Dacre, Anna Maria Pratt, Lady
British society figure, mentioned in the letters of Horace Walpole.
(b. c1721 - d. 1806)

Christian martyr, wife of the prefect Flavian, beheaded outside the city gates.
(b. c325 - d. Jan 5, 363 C.E., Rome)

Vandal Christian martyr, wife of a royal official, beaten to death with whips and staves.
(b. c440 - d. July 12, 484 C.E.)

D'Agoult, Comtesse see Agoult, Comtesse d'

Dahlgren, Sarah Madeleine Vinton
American novelist and essayist, South Sea Sketches (1881).
(b. July 13, 1825 - d. May 28, 1898)

Daidildis of Pailhars
Queen of Navarre, m. Garcia II Jiminez, mother of King Sancho I Garcia (c885 - 925).
(fl. c880 - c900)

D'Albret, Jeanne see Jeanne III d'Albret

Dali, Galia (Gala)
Russian artist's model, wife of Salvador Dali.
(b. 1898, Russia - d. June, 1982, Port Ligat, Spain)

Dalla Rizza, Gilda
Italian soprano vocalist, Puccini created the role of Magda in La Rondine for her (1917). Her most famous role was that of Violetta.
(b. Oct 2, 1892, Verona - d. July 4, 1975, Milan, Lombardy)

Roman patrician, Ennodius of Ticinum composed her epitaph, the Epitaphium domnae Dalmatiae which is preserved in his Carmina.
(b. c465 C.E. - d. 510)

Dal Monte, Toti (Antonietta Meneghelli)
Italian coloratura soprano, Rigoletto (1932). Her most famous roles included Madama Butterfly, Mimi and Stravinsky's Nightingale. Author of Una voce nel mondo (1962, autobiography).
(b. June 27, 1893, Mogliano, near Treviso - d. Jan 26, 1975, Pieve di Soligo, Treviso)

Dalrymple, Learmonth White
New Zealand educator and feminist, author of The Kindergarten (1879)
(b. 1827, Port Chalmers - d. 1906)

Dalton, Audrey
Irish actress, Louise Kendall in My Cousin Rachel (1952) : The Bounty Killer (1965).
(b. Jan 21, 1934)

Daly, Mary
American feminist and theological writer, The Church and the Second Sex (1968) : Beyond God the Father (1973).
(b. 1928, Schenectady, New York)

Queen of Persia, wife of Artaxerxes I. Husband and wife died on the same day.
(b. c481 - d. March, 424 B.C.E.)

Dame aux Camelias, La see Plessis, Alphonsine

Damer, Anne Seymour
British sculptor, protégé of Horace Walpole.
(b. 1749 - d. 1828)

Norman concubine, mistress of Stephen of Blois, King of England.
(fl. c1120)

Damhnat of Tedavnet
Irish virgin saint, often confused with Dympna. Her crozier survives.
(fl. c500 C.E.)

Roman Imperial concubine, mistress of Commodus, wife of the prefect Cleander. She and her children were killed by the city mob after Cleander's fall from power.
(b. c165 - d. 189 C.E., Rome)

Dan, Lidia Osipovna
Russian revolutionary, contributed to the Menskevik journal, Sotsialisticheskii Vestnik.
(b1878 - d. 1963)

Dana, Eleanor Naylor
American philanthropist, patron of higher education and cancer research.
(b. 1907, Texas - d. 1982)

Danby, Julia Frankau
British novelist and writer, Baccarat (1904) : The Story of Emma, Lady Hamilton (1910).
(b. July 30, 1864 - d. March 17, 1916)

Danco, Suzanne
Belgian soprano vocalist
(b. 1911, Brussels - d. 2003)

Dando, Jill
British television presenter of the BBC program ' Crimewatch. ' She was murdered, amidst much controversy, by an obsessive male neighbour.
(b. 1961 - d. April 26, 1999, London)

Dandolo, Giovanna
Venetian patron of printing and lace making, m. Pasquale Malipero, Doge of Venice.
(fl. c1450 - c1470)

D'Andrea, Novella see Andrea, Novella d'

Dangerosa (Dangereuse, la Maubergonne)
French concubine, mistress of William IX, Duke of Aquitaine (1071 - 1127).
(b. c1090 - d. Nov 7, 1151, Poitiers, Poitou, Aquitaine)

D'Angeville, Henriette see Angeville, Henriette d'

D'Angouleme, Duchesse see Angouleme, Duchesse d'

Daniel, Minna Lederman
American journalist, editor and writer on music, The Life and Death of a Small Magazine (1983).
(b. March 3, 1898, New York)

Danielian, Aikanush Bagdasarovna
Georgian soprano, professor at the Erevan conservatory 1943 - 1951.
(b. Dec 15, 1893, Tiflis - d. April 19, 1958, Erevan, Georgia)

Daniels, Barbara
American soprano, operatic roles include Jenufa, Violetta, and Minnie in La fanciulla del West.
(b. 1946, Grenville, Ohio)

