Lowell, Amy Lawrence
American poet, A Dome of Many-coloured Glass (1912) : Six French Poets (1915).
(b. 1874, Brookline, Massachusetts - d. 1925)

Lowell, Josephine Shaw
American social reformer, Public Relief and Private Charity (1884).
(b. 1843, Boston, Philadelphia - d. 1905)

Lowman, Eleanor Barry
American floral and still-life painter, editor of Harper's Bazaar in the 1930's.
(b. Aug 3, 1906, Llewellyn Park, New Jersey - d. Aug 26, 1983, Connecticut)

Lowman, Josephine Cherry
American newspaper columnist, author on health issues.
(b. 1899, Bowling Green, Kentucky - d. Sept 29, 1983, Albany, New York)

Lowrey, Edith E.
American farm labor aide
(b. 1897, Plainfield, New Jersey - d. March 11, 1970, Claremont, New Hampshire)

Loynes, Jeanne Detourbay, Comtesse de
French salonniere
(b. c1837 - d. Jan, 1908, Paris)

Roman poisoner, assisted Agrippina minor and Pallas to murder emperor Claudius I.
(b. c5 - d. 69 C.E., Rome)

Luci, Cassandra
Italian opera singer, mistress of Prince Stanislas Poniatowski (1754 - 1833), by whom she left children.
(b. 1786, Florence - d. 1863, Florence)

Roman Republican patrician, niece of the satirist Gaius Lucilius, m. Pompeius Strabo, and mother of Pompey the Great (106 - 48 B.C.E.)
(fl. c110 - c90 B.C.E.)

Lucilla, Annia Aurelia Galeria
Roman Augusta 164 - 169 C.E., dau. of Marcus Aurelius, m. emperor Lucius Verus (d. 169 C.E.). Executed for conspiring against her brother Commodus. Coins survive.
(b. 150, Rome - d. 182 C.E., Island of Capreae)

Lucretia (1)
Roman queen, second wife of King Numa Pompilius (d. 673 B.C.E.) and mother of king Ancus Marcius (d. 617 B.C.E.)
(fl. c700 - c675 B.C.E.)

Lucretia (2)
Roman heroine, her rape led to the establishment of the Republic (507 B.C.E.)
(b. c530 - suicide 509 B.C.E.)

Luders, Marie Elizabeth
German feminist and politician, Honorary President of the Federal Democratic Party 1957 - 1961.
(b. 1888, Berlin, Prussia - d. 1966)

Ludmilla of Pskov
Bohemian regent, grandmother of St Wenceslas. Murdered at her prayers by her grandson Boleslav, who strangled her with her own scarf.
(b. c854, Psovka, near Melnik, Poland - Sept 16, 921, Tetin Castle, near Podybrad, Bohemia)

Ludovica Elisabeth Franziska
Austrian archduchess, only child of emperor Francis II and Elisabeth of Wurttemburg.
(b. Feb 18, 1790, Vienna - d. June 24, 1791, Vienna)

Lu Hou
Chinese empress, wife of Gaodi, regent 195 - 180 B.C.E. for his three successors.
(b. c230 - d. 180 B.C.E.)

Luiza Maria de Guzman
Queen consort of Portugal, wife of Joao VI. Regent for Alfonso VI 1656 - 1666.
(b. Oct 13, 1613 - d. Feb 17, 1666, Lisbon, Estramadura)

Carolingian queen 795 - 800, of Alemannian background, she became the last wife (795) of emperor Charlemagne (742 - 814). Educated by the scholar Alcuin. Died childless.
(b. c775 - d. June 14, 800, Tours)

Lukens, Rebecca Webb Pennock
American industrialist, first female manager in the iron industry.
(b. 1794, Coatesville, Pennsylvania - d. 1854)

Roman Christian nun at convent of St Vincent, taken prisoner by forces of Odoacer, she was ransomed by Epiphanius, Bishop of Pavia.
(b. c410 - d. c476 C.E., Ticinum)

Lunati-Visconti, Jeanne Therese de Rocqueville, Marchesa de
Franco-Italian patrician, the mistress of Prince Charles of Lorraine.
(b. c1681 - d. 1725)

Lundequist, Gerda
Swedish actress, Monna Vanna : Ghosts : The Gosta Berling Saga : Giflas (1955).
(b. 1871, Stockholm - d. 1959)

Lupino, Ida
Anglo-American actress and director, They Drive by Night (1940) : While the City Sleeps (1955).
(b. 1918 - d. 1995)

Lustrac, Margeurite de
French heiress and Valois courtier, mistress of Louis de Bourbon, Prince de Conde.
(b. c1525 - d. 1568)

Lusurier, Catherine
French painter
(b. 1753 - d. 1781)

Lutyens, Elisabeth (Agnes Elisabeth)
British composer, The Birthday of the Infanta (1932) : Isis and Osiris (1970).
(b. 1906)

Lutz, Bertha
Brazilian feminist, founder of the Brazil Federation for the Advancement of Women (1922).
(b. 1899 - d. 1976)

Luxemburg, Rosa
Polish-German scoialist, feminist and pacifist, killed for supporting the abortive Spartacist uprising (Jan, 1919).
(b. 1871, Zamosc, Russian Poland - murdered 1919, Berlin, Prussia)

Luynes, Elisabeth de Montmorency-Laval, Duchesse de
French patrician, wife (1768) of Louis Joseph d'Albert, Duc de Luynes (d. 1807).
(b. Feb 14, 1755 - d. July 24, 1830)

Lydia (1)
Greek Christian businesswoman, purple dye manufacturer at Thyatira.
(fl. c55 - c60 C.E.)

Lydia ((2) (Leda)
Roman Christian martyr, m. senator Philetus. Put to death with their children and fifty others during the persecution of emperor Hadrian.
(b. c95 - d. c133 C.E., Illyricum)

Lydwina of Schiedam
Dutch mystic and visionary
(b. 1380 - d. 1433)

Lynch, Hannah
British novelist and journalist, Jinny Blake : French Life in Town and Country.
(b. c1837 - d. Jan 15, 1904, Paris, France)

Lynch, Patricia Nora
Irish writer
(b. 1898 - d. 1972)

Lynn, Loretta
American country vocalist, her memoirs, Coal-Miner's Daughter (1976) made into a film (1980).
(b. 1935, Butcher's Hollow, Kentucky)

Lynn, Dame Vera Margaret
British popular singer, the 'Forces Sweetheart' during WW II, We'll Meet Again.
(b. 1917, East Ham, London)

Lyons, Dame Enid Muriel
Australian politician, first female member of a Federal Cabinet 1949 - 1951.
(b. 1897, Leesville - d. 1981)

Ptolemaic queen, daughter of King Ptolemy I, m. (1) Alexander V, king of Macedon m. (2) Agathocles II, king of Thrace (d. 283 B.C.E.).
(fl. 297 - 280 B.C.E.)

Greek priestess
(b. c460 - d. c380 B.C.E.)

Greek priestess
(fl. c460 B.C.E.)

Lysistrata, Annia Galeria
Roman Imperial freedwoman, she became concubine to the emperor Antoninus Pius (d. 161 C.E.) after the death of his wife Faustina I.
(fl. c140 - after 161 C.E.)

Lytton, Lady Constance Georgia
British radical suffragette, Prisons and Prisoners (1914).
(b. 1869, Vienna, Austria - d. 1923)