Jacqueline of Bavaria (Jacoba)
Flemish heiress of Holland, Zeeland, and Hainault from 1417.
(b. July 25, 1401, The Hague, Holland - d. Oct 8, 1436, Teilingen)

Jahanara Begum
Indian Mughal princess, daughter of emperor Shah Jahan, writer and poet, she remained unmarried.
(b. 1613, Ajmer - d. 1683, Delhi)

Iranian poet, native of Herat, author of ghazals.
(fl. c1530)

James, P.D. (Phyllis Dorothy, Lady White)
British crime novelist, Cover Her Face (1962) : An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1972) : A Taste for Death (1986).
(b. Aug 3, 1920, Oxford)

Jameson, Anna Brownell
British writer, painter and historian
(b. 1794 - d. 1860)

Indian saint and poet, author of nearly three hundred verses (abhangas).
(fl. 1360)

Jane Grey
Queen of England (July 10 -19, 1553) the ' Nine Days' queen, brief successor to Edward VI.
(b. Oct, 1537, Bradgate Manor, Leicestershire - executed Feb 12, 1554, Tower Green, Tower of London)

Jane Seymour
Queen of England 1536 - 1537, third wife of Henry VIII (1491 - 1547). Mother of Edward VI (1537 - 1553).
(b. 1509, Wolf Hall, Savernake, Wiltshire - d. Oct 24, 1537, Hampton Court Palace, London)

Janeway, Gertrude
American Civil war widow, m. John Janeway.
(b. 1909 - d. Jan, 2003)

Roman landowner and patron, founded the oratory of St Severus the Confessor.
(fl. c590 - 599)

Januaria Maria
Princess Imperial of Brazil 1835 - 1846, daughter of emperor Pedro I, m. Luis, Count de Aquila.
(b. March 11, 1822, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - d. March 13, 1901, Nice, France)

Jansz, Lucretia
Dutch survivor of the Batavia wreck in Australia (1629).
(b. after Aug 16, 1602, the Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam - d. before Sept 6, 1681, Amsterdam)

Jarman, Frances Eleanor
British actress
(b. 1803 - d. 1873)

Jarnevic, Dragolja
Croatian diarist, poet, dramatist and novelist
(b. 1812 - d. 1875)

Jars, Marie de see Gournay, Marie le Jars de

Jaume de Carbo, Quima
Spanish poet
(b. 1934 - d. 1993)

Jaussaud, Esprite
French religieuse
(b. 1628 - d. 1658)

Queen regnant of Cambodia, daughter of Jayarvarman I, King of Chenla. Her period of rule was one of disorder.
(fl. 681 - 713)

Jeanneret, Marie
Swiss nurse and murderess, who disposed of her victims using belladonna and other poisons.
(b. 1848 - d. 1884)

Jeffery, Dorothy see Pentreath, Dorothy

Jeffrey, Rosa Griffith Vertner Johnson
American poet and novelist, Poems (1857) : The Crimson Hand, and Other Poems (1881).
(b. 1828, Natchez, Mississippi - d. Oct 6, 1894)

Jeffries, Elizabeth
British murderess, who inveigled a servant to help her murder her rich uncle.
(b. c1733 - hanged March 28, 1752, Epping Forest)

Jeffs, Doreen
British murderess, killed her infant daughter, then faked her kidnapping.
(b. c1937 - suicide Jan, 1965, drowned herself at Beechey Head)

Jegado, Helene
French murderess, killed her employers and her own sister with arsenic.
(b. c1800 - guillotined 1851, Rennes, Brittany)

Jemison, Mary
American captured by Seneca Indians as a child, resided with them for the rest of her life. Her memoirs, A Narrative of the Life of Mrs Mary Jemison…(1825)
(b. 1743, New York - d. 1833)

Jemmat, Catherine
British poet and memoirist, Memoirs (1762) : Miscellanies in Verse and Prose (1766).
(b. c1710, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall - d. Nov, 1766)

Jenkin, Henrietta Camilla
British novelist
(b. c1807 - d. 1885)

Jenkins, Jemima
Australian pastoralist
(b. 1786 - d. 1842)

Jennings, Annie (Margaret)
British victim of the Indian Mutiny, the first English woman whose death was officially reported.
(b. 1837 - murd. May 11, 1857, Red Fort, Delhi, India)

Jerauld, Charlotte A. Fille-Brown
American author, Poetry and Prose (1850).
(b. April 16, 1820, Cambridge, Massachusetts - d. Aug 2, 1845)

Jerningham, Frances Dillon, Lady
British letter writer
(b. 1746 - d. March 1, 1825)

Jerome, Clara Hall
American socialite, wife of Leonard Jerome, mother of Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill and grandmother of Sir Winston Churchill.
(b. 1825 - d. 1895)