Daniels, Mabel Wheeler
American composer and author, An American Girl in Munich (1905).
(b. Nov 27, 1878, Swampscott, Massachusetts - d. March 10, 1971, Boston)

Danilova, Alexandra Dionisevna
Russian ballerina and teacher, Oiseau de feu, Boutique fantastique and Le beau Danube.
(b. Nov 20, 1904, Peterhof - d. 1997)

Danilova, Pelageia Alexandrovna
Russian athlete and gymnast, Olympic medal winner (1952).
(b. May 4, 1918, Boroviki, Pskov Oblast)

Danti, Teodora
Italian painter, taught art technique to her nephew the painter Ignazio Danti.
(b. 1536 - d. 1586)

Danzas, Julia Nikolaievna
Russian courtier, she was lady-in-waiting to Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, and author of, L' Imperatrice tragica e il suo tempo (1942).
(b. 1879, Athens, Greece - d. 1942, France)

D'Aragona, Tullia see Aragona, Tullia d'

D'Arconville, Genevieve Charlotte see Arconville, G.C. d'

Darling, Diana Janet
British Vice-Chairman of the National Federation of Women's Institutes 1957 - 1961.
(b. 1889 - d. Feb 25, 1961)

Darling, Flora Adams
American clubwoman, founder of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) (1901).
(b. 1840, Lancaster, New Hampshire - d. 1910)

Darling, Grace Horsley
British heroine, rescued five survivors of the wreck of the Forfarshire (1838).
(b. 1815, Bamburgh, Northumberland - d. 1842, Farne Island)

Darlington, Katherine Margaret Paulet, Countess of
British patrician, James Austen, brother of novelist Jane, addressed six sonnets to her (1785).
(b. 1766 - d. June 17, 1807, Cleveland House, St James's, London)

Dashkova, Ekaterina Romanovna Vorontsova, Princess
Russian polotocal intriguer and educator, friend of empress Catharine II whom she assisted to bring to the throne (1762). First president of the Russian Academy, author of Memoires (1840).
(b. 1743 - d. 1810)

Daubenton, Jeanne
French heretic, sect leader of the turlupins (Society of Paupers).
(b. c1330 - burnt at the stake, 1372, Paris)

Daunene, Tamara Viktorovna
Russian athlete and basketball champion, Olympic champion (1976).
(b. Sept 22, 1951, Oshkar-Ola, Mari)

Davenport, Elizabeth
English actress, sister of Frances and Jane, Sophonisba (1675).
(fl. c1660 - 1675)

Davenport, Frances
English actress, sister of Elizabeth and Jane, Thomaso (1664).
(fl. c1660 - 1668)

Davenport, Jane
English actress, sister of Elizabeth and Frances.
(fl. c1660 - 1668)

David, Elizabeth
British culinary writer and food critic
(b. 1913 - d. May 22, 1992, London)

David-Neal, Alexandra
French traveller, explorer and writer, Voyage d'une Parisienne a Lhasa (1930).
(b. 1869, Sainte-Monde - d. 1968)

Davidovich, Bella Mikhailovna
Russian-American pianist and pedagogue, mother of violinist Dmitri Sitkovetsky (b. 1954).
(b. July 16, 1928, Baku)

Davidson, Bernice Ferry
American art historian, Raphael's Bible : A Study of the Vatican Logge (1983).
(b. 1927, New York - d. 1998)

Davidson, Muriel
American publicist, journalist, and writer, Til Death Do You Pay.
(b. 1924, Minneapolis, Minnesota - murd. Sept 26, 1983, California)

Davidson, Tina
American pianist and composer
(b. Dec 30, 1952, Stockholm, Sweden)

Davies, Christian see Cavanagh, Kit

Davies, Emily (Sarah Emily)
British educator and writer, author of The Higher Education of Women (1906), Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge 1873 - 1875.
(b. April 22, 1840, Southampton, London - d. July 13, 1921)

Davies, Fanny
British pianist, toured Britain, France, Italy and Germany.
(b. June 27, 1861, Guernsey - d. Sept 1, 1934, London)

Davies, Harriet Vaughan
American social worker, author, and university administrator.
(b. 1879 - d. July 1, 1978, Austin, Texas)

Davies, Margaret Llewelyn
British co-operative organizer, assisted the founding of International Women's Co-operative Guild (1921), author of Life as We have known It (1930).
(b. 1861, Marylebone, London - d. 1944)

Davis, Adele
American nutritionist and writer, Let's cook it right (1947) : You can get well (1972).
(b. 1904, Indiana - d. 1974)

Davis, Angela (Yvonne Angela)
Black American radical and civil rights activist, Autobiography (1974).
(b. 1944, Birmingham, Alabama)

Davis, Beatrice Deloitte
Australian editor with Angus and Robertson 1937 - 1973.
(b. 1909, Bendigo, Victoria - d. 1992)

Davis, Bette (Ruth Elizabeth)
American actress, Of Human Bondage (1934) : Dangerous (1935) : Jezebel (1938) : All About Eve (1950) : Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) : Dead Ringer (1964).
(b. 1908, Lowell, Massachusetts - d. 1989)

