Hackett, Martha
American actress, best known in the character role of Seska in the Star Trek ' Voyager ' television series.
(b. Feb 21, 1961, Boston, Massachusetts)


Flemish mystic poet, she was a beguin or lay nun at Antwerp, the author of All Things Confine.
(b. 1230 - d. 1297)

Egyptian princess, daughter of Muhammad Ali Pasha, m. (1873) Prince Hasan Ismail Pasha (d. 1888).
(b. 1856, Cairo, Egypt - d. July 1, 1915)

Hahn-Hahn, Countess Ida von
German novelist and poet, author of Ulrich und Graffin Faustina (1841).
(b. June 22, 1805, Tressau, Mecklenburg-Schwerin - d. Jan 12, 1880, Mainz)

Haje, Helen
Lebanese-American public relations specialist.
(b. 1923, Altoona, Pennsylvania - d. Jan 12, 1998, Washington)

Halaevalo Mata'aho
Queen consort of Tonga from 1965, the wife (1947) of King Taufa'a ha Tupou IV.
(b. 1926)

Halifax, Ruth Alice Hannah Mary Primrose, Countess of
British society figure
(b. April 18, 1916 - d. 1989)

Hall, Amy
Australian poet, My World Alight (1999).
(b. Nov 30, 1910, Sydney, NSW - d. Sept 26, 1996, Sydney)

Hall, Helen
American social reformer and writer
(b. Jan 24, 1892, Kansas, Mo. - d. Aug 31, 1982, Manhattan, New York)

Hall, Radclyffe (Margeurite Antonia)
British novelist, Well of Loneliness (1926), she was the partner of artist Lady Troubridge.
(b. 1886 - d. 1943)

Hallinan, Hazel Hunkins
American women's suffrage activist, died aged 104 years.
(b. 1877, Brooklyn, New York - d. June 8, 1982, Brooklyn)

Hamilton, Mary Leslie, Lady
Scottish novelist, author of Letters from the Duchess de Crany (1773).
(b. 1739, Edinburgh - d. 1816)

Hammond, Emily Vanderbilt
American philanthropist and society leader
(b. Sept 17, 1874, New York - d. Feb 22, 1970, New York)

Hanalis, Blanche
American screen and television writer, wrote the script for the film Trouble With Angels (1966) starring Rosalind Russell, as well as the sreenplays for the television productions, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1974) and The Secret Garden (1987).
(b. c1920 - d. July 17, 1992, Los Angeles, California)

Hanau, Gertrude Falkenstein, Princess von
German courtier, the morganatic wife (1831) Frederick William II, elector of Hesse-Kassel. All her children bore the princely title of Hanau.
(b. May 18, 1803 - d. July 9, 1882)

Hanff, Helene
American writer and broadcaster
(b. April 15, 1916 - d. April 9, 1997)

Hanim, Latife
Turkish public figure, the first wife of Kemal Ataturk. Divorced by him in 1925, she always refused to write her memoirs.
(b. 1898, Iamir - d. July 12, 1975, Istanbul)

Hebrew matriarch, revered mother of the prophet Samuel.
(b. c1105 - d. c1040 B.C.E.)

Harberton, Florence Wallace Legge, Lady
British advocate of women's suffrage
(b. 1844 - d. April 30, 1911)

Harcourt d'Olonde, Elisabeth de Caumont de La Force, Marquise d'
French patrician, the daughter of Armand Jean Marie Fernand Nompar de Caumont de La Force, and his wife Anne Marie Guigues de Moreton de Chabrillan. She m. (1946) Bernard, Marquis d'Harcourt d'olonde (1919 - 1984) to whom she bore four children.
(b. July 5, 1927, Paris - d. July 18, 2003)

Harcourt, Madeleine Jacqueline Le Veneur de Tillieres, Duchesse d'
French Bourbon patrician, courtier of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, she m. (1780) Francois de Beuvron, Duc d'Harcourt (1755 - 1839). Both survived the Revolution.
(b. 1762 - d. 1825)

Hardinge of Penshurst, Helen Mary Cecil, Lady
British author
(b. May 11, 1901 - d. 1979)

Harkness, Rebekah West
American philanthropist, patron of medical research.
(b. 1914, St Louis, Missouri - d. June 17, 1982, Manhattan, New York)

Harmon, Lily
American portraitist and book illustrator, wrote her autobiography, Free hand (1981).
(b. 1912, New Haven, Connecticut - d. 1998)

Harragan, Betty Lehan
American advocate for women's rights in the workplace, she was author of the controversial book, Games Mother Never Taught You (1977).
(b. 1921, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - d . 1998)

Harris, Irene Wallach
American entrepeneur, survivor of the Titanic disaster (1912).
(b. June 15, 1876 - d. Feb 2, 1939)

Harte, Betty
American silent film actress, Justinian and Theodora (1910).
(b. c1882, Lebanon, Pennsylvania - d. Jan 3, 1965, Sunland, California)

Haslip, Joan
British author and biographer
(b. Feb 27, 1912 - d. June 19, 1994)

Hausset, Nicole Colleson, Madame du
French courtier and memoirist, maid to Madame de Pompadour.
(b. 1720 - d. 1801)

Hawk, Grace E.
American writer, specialist on John Milton, college historian (Pembroke).
(b. 1905, Reading, Pennsylvania - d. Sept 22, 1983, Wellesley, Massachusetts)

Hawkins, Alma
American educator, the founder of the dance department at the University of California, in Los Angeles.
(b. 1903, Rolla, Mo. - d. Jan 8, 1998, Santa Monica, California)

Head, Julia Valenza Somerville, Lady
British traveller and diplomatic wife in South America and Canada.
(b. 1796 - d. March 23, 1879, Duppas Hall, Croydon)

Heber, Amelia
British clerical wife, the daughter of Rev. William Davies Shipley, Dean of St Asaph, and granddaughter of Jonathon Shipley, Bishop of St Asaph (d. 1786). She m. (1809) Reginald Heber (1783 - 1826), Bishop of Calcutta, in India.
(b. Oct 13, 1789 - d. May 13, 1870)

Hedwig of Lorraine
German religieuse, daughter of Count Palatine Ezzo and his wife Matilda of Saxony, the sister of the Holy Roman emperor Otto III 983 - 1002. Abbess of Dietkirchen and of Willich.
(b. c999 - d. Sept 21, 1076)

Hedwig von Hapsburg
Archduchess of Austria-Tuscany, she m. (1918) of Count Bernard von Stolberg-Stolberg (1881 - 1952).
(b. Sept 24, 1896, Bad Ischl - d. Nov 1, 1970, Hall, Tyrol)

Hefner, Grace
American magazine investor, Playboy, the mother of Hugh Hefner.
(b. 1895 - d. March 20, 1997, Scottsdale, Arizona)

Heldburg, Helena Maria Franz, Baroness von
German courtier, morganatic third wife (1873) George II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen (1826 - 1914).
(b. May 30, 1839, Naumburg - d. March 24, 1923, Meiningen, Thuringia)

Welsh poet who lamented the destruction of her home in Shrewsbury by the Anglo-Saxons.
(fl. c650)

Helen of Greece
Queen consort of Romania, m. Carol II. (div). Mother of King Michael I for whom she ruled as regent.
(b. May 3, 1896, Athens, Greece - d. Nov 28, 1982, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Helena of Holstein-Gluckbsurg
German princess, the wife of Prince Harald of Denmark. Her interest and support for Adolf Hitler was never forgiven by the Danes.
(b. 1888 - d. 1962)

Helena Petrovna
Serbian-Russian princess, held in prison camp by Bolsheviks during WW I.
(b. Nov 4, 1884 - d. 1962)

Helm, Brigitte
German actress, famous for her role as the vamp Maria in Fritz Lang's classic film Metropolis (1926).
(b. 1907, Berlin, Prussia - d. June 11, 1996, Switzerland)

Henley, Alice
English nun, the Benedictine prioress of Godstow Abbey, near Oxford. The surviving Cartulary of that house was collated by her order.
(fl. c1440 - 1451)

Henrietta of Belgium
Princess, niece of King Leopold II, m. of Emanuel d'Orleans, Duc de Vendome. She ran a boarding house and left memoirs.
(b. Nov 30, 1870 - d. 1948)

Henrietta Maria of France
Queen consort of Great Britain 1625 - 1649, m. Charles I. Popularly known as the ' Generalissima.' Mother of Charles II and James II.
(b. Nov 26, 1609, Louvre Palace, Paris
d. Aug 31, 1669, Chateau of St Colombes, near Paris)

Henriette Anne de Bourbon (Madame Seconde)
French princess, daughter of Louis XV. Unmarried, her marriage to Charles Edward Stuart was once briefly considered, but his failure in 1745 ended any serious hope of marriage.
(b. 1727, Palace of Versailles, near Paris - d. 1752, Versailles)

Henrietta Anne Stuart (Minette)
English princess, daughter of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of Bourbon. The favourite sister of Charles II, she m. Philippe I, Duc d'Orleans. Thought to have been poisoned by her unstable husband.
(b. June 16, 1644, Bedford House, Exeter, Devon
d. June 30, 1670, Palace of St Cloud, near Paris)

Herault, Antoinette
French painter, miniature copyist of famous masters.
(b. c1640 - d. after 1683)

Herbert, Lady Lucy Theresa
British devotional writer, Augustinian prioress at Bruges, 1709 - 1744.
(b. 1668, Scotland - d. Jan 19, 1744, Bruges, Flanders)

Herbert, Magdalen (Lady Danvers)
English literary patron, she was descended from Martha Woodville, one of the many sisters of Queen Elizabeth, the wife of Edward IV, and was thus a maternal connection of the Tudor dynasty. John Donne wrote his famous Autumnal Beauty in her honour.
(b. 1568 - d. June, 1627, Chelsea, London)

Hereford, Henrietta Charlotte Tracy-Keck, Lady
British courtier, she was maid-of-honour to Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III before her m. to Edward Devereux, Viscount Hereford.
(b. c1751 - d. June 23, 1817)

Roman priestess, the Cumean Sibyl, author of the prophetic Sibylline Books.
(fl. c550 B.C.E.)

Hershey, Lenore
American editor of The Ladies' Home Journal (1973 - 1981).
(b. 1916 - d. 1997, Manhattan, New York)

Hervey, Irene
American actress, Destry Rides Again (1939).
(b. 1909, Venice, California - d. Dec 20, 1998, Woodland Hills, California)

Hesketh, Harriet Cowper, Lady
British letter writer, cousin and correspondent of the poet William Cowper.
(b. 1733 - d. Jan 10, 1807)

Hesse, Princess Elisabeth von
German patrician, the daughter of Prince Christian von Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld, and his morganaticv wife Elizabeth Reid Rogers, Baroness von Barchfeld. Elisabeth and her fellow siblings were officially accorded the rank of prince or princess von Hesse. She m. 1949 - 1956 to Jacques Olivetti, from whom she was divorced.
(b. Nov 2, 1915, Berlin, Prussia - d. May 10, 2003, Paris, France)

Hesse, Margaret Campbell Geddes, Grand Duchess von
Anglo-German patron of the arts, she established accomodation for crippled and handicapped children in a wing of her family castle of Wolfsgarten. Childless, she adopted her late husband's cousin Prince Moritz von Hesse as her heir.
(b. March 18, 1913 - d. Jan 26, 1997)

Hesse-Rheinsfels-Rothenburg, Princess Wilhelmina von
German princess, daughter of Landgrave Constantine. Provost of the Abbey of Essen from 1792 - 1816.
(b. Feb 16, 1755 - d. Dec 9, 1816, Essen)

Hildegarde of Bavaria
Princess, the daughter of King Ludwig I and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, she m. (1844) the Austrian Archduke Albert, Duke of Teschen.
(b. June 10, 1825, Wurzburg, Bavaria - d. April 2, 1864, Vienna, Austria)

Hildegarde of Blois
French patrician, descendant of the emperor Charlemagne, daughter of Theobald II, Count of Blois-Chartres, and wife Luitgarde, daughter of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois. She m. (1) Ernaud de la Forte (d. c965) : m. (2) Hugh I, Vicomte de Chateaudun (d. before 989). Mother of Vicomte Geoffrey II de Chateadun (c967 - before 1005).
(b. c946 - d. after 1008)

Hildegarde of Stade
Duchess consort of Saxony 990 - 1011, daughter of Henry I, Count of Stade, she m. Duke Bernard I (c940 - 1011) and was the mother of Duke Bernard II (995 - 1059).
(b. 975 - d. 1011)

Hildegarde of Vinzgau
Carolingian queen 770 - 783, the third wife of Charlemagne (742 - 814) by whom she was the mother of the emperor Louis I ' the Pious ' (778 - 840). The friend of the saintly Abbess Lioba of Bischoffsheim, Hildegarde died from the effects of childbirth.
(b. 758 - d. 783, Thionville)

Hindlip, Elizabeth Tongue, Lady
British society figure, the daughter of William Tongue, of Combersford Hall, Staffordshire, she m. Sir Henry Allsopp, 1st Baron Hindlip (1811 - 1887).
(b. c1822 - d. Aug 19, 1906)

Hindlip, Georgina Millicent Palmer-Morewood, Lady
British society figure, the daughter of Charles Palmer-Morewood, she m. Samuel Allsopp, 2nd Baron Hindlip (1842 - 1897).
(b. 1845 - d. Jan 15, 1939)

Hine-i -Paketia
Maori tribal leader, her desire to sell land led to disastrous internecine tribal warfare.
(b. c1803 - d. after 1873)

Maori tribal leader, she was killed by British soldiers.
(b. 1818, Mokoia Island, Rotorua - d. April 2, 1864, Orakau)

Hirst, Grace
Anglo-New Zealand nurse, midwife, and pioneer.
(b. June, 1805, Midgley, near Halifax, Yorkshire - d. Sept 8, 1901, New Plymouth, NZ)

Hirvonen, Helga
Finnish Titanic disaster (1912) survivor.
(b. Jan 2, 1890, Dalsbruk, Kimito Island, Finland - d. 1961, Syracuse, New York)

Hives, Olwyn Protheroe Llewellin, Lady
British society figure, the first wife of John Warwick, 2nd Baron Hives (1913 - 1997).
(b. 1914 - d. June 16, 1972)

Hochstaden, Magdalena Appel, Baroness von
German courtier, she became the morganatic second wife (1868 - 1877) of Louis III, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (1806 - 1877).
(b. March 8, 1846 - d. Dec 19, 1917)

Hoey, Frances Sarah
Irish author, journalist, and translator, The Queen's Token.
(b. 1830, nr Dublin - d. July 9, 1908)

Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Maria de la Piedad Iturbe y Scholtz, Princess zu
Spanish-German patrician, was the marquesa de Belvis de las Navas in Spain. She m. Prince Max Egon zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1897 - 1968) and was the mother of Prince Alfonso zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1924 - 2003) the famous European society figure.
(b. 1892 - d. 1990)

Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Marilys Healing, Princess zu
American-German society figure, she was the third wife (1991 - 2000) of Prince Alfonso zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1924 - 2003).
(b. 1941 - d. 2000)

Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Amalia Zephyrine von Salm-Kyburg, Princess von
German patrician, the owner of the Picpus cemetery in Paris, where many of the victims of the French Revolution were interred.
(b. March 6, 1760, Paris, France - d. Oct 17, 1841, Sigmaringen, Prinzbau)

Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Josephine of Baden, Princess von
German patrician, the wife (1834) of Prince Karl Anton (1811 - 1885) by whom she was the mother of King Carol I of Romania (1839 - 1914).
(b. Oct 21, 1813, Mannheim - d. June 19, 1900, Sigmaringen)

Holm, Gladys
American patron of the Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago.
(b. 1910, Wisconsin - d. 1996, Chicago, Illinois)

Holman-Hunt, Diana
British art critic
(b. Oct 25, 1913 - d. 1993, London)

Holmes, Emily (Alexandrina)
Anglo-Indian captive in Afghanistan 1842 - 1843, the daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Sale. Her first husband John Sturt died during this debacle. She was murdered with her second husband General James Holmes during the Sepoy Rebellion. The couple were beheaded as they sat taking the air in their carriage.
(b. 1819 - d. July 23, 1857, Segowlie, Bihar, India)

Honorine Grimaldi
Princess of Monaco, the daughter of Prince Joseph, she m. (1803) Rene de La Tour, Marquis du Pin La Charce (1779 - 1832).
(b. April 22, 1784, St Roch, Paris - d. June 8, 1879, Paris)

Hopper, Hedda (Elda Furry)
American actress and society journalist, the longtime rival of Louella Parsons.
(b. May 2, 1885, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania - d. Feb 1, 1966, Hollywood, California)

Horn, Camilla
German actress, famous for the role of Gretche in F.W. Murnau's Faust 1925 - 1926.
(b. April 25, 1903, Frankfurt - d. Aug 14, 1996, Gilching, Bavaria)

Horner, Frances Graham, Lady
British society hostess, member of the ' Souls ' coterie.
(b. 1858 - d. 1940)

Hornsby-Smith, Margaret Patricia, Lady
British politician, delegate to the United Nations (1958). Life Peer (1974 - 1985).
(b. March 17, 1914 - d. July 3, 1985)

Horrock, Bertha Crone
American feminist, editor and activist.
(b. 1896, Fort Spokane, Washington - d. Sept 24, 1983, Washington)

Horsford, Alice
English merchant and shipowner.
(fl. 1370 - c1380)

Howard, Annabella Dives, Lady
British patron of musician Henry Purcell, the fourth wife and widow of famous Stuart courtier and poet, Sir Robert Howard (1626 - 1698).
(b. 1674 - d. 1728)

Howard, Katherine
English patron of Osbert de Bokenham, one of the women to whom he jointly dedicated his Legendys of Hooly Wummen.
(fl. c1440 - c1447)

Howe, Sophia
British courtier, lady-in-waiting to Queen Caroline (then princess of Wales) the wife of George II. Her career ended with an unwanted pregnancy, disgrace and death resulting from childbirth.
(b. 1700 - d. 1726)

Hubbard, Louisa M.
Russian-Anglo philanthropist and author, The English Woman's Year Book (1880).
(b. 1836, Russia - d. Nov 25, 1906, England)

Hubbard, Ruth Mary
British lady mayoriess
(b. 1896 - d. 1955)

Huerlimann, Bettina
German publisher and author of children's books.
(b. 1909, Weimar, Germany - d. 1983, Zollikon, Switzerland)

Hummonya, Madam
African ruler of the Nongowa chiefdom in the Kenema district 1908 - 1918.
(fl. 1898 - 1918)

Hunt, Isabel
English patron of Osbert de Bokenham, one of the women to whom he jointly dedicated his Legendys of Hooly Wummen.
(fl. c1440 - c1447)

Hunt, Margaret
British novelist and translator, author of The Leaden Casket.
(b. Oct 14, 1831, Durham - d. Nov 1, 1912)

Hussey, Olivia
British actress, Romeo and Juliet.
(b. April 17, 1951, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Hutson, Jean Blackwell
Anglo-American cultural curator of the Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture.
(b. 1914, Sommerfield, Florida - d. Feb 4, 1998, Harlem, New York)

Hyde, Marion Feodorowna Louise Glyn, Lady
British courtier, lady-in-waiting (1936 - 1952) to Queen Elizabeth, wife of George VI. CVO (1945) : DCVO (1961). She m. (1932) George Villiers, Lord Hyde (1906 - 1935) and was the mother of George Villiers, 7th Earl of Clarendon (b. 1933).
(b. Aug 23, 1900 - d. 1970)

Greek philosopher, famous for her learning and sagacity, she was barbarously murdered by an enraged mob, led on by Christian leaders who feared her power.
(b. c365 C.E., Alexandria, Egypt - d. 415 C.E., Alexandria)