Jersey, Barbara Chiffinch, Countess of
British diplomatic wife at the French court, and Jacobite sympathizer, m. Edward Villiers, 1st Earl of Jersey (1655 - 1711). Her portrait painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller.
(b. Dec, 1663 - d. July 22, 1735, Paris)

Jersey, Frances Twysden, Countess of
British courtier, mistress of the Prince Regent (George IV), lady-in-waiting to his wife Caroline of Brunswick.
(b. 1753 - d. 1821)

Jersey, Margaret Elizabeth Leigh, Countess
British author and memoirist, Fifty-One Years of Victorian Life (1922). DBE (1927).
(b. Oct 29, 1849, Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire
d. May 22, 1945, Middleton Park, near Bicester)

Jessel, Helen Maglona Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Lady
British society figure, daughter of the marquess of Londonderry, wife 1935 - 1960 of Edward Herbert, 2nd Baron Jessel (b. 1904).
(b. 1911 - d. 1986)

Jewsbury, Geraldine Endsor
British novelist, critic and journalist, Marian Withers (1851) : Constance Herbert (1855) : Right or Wrong (1856).
(b. 1812, Measham, Derbyshire - d. 1880)

Jinnah, Rutten Bai (Rutty)
Indian Parsi socialite, wife of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, married against the wishes of her wealthy family.
(b. c1900 - d. 1929)

Jinner, Sarah
English astrologer and almanac writer
(fl. 1658 - 1664)

Japanese empress regnant 686 - 697, dau. of emperor Jomei.
(b. 643 - d. 703)

Joachim, Amalie (Mme Schneeweiss)
German opera singer
(b. 1839 - d. 1899)

Joan of Navarre
Queen of England 1402 - 1413, second wife of King Henry IV (1367 - 1413).
(b. 1370, Pampeluna, Navarre - d. July 9, 1437, Havering-atte-Bower, Essex)

Joanes, Dorotea
Spanish painter, her only identified work, a Crucifixion, was destroyed in 1869.
(b. c1555 - d. 1609)

Joan Plantagenet (1)
Queen of Scotland 1221 - 1238, wife of King Alexander II (1197 - 1249).
(b. July 22, 1210 - d. March 4, 1238, Havering-atte-Bower, Sussex, nr London)

Joan Plantagenet (2)
English princess, daughter of Edward I, m. (1) Gilbert de Clare, m. (2) Ralph de Monthermer.
(b. 1272, Acre, Palestine - d. April 23, 1307, Clare, Suffolk)

Jodha Bai
Indian Mughal queen, m. (1569) the emperor Akbar, and mother of emperor Jahangir (1569 - 1627).
(b. c1553, Jodhpur - sucicide 1619, by poison)

Jodin, Madamoiselle
French Revolutionary speaker, Vues legislatives pour les femmes (Legislative Prospects for Women) (1790).
(fl. 1789 - 1790)

Johnson, Frances
Anglo-Indian society figure in Calcutta, known as 'Begum' Johnson.
(b. April 10, 1725, Madras - d. Feb 3, 1812, Calcutta)

Johnson, Louise
American sociologist, The People of East Harlem (1969).
(b. 1920, Sturgis, South Dakota - d. 1976)

Johnson, Rachel Harris
American clubwoman and author, founding president of the Girls Clubs of America, Inorporated.
(b. Dec 11, 1887, Worcester, Massachusetts - d. Aug 9, 1983, Worcester)

Johnston, Betty Joan Harris, Lady
British educator and lawyer
(b. May 18, 1916 - d. Nov 28, 1994)

Johnston, Henrietta Cecilia West, Lady
British letter writer and society figure
(b. 1727 - d. 1817)

Johnstone, Natasha Bagration, Lady
Brussian-Anglo society figure, m. (1944) Sir Charles Johnston, GCMG.
(b. April 19, 1914, Yalta, Crimea, Russia - d. 1984)

Jones, Elizabeth Marina
British murderess, with an American GI she assisted in the murder of a London taxi-driver, and was imprisoned for life (1945).
(b. 1926, Neath, South Wales)

Jones, Mary (1)
British poet and letter writer, The Lass of the Hill (ballad) (1742) : Miscellanies in Prose and Verse (1750).
(b. c1710, St Aldate, Oxford - d. cFeb 10, 1778, Oxford)

Jones, Mary (2)
Austrian-American child kidnapper and murderer, her motive being revenge for having been dismissed for theft.
(b. 1884, Austria - d. 1947, Auburn Prison, USA)

Jonzac, Elisabeth Pauline Gabrielle Colbert, Marquise de
French salon hostess for the literary figure Charles Henault (1685 - 1770), m. (1736) Prancois Pierre Bouchard e'Esparbes de Lussan, Marquis de Jonzac.
(b. c1719 - d. 1786)

Jorunn Hermundarsdotter
Icelandic visionary poet, eight stanzas of her verse survives.
(b. c1239 - d. c1290)

Josepha Amalia of Saxony
Queen of Spain, third wife (1819) of Ferdinand VII (1784 - 1833).
(b. Dec 6, 1803 - d. May 17, 1829)

Josephine of Leuchtenberg
Queen of Sweden, m. (1823) King Oskar I.
(b. March 14, 1807, Milan, Italy - d. June 7, 1876, Stockholm, Sweden)

Josephine Charlotte
Grand duchess of Luxemburg, m. Grand Duke Jean, daughter of Leopold III of the Belgians.
(b. Oct 11, 1927, Brussels, Belgium)

Joshee, Anandabai
Indian physician, obtained her degree (1886) from the Women's Medical College, Philadelphia, USA.
(b. 1865, Pune - d. 1887, Kolhapur)

Jourdain, Margaret (Emily Margaret)
British authority on English furniture and decoration, English Interior Design 1500 to 1830 (1950).
(b. Aug 15, 1876, Derwent, Derbyshire - d. April 6, 1951, Charing Cross, London)

Journel, Emilie Millon d'Ailly de Verneuil de
French Revolutionary memoirist and traveller, Papiers et souvenirs de famille. Le fond de mon tiroir. Cahiers confidentiels de Madame Journel nee Millon d'ailly de Verneuil, de 1774 a 1833 (1940).
(b. 1774 - d. after 1836)

Juana de Asbaje y Ramirez de Santillana (Sor Juana de la Cruz)
Mexican poet, dramatist and nun, Primero sueno (First Dream) : Respuesta de la poetisa a la muy ilustre Sor Filotea de la Cruz (Response of the Poetess to the Very Illustrious Sor Filotea de la Cruz) (1691).
(b. 1651 - d. 1695)

Judic, Anna
French courtesan
(b. 1850 - d. after 1884)

Judith of Flanders
Duchess of Bavaria, m. (1) Tostig Godwinsson m. (2) Duke Welf IV.
(b. 1033, Lille, Flanders - d. March 5, 1094, Abbey of Weingarten, Bavaria)

Judson, Ann Hasseltine
American writer, Baptist missionary to Burma, A Particular Relation of the American Baptist Mission to the Burman Empire (1823).
(b. Dec 22, 1789, Bradford, Massachusetts - d. Oct 24, 1826).

Judson, Clara Ingram
American children's author and writer, best known for her 19 volumes of the Mary Jane series : City Neighbour : The Story of Jane Addams (1951).
(b. May 4, 1879, Logansport, Indiana - d. May 24, 1960).

Judson, Emily Chubbuck (Fanny Forester)
American author, Alderbrook (1847), The Kathyan Slave, and Other Papers (1853) : My Two sisters (1854).
(b. Aug 22, 1817, Eaton, New York - d. June 1, 1854).

Juillerat-Chasseur, Suzanne Chabaud de Latour
French Revolutionary memoirist, Un episode de la Terreur a Nimes, extrait des Souvenirs personnels de Madame Juillerat-Chasseur (1902).
(b. 1773 - d. 1850)

Julia Domna
Roman Augusta 193 - 211 C.E., wife of Septimius Severus, mother of Caracalla.
(b. c165, Emesa - d. 217 C.E., Antioch, Syria)

Julia Maesa
Roman Augusta 218 - 226 C.E., regent for her grandsons Elagabalus and Alexander Severus.
(b. c161, Emesa, Syria - d. 226 C.E., Rome)

Julia Maior
Roman Imperial princess, only child of Augustus, wife of Tiberius. Exiled for adultery (2 B.C.E.)
(b. 39 B.C.E. - d. 14 C.E., Rhegium, Italy)

Juliana of Hesse-Kassel
German princess, daughter of Landgrave Karl. Protestant abbess of Itzehoe 1810 - 1860.
(b. Jan 19, 1773 - d. March 11, 1860, Itzehoe)

Julien, Pauline
Canadian popular vocalist, Tonight I Feel Tender.
(b. 1928, Trois-Rivers, Quebec, Canada - d. Sept 30, 1998, Montreal)

Jullien, Rosalie Ducrollay
French Revolutionary letter writer, Journal d'une bourgeoise pendant la Revolution, 1791 - 1793 (1881).
(fl. 1785 - 1793)

Chinese princess, daughter of Prince Kung, adopted by Dowager Empress Cixi.
(b. 1854 - d. 1911)

Queen of Cambodia, chief wife of King Jayarvarman II.
(fl. 803 - c830)