Davies, Kimberley
Australian actress, South Pacific.
(b. Feb 20, 1973, Ballarat, Victoria)

Davis, Katherine
English actress, Madam Fickle (1690 - 1691).
(fl. c1680 - 1691)

Davis, Lavinia Riker
American novelist and diarist, Skyscraper Mystery (1937) : Island City (1961).
(b. Dec 7, 1909, New York - d. Aug 14, 1961)

Davis, Rebecca Blaine Harding
American novelist, Margaret Howth : a Story of Today (1862) : John Andross (1874).
(b. 1831, Washington, Pennsylvania - d. 1910)

Davison, Emily Wilding
British militant suffragette, threw herself under the King's horse during the Derby, and died a few days later.
(b. 1872, Blackheath, London - d. 1913, Epsom)

Davitashvili, Eugenia Iuvashevna
Russian faith healer and hypnotist
(b. 1943, Krasnodar, Northern Caucasus)

Davy, Gloria
American soprano vocalist, member of the Deutsche Opera, Berlin 1963 - 1968.
(b. 1931, New York)

Dawe, Anne
British novelist, The Younger Sister : or History of Miss Somerset (1770).
(fl. c1760 - 1770)

Dawson, Anne
British soprano, she is best known for the role of Xenia in Boris Godunov (1981) and that of Barbarina in Le nozze di Figaro (1984).
(b. 1952, Stoke-on-Trent)

Dawson, Lynne
British soprano, best known for the roles of Pamina in Die Zauberflote (1988) and Xiphares in Mitridate, Re di Ponto (1991).
(b. 1953, York)

Dawson, Margaret Mary
British chief officer of the Women's Police Service, OBE (1918).
(b. 1875, Sussex - d. May 18, 1920)

Day, Doris
American actress and vocalist, Lullaby of Broadway (1951) : Calamity Jane (1952) : Pillow Talk (1959) : The Doris Day Show (1970).
(b. 1924, Cincinnati, Ohio)

Day, Dorothy
American Catholic activist, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, author of House of Hospitality (1939).
(b. 1897, New York - d. 1980, Maryhouse, New York)

Daye, Catherine
British society figure, the illegitimate daughter of PM Sir Robert Walpole.
(b. c1724 - d. 1775)

De Acton, Eugenia
British novelist, her name was possibly a pseudonym, Vicissitudes in Genteel Life (1794).
(fl. c1780 - 1794)

Queen of Munster, m. Turlough O'Brien (1009 - 1086), and mother of King Murtough O'Brien (c1055 - 1119).
(b. c1035 - d. 1098)

De Beauvoir, Simone see Beauvoir

Hebrew prophet, judge, and poet
(b. 1209 - d. 1169 B.C.E.)

De Burgos, Julia
Puerto-Rican poet, journalist and educator, Rio Grande de Loiza.
(b. 1914, Carolina, Puerto-Rico - d. 1953, New York, USA)

De Brinvilliers, Marquise de see Brinvilliers, Marquise de

De Camp, Sophia (1)
French dancer, sister of musician George Louis de Camp. Often confused with her niece (2).
(fl. c1770 - 1777)

De Camp, Sophia (2)
French dancer, The Labyrinth : or The Country Madcap (1797).
(b. 1785 - d. after 1814)

De Carlo, Yvonne
Canadian actress, best known in the role of Lily, in the television seriesThe Munsters.
(b. Sept 1, 1922, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

De Casalis, Jeanne
British stage and radio actress, and dramatist, The Arcadians (1929) : Nell Gwyn (1934).
(b. May 22, 1897, Basutoland, South Africa - d. Aug 19, 1966, London, England)

Roman patrician and monastic founder, received letters from Pope Pelagius I.
(fl. 559)

Merovingian nun, correspondent of Baudonivia.
(fl. c570 - c580)

Dee, Frances
American actress, Playboy of Paris (1930) : Of Human Bondage (1934).
(b. Nov 26, 1907, Los Angeles, California - d. March 6, 2004, Norwalk, Connecticut)

DeGaetani, Janice (Jan)
American mezzo soprano vocalist, author of The Complete Sightsinger (1980).
(b. July 10, 1933, Massillon, Ohio - d. Sept 15, 1989, Rochester, New York)

De Gaulle, Yvonne Charlotte Anne
French First Lady 1958 - 1969, wife of President Charles De Gaulle.
(b. 1900, Calais - d. 1979, Paris)

D'Egville, Sophia
British dancer, The Pirates (1794 - 1795).
(fl. c1780 - 1795)

De Genlis, Comtesse de see Genlis, Comtesse de

De Gournay, Marie le Jars de see Gournay

De Havilland, Olivia
Anglo-American actress, best known for the role of Melanie Wilkes in Gone With the Wind (1939) : The Snake Pit (1948) : Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte… (1964).
(b. July 1, 1916, Tokyo, Japan)

Delafield, Clelia Benjamin
American philanthropist, donated her estate of Riverdale to Columbia University.
(b. 1903 - d. 1995, Baltimore, Maryland)

Delaney, Kim
American actress, CSI Miami.
(b. Nov 29, 1961, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Delaporte, Margeurite
French fourtune teller and diviner, implicated in the 'Affair of the Poisons' 1679 - 1680. Imprisoned for life without trial.
(b. 1610 - d. after 1682)

De la Ramee, Marie Louise see Ouida

De la Sabliere, Margeurite see La Sabliere

Delaunay, Sonia (Sophia Terk)
Russian-French abstract artist, painter, poet, and textile designer.
(b. Nov 14, 1885, Gradizhisk, Ukraine, Russia - d. Dec 5, 1979, Paris, France)

Deledda, Grazia
Italian novelist, Tesore (1897) : Elias Portolu (1903) : Conere (1908) : La madre (1920).
(b. 1871, Nuovo, Sardinia - d. 1936)

De Lenclos, Ninon see Lenclos

Della Casa, Lisa
Swiss soprano vocalist, noted for her roles in operas by Mozart and Richard Strauss.
(b. Feb 2, 1919, Burgdorf, near Berne)

Delna, Marie
French contralto vocalist
(b. April 3, 1875, Meudon, near Paris - d. July 23, 1932, Paris)

Delort, Catherine
French witchtrial victim
(b. c1300 - burnt at the stake, 1335, Toulouse, France)

De Los Angeles, Victoria see Los Angeles

Demar, Claire
French writer, advocate of female emancipation.
(b. c1799 - suicide, with her lover, Aug 3, 1833).

Demarete of Akragas
Greek heroine, paid for mercenaries to assist her husband Gelon of Gela.
(fl. 479 - 478 B.C.E.)

Demessieux, Jeanne Marie Madeleine
French organist and composer, Etudes (1946), author of Repons pour le temps de Paques (1968).
(b. Feb 14, 1921, Montpellier - d. Nov 11, 1968, Paris)

Greek writer of an allegorical commentary on Homer.
(fl. c140 C.E.)

Deneuve, Catherine
French film actress, Vice and Virtue (1963) : The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1963) : Repulsion (1965) : Le Choc (1982).
(b. 1943, Paris)

Deng Yingchao
Chinese women's leader and stateswoman, wife of Zhou Enlai.
(b. 1904 - d. 1992)

Denis, Giovanna Corrini
Italian dancer
(b. c1728 - d. after 1797)

Denison, Lady Zinnia Rosemary
British heiress, only child of Hugo Denison, 4th and last Earl of Londesborough. She married five times, and left issue.
(b. Nov 25, 1937 - d. July 13, 1997)

Denman, Gertrude Mary Pearson, Lady
British voluntary organizer, Chairman of the Women's Institutes 1917 - 1946.
(b. 1884 - d. 1954)

Denston, Katherine
English patron of Osbern Bokenham, who dedicated his Legendys of Hooly Wummen to her.
(fl. c1440 - 1447)

Deoteria (Deuteria)
Merovingian queen, m. Theudebert I, King of Austrasia (c513 - 540), murdered her daughter lest she attract the king's attentions.
(b. c503 - d. c548)

Deraismes, Maria
French feminist, lecturer and anti-clericalist, Aux femmes riches (1865) : founder of the paper, Le Republicain de Seine et Oise (1881).
(b. 1828 - d. 1894)

Derby, Alice Spencer, Countess of
English patron of Edmund spenser, who dedicated his Tears of the Muses to her, and of John Milton, who wrote the masque Arcadia for her granddaughters.
(b. 1556 - d. Jan 23, 1637)

Derby, Mary de Bohun, Countess of
Plantagenet heiress, first wife of Henry IV (1367 - 1413). Mother of Henry V (1387 - 1422).
(b. 1368 - d. July 4, 1394, Peterborough Castle, Northamptonshire)

Irish saint, venerated at Oughterard, Kildare.
(b. c580 - d. c640)

Deren, Maya
American film maker, Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) : Meditation on Violence (1948) : Very Eye of Night (1959).
(b. 1908, Russia - d. 1961).

De Reszke, Josephine
Polish soprano vocalist, sister of Edouard (1853 - 1917) and Jean (1850 - 1921).
(b. June 4, 1855, Warsaw - d. Feb 22, 1891, Warsaw)

Dernesch, Helga
Austrian soprano and mezzo soprano, performed roles in Fidelio, Brunnhilde, Isolde, Ariadne, and the Marschallin in Der Rosenkavalier.
(b. 1939, Vienna)

Deroin, Jeanne
French feminist, socialist and journalist, author of Cours de droit social pour les femmes (1849), editor of L'Opinion des femmes.
(b. c1810 - d. 1894, London, England)

De Ros, Georgiana Angela Ross, Lady
British peeress, twenty-seventh holder of the barony of De Ros of Halmlake 1958 - 1983.
(b. May 2, 1933 - d. April 21, 1983)

Dertford, Katherine
English Lollard heretic, arrested and tried in Lincolnshire.
(fl. c1400 - 1415)

Derzhinskaia, Ksenia Georgievna
Russian soprano
(b. Feb 6, 1889, Kiev - d. June 9, 1951, Moscow)

Deschalliez de Vaurenville, Louise
French dancer, member of de Grimbergue's troupe.
(fl. c1700 - 1722)

Deseo, Suzie (Suzanne Rose Marie)
Hungarian-Australian ski champion
(b. 1913, Budapest - d. 2003, NSW, Australia)

Desloges, Louison
French poisoner, implicated in the 'Affair of the Poisons' 1679 - 1680.
(b. c1645 - hanged Dec, 1681, Paris)

Desmares, Christine Antoinette Charlotte
French actress, m. Anton Hoegger, Baron de Presle.
(b. 1682 - d. 1753)

Desmond, Astra (Lady Neame)
British mezzo soprano, noted exponent of works by Elgar and Vaughan Williams, CBE (1949).
(b. 1893, Torquay, Devon, Cornwall - d. 1973, Faversham)

Despard, Charlotte
British suffragette and Irish patriot
(b. 1844, Edinburgh, Scotland - d. 1939)

Despenser, Isabella
English patrician, cousin of Edward III. She m. (div. 1344) Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel.
(b. 1312 - d. 1372)

Destinn, Emmy (Ema Kittlova)
Czech soprano vocalist of amazing versatility, possessing a repertoire of over eighty roles.
(b. feb 26, 1878, Prague, Bohemia - d. Jan 28, 1930, Ceske Budejovice)

Deterding, Lydia Pavlovna Donskaia, Lady
Russian émigré and benefactor to the Russian community in France.
(b. 1895, Russia - d. June 30, 1980, Paris, France)

Deutekom, Cristina (Stientje Engel)
Dutch coloratura soprano, acknowledged as one of the finest of her generation.
(b. Aug 28, 1932, Amsterdam)

Deutsch, Babette
American poet, translator, editor, and biographer, Collected Poems, 1919 - 1962.
(b. 1895, New York - d. 1982)

Deutsch, Helene
Polish-American psychoanalyst, Psychoanalysis of the Neuroses (1930).
(b. 1884, Przemysl, Galicia, Poland - d. 1982)

De Valois, Dame Ninette
Irish dancer, choreographer, and founder of the Royal Ballet (1956), DBE (1957).
(b. 1898, Wicklow, County Eire, Ireland - d. 2002)

De Vito, Gioconda
Italian-Anglo violinist, specialized in the concertos of Brahms.
(b. 1907, Lecce, Italy)

Devonshire, Christian Bruce, Countess of
English society figure, John Donne and Lord Pembroke wrote verses in her honour.
(b. 1595 - d. 1675)

Devonshire, Deborah Mitford, Duchess of
British society figure and author, chatelaine of Chatsworth House.
(b. 1920)

Devonshire, Georgiana Spencer, Duchess of
British society figure, beauty, and novelist, Emma (1773) : The Sylph (1779).
(b. 1757 - d. 1806)

Devorguila of Ailech
Queen of Ireland, the wife of Turlough O'Connor (1088 - 1156), and the mother of King Cathal O'Connor Crobhdhearg (1150 - 1224).
(b. 1108 - d. 1193)

Dexter, Caroline
Australian literary patron and feminist, The Southern Cross or Australian Album and New Year's Gift (1857).
(b. 1819, Nottingham, England - d. 1884)

Dhien, Tjoet Nja'
Sumatran rebel against the Dutch colonial government in Acteh. Died in exile.
(b. c1855 - d. 1908)

Dhuoda of Agen
Carolingian author, niece and heiress of Bertrand of Agen, m. (824) Duke Bernard of Septimania (d. 844), she wrote a Manual for the education of her son duke William (826 - 849).
(b. c808 - d. after 843)

Dianda, Hilda
Argentine composer, specialized in concerts of ultrmodern musical arrangements.
(b. April 13, 1925, Cordoba)

Diane de Valois
French princess, legitimated dau. (1547) of Henry II. Duchesse d'Angouleme 1582 - 1619.
(b. 1538 - d. Jan 11, 1619, Hotel d'Angouleme, Paris)

Dick, Anne Bragge, Lady
British society figure, mentioned in the letters of Horace Walpole.
(b. 1720 - d. 1781)

Dickinson, Emily Elizabeth
American poet
(b. 1830, Amherst Massachusetts - d. 1886)

Dickinson, Meriel
British mezzo soprano
(b. 1940, Lytham St Annes)

Queen of Kashmir, regent 973 - 976 for her grandsons, Nandigupta and Tribhuvana.
(b. c930 - d. 1004)

Didion, Joan
American novelist and essayist, Run River (1963) : Slouching Towards Jerusalem (1968).
(b. 1934, Sacramento, California)

Dido (Elissa)
Queen of Carthage, committed suicide by throwing herself upon a funeral pyre.
(fl. c850 B.C.E.)

Didrikson, Babe (Mildred Zaharias)
American athlete, Olympic gold medal winner (1932).
(b. 1914, Texas - d. 1956)

Diehl, Alice Mangold
British pianist, novelist, and biographer
(b. c1837, Aveley, Essex - d. June 13, 1912)

Diemer, Emma Lou
American composer, keyboard player and teacher, attached to the faculty of the University of California, Santa Barbara from 1971.
(b. Nov 24, 1928, Kansas City, Missouri)

Diemute of Gorz
German religieuse, daughter of Count Henry I, Abbess of Nonnberg.
(b. c1095 - d. c1172)

Dietrich, Marlene
German American film actress and vocalist, The Blue Angel (1930) : Shanghai Express (1932) : Lilli Marlene : Falling in Love Again.
(b. 1901, Berlin, Prussia - d. 1992, New York, USA)

Digby El Mezrab, Jane (Lady Ellenborough)
British adventuer and traveller
(b. 1807, Norfolk, England - d. 1881, Damascus, Syria)

Digne, Douceline de
French religieuse
(b. c1220 - d. c1281)

Dilke, Emilia Francis Strong, Lady
British trade unionist, suffragist and writer, The Renaissance of Art in France (1879).
(b. 1840, Ilfracombe - d. 1904)

Diller, Angela
American pianist and pedagogue, author of First Theory Book (1921) and The Splendor of Music (1957).
(b. Aug 1, 1877, Brooklyn, New York - d. April 30, 1968, Stamford, Connecticut)

Dilras Banu
Persian princess, first wife of future Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (1618 - 1707).
(b. c1622 - d. Oct 18, 1657, Aurangabad)

Dilling, Mildred
American harpist and teacher, the author of Old Tunes for New Harps (1934) and 30 Little Classics for the Harp (1938).
(b. Feb 23, 1894, Marion, Indiana - d. Dec 30, 1982, New York)

Dillingen, Katharina Margareta von Ludwigsburg, Duchess von
German morganatic wife (1787) of Prince Louis von Nassau-Saarsbrucken (1745 - 1794).
(b. Oct 9, 1757 - d. Dec 12, 1829)

Dillon, Nora Juanita Muriel Beckett, Lady
British military hospital organizer in France and England, WW I.
(b. 1882 - d. Sept 9, 1962, West Lulworth, Wareham, Devon, Cornwall)

Dimitrova, Ghena
Bulgarian soprano vocalist, roles include Lady Macbeth, Aida and Turandot.
(b. 1941, Beglej)

Dinesen, Isak see Blixen, Karen

Ding Ling (Ting Ling)
Chinese novelist, Sang-Kan-ho-shang (The sun shines over the Sangkan River) (1946).
(b. 1902, Hunan province)

Greek philosopher, priestess of Mantineia.
(fl. c440 B.C.E.)

Dix, Dorothea Lynde
American nurse and social reformer, developed the Army Nursing Corps during the Civil War.
(b. 1802, Hampden, Maine - d. 1887, Trenton, New Jersey)

Dixie, Florence Caroline Douglas, Lady
British exlporer, writer, and poet, Across Patagonia (1880).
(b. May 24, 1857, London - d. Nov 7, 1905, Glen Stuart, Annan, Scotland)

Djladjak of Samatzkhe
Byzantine Augusta of Trebizond
(b. c1284 - d. c1327)

Dlugoszewski, Lucia
American composer, noted for her invention or perfecting of percussion instruments.
(b. June 16, 1931, Detroit, Michigan)

Dmitrieva, Elizaveta
Russian-French socialist
(b. 1851 - d. 1910, Siberia, Russia)

Dobbs, Mattiwilda
Black American soprano vocalist and teacher, toured the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.
(b. July 11, 1925, Atlanta, Georgia)

Dobroslava of Pomerania
Polish heiress, dau. of Duke Bogislav I. Inherited the fiefs of Sclave and Gutzkow 1210 - 1226.
(b. c1170 - d. 1226)

Dod, Lottie (Charlotte)
British tennis player, Olympic medal winner for archery (1904).
(b. 1871 - d. 1960)

Doda of Nantes
Carolingian religieuse, great-granddaughter of Charlemagne, Abbess of St Clement, Nantes.
(b. c819 - d. after 846)

Doda of Neustria
Merovingian princess, daughter of Clotaire II, Abbess of St Peter, Rheims c673 - c695.
(b. c628 - d. c695)

Doda of Scheldt
Carolingian matriarch, m. Arnulf of Metz (582 - 640), mother of Anisegal (602 - c662).
(b. c586 - d. c630, Treves, Austrasia)

Dodge, Grace Hoadley
American welfare activist, director of the Association of Working Girls' Societies (1896), founder of the New York Travellers Aid Society (1907).
(b. 1856, New York - d. 1914)

Dohrenwend, Barbara Snell
American epidemiologist and social psychologist
(b. 1926 - d. 1982)

Dokuz Khatun
Mongol empress, m. Hualagu (d. 1261), mother of Abaga (d. 1282). As a Nestorian Christian she intervened to protect Christians.
(b. c1220 - d. 1266)

Dolci, Agnese
Italian painter, Virgin Adoring the Infant Jesus.
(b. c1653, Florence, Italy - d. 1689)

Anglo-Saxon saint, daughter of the historian Gildas (Aneurinus).
(b. c540 - d. Oct 26, c590)

Dolgorukaya, Frances Wilson, Princess
British-Russian patrician, heiress of Wappenham Manor, Northants.
(b. c1867 - d. Aug 23, 1919)

Dolina, Maria Ivanovna
Russian contralto vocalist, promoter of Russian music abroad.
(b. April 13, 1868, Nizhni-Novgorod - d. Dec 2, 1919, Paris, France)

Dolly, Jennie
Hungarian-American vaudeville performer, twin with Rosie.
(b. Oct 25, 1892, Hungary - d. 1941, Hollywood, California)

Dolly, Rosie
Hungarian-American vaudeville performer, twin with Jennie.
(b. Oct 25, 1892, Hungary - d. Feb 1, 1970)

Dolukhanova, Zara Agasievna
Russian mezzo-soprano vocalist, winner of the Lenin Prize (1966).
(b. March 5, 1918, Moscow)

Domaninska, Libuse (Vycichlova Klobaskova)
Czech soprano, Blazenka in Smetana's The Secret (1945) and Milada in Dalibor (1964).
(b. 1924, Brno)

Byzantine princess, daughter of emperor Phokas, m. military commader Priscus (d. 613).
(fl. 602 - 610)

Domergue de Bursay, Anne
French poet
(fl. 1765 - 1813)

Dominguez, Oralia
Mexican mezzo soprano, Sosostris in The Midsummer Marriage (1955) and Arnalta in L'incoronazione di Poppea (1962 - 1964).
(b. 1928, San Luis Potosi, Mexico)

Byzantine courtier, corresponded with Pope Gregory I in Greek. Became a nun.
(fl. 590 - 597)

Domitien, Elizabeth
Central African Republican politician, prime minister 1975 - 1976 under Bokassa.
(b. c1935)

French trobairitz
(fl. c1220 - 1240)

Donalda, Pauline (Pauline Lightstone)
Canadian soprano vocalist, presented her music library to McGill University.
(b. March 5, 1882, Montreal - d. Oct 22, 1970, Montreal)

Donaldson, Dame Mary (Dorothy Mary)
British philanthropist, Lord Mayor of London (1983).
(b. Aug 29, 1921, Wickham, Warwickshire - d. 2003)

Donaldson, Frances Annesley Lonsdale, Lady
British agricultural and historical writer, biographer
(b. Jan 13, 1907 - d. March 27, 1994)

Donath, Helen (Helen Erwin)
American soprano, roles include Ilia, Zerlina, Mimi, and the governess in The Turn of the Screw.
(b. July 10, 1940, Corpus Christi, Texas)

Donnadieu, Margeurite see Duras, Margeurite

Donnissan, Marie Francoise de Durfort-Civrac, Marquise de
French courtier, lady-in-waiting to the daughters of Louis XV.
(b. Sept 30, 1747 - d. May 19, 1839, Orleans)

Doolittle, Hilda (H.D.)
American poet, Palimpsest (1926) : Nights (1935) : Tribute to the Angels (1945) : Helen in Egypt (1961).
(b. 1886, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - d. 1961)

Dorchester, Charlotte Hobhouse, Lady
British patrician, the daughter of Sir John Cam Hobhouse. She was the editor of her father's memoirs, Recollections of a Long Life (1865).
(b. March 31, 1831 - d. June 11, 1914)

Doree, Doris
American soprano vocalist
(b. 1909, Newark - d. Oct, 1971, New York)

Dorfman, Ania
Russian-American pianist and teacher at the Juilliard School from 1966.
(b. 1899, Odessa, Russia - d. 1984, New York)

Doria, Clara see Rogers, Clara Kathleen Barnett

Dorinskaia, Alexandra Alexandrovna
Russian ballerina, partner of Vaclav Nijinskii in Diaghilev's Ballets Russes.
(b. 1896 - d. 1978)

Dorival, Anne Margeurite
French opera dancer, Orfeo.
(b. c1754 - d. 1788, Marseilles)

Dorliak, Ksenia Nikolaievna
Russian soprano vocalist, professor at the Moscow Conservatory from 1930.
(Jan 11, 1882, St Petersburg - d. March 8, 1945, Moscow)

Dorliak, Nina Lvovna
Russian soprano vocalist, professor at the Moscow Conservatory.
(b. Aug 6, 1908, St Petersburg)

Dorothea of Brandenburg
German princess, the daughter of elector Albert III Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg. She was Abbess of Bamberg 1498 - 1520.
(b. Dec 12, 1471 - d. Feb 13, 1520)

Dorothea of Brunswick-Luneberg
German princess, she was regent of Birkenfeld 1600 - 1607 for her son Count George William (1591 - 1667).
(b. Jan 1, 1570 - d. Aug 15, 1549)

Dorothea of Cappadocia
Greek Christian martyr
(b. c290 - killed c313 C.E., Alexandria, Egypt)

Dorothea of Denmark (1)
Princess and letter writer, she m. (1526) Albert, Duke of Prussia (1490 - 1568) and promoted the spread of the Lutheran faith. She corresponded with scholars and clerics, and assisted her husband with the founding of Konigsberg University.
(b. Aug 1, 1504, Gottorf, Denmark - d. April 1, 1547, Konigsberg, Prussia)

Dorothea of Denmark (2)
Princess, the daughter of King Christian II and his wife Isabella of Austria, she was the niece of emperor Charles V, m. elector Palatine Frederick II (1482 - 1556).
(b. Nov 11, 1520 - d. Sept 20, 1580)

Dorothea of Holstein-Glucksburg
Electress of Brandenburg 1668 - 1688, m. (1) Christian Louis, Duke of Brunswick-Celle (d. 1665), m. (2) elector Frederick William (1620 - 1688). Though highly unpopular, she promoted the expansion of Berlin and the Dorotheenstadt district was named in her honour.
(b. Oct 9, 1636, Glucksburg Castle, Holstein - d. Aug 16, 1689, Karlsbad)

Dorothea of Kulmbach
Queen of Denmark, m. (1) Christopher II (d. 1448) : m. (2) Christian I (1426 - 1481) by whom she was the mother of King Hans (b. 1455 - 1516). She travelled to Rome and was graciously received by the pope, who granted her concessions for Danish interests.
(b. 1430 - d. Nov 25, 1495, Kalundborg, Denmark)

Dorothea of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
German princess, the daughter of Duke Magnus II. She was Abbess of Ribnitz 1498 - 1537.
(b. Oct 21, 1480 - d. Sept 1, 1537)

Dorothea of Montau
German ascetic, visionary, mystic and saint, she eventually became a recluse and John of Marienwerder recorded her revelations in his Septilium.
(b. c1336, Gross-Montau, Marienburg, Pomerania - d. June 25, 1399, Marienwerder)

Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenberg
Queen of Denmark, m. Christian III (1503 - 1559), and was the mother of Frederick II (1533 - 1588).
(b. July 9, 1511 - d. Oct 27, 1571, Sonderborg)

Dorothea Louisa of Holstein-Sonderburg
German princess, the daughter of Duke Ernst Gunther, she was Abbess of Itzehoe 1686 - 1721.
(b. Oct 11, 1663 - d. April 21, 1721)

Dorothea Maria of Anhalt-Zerbst
German princess, patron of the University of Jena, m. John, Duke of Saxe-Weimar (1569 - 1605).
(b. July 2, 1574 - d. July 18, 1617, the result of an accident)

Dorothea Sophia of Saxe-Altenburg
German princess, the daughter of Duke Frederick William I, she was Abbess of Quedlinburg 1618 - 1645.
(b. Dec 19, 1587 - d. Feb 10, 1645)

Dorow, Dorothy
British soprano, Hilda Mack in Henze's Elegy for Young Lovers (1961) and Stravinsky's Nightingale (1983).
(b. 1930, London)

D'Orta, Rosina
Italian vocalist, Rosalba in La schiara, Sandrina in Le gelosie villane.
(fl. c1770 - 1784)

Dostoevskaia, Anna Grigorievna
Russian author and memoirist, m. (1867) Fedor Dostoevsky, Vospominaniia (1925).
(b. 1846 - d. 1918)

Chinese empress, mother of emperor Jingdi, grandmother of emperor Wudi.
(b. c202 - d. 135 B.C.E.)

Doudney, Sarah
British novelist, The Missing Rubies (1886) : One of the Few (1904).
(b. Jan 15, 1843, Portsmouth - d. Dec 15, 1926)

Dougall, Lily
Canadian-Anglo theological writer and novelist, The Earthly Purgatory (1904).
(b. April 16, 1868, Montreal, Canada - d. Oct 9, 1923)

Douglas, Donna
American actress, Elly Mae in The Beverly Hillbillies (1962 - 1971)
(b. Sept 26, 1933, Pride, Louisiana)

Douglass, Dorothea (Mrs Chambers)
British lawn tennis player, Wimbledon winner, 1903, 1904, 1906, 1910, 1911, 1913 and 1914.
(b. 1878 - d. 1960)

Dove, Billie
American silent film actress, American Beauty (1927)
(b. May 4, 1900, New York - d. Dec 31, 1997, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California)

Dow, Dorothy
American soprano, created the role of Susan B. Anthony in V. Thomson's The Mother of Us All (1947), Renata in Prokofiev's The Fiery Angel (1955).
(b. 1920, Houston, Texas)

Drabble, Margaret
British novelist, The Millstone (1965) : Oxford Companion to English Literature (1979).
(b. June 5, 1939, Sheffield)

Drahomira of Stodar
Duchess of Bohemia, arranged for her son Boleslav to murder his brother St Wenceslas in 929.
(b. c881 - d. 958)

Draper, Sarah
British historical novelist, author of Memoirs of the Princess of Zell, consort of King George the first (1796).
(fl. c1780 - 1796)

Dreux, Francoise de
French society figure, mistress of the Duc de Richelieu. Implicated in the 'Affair of the Poisons 1679 - 1680. Fled the country but eventually allowed to settle of Chinon.
(b. 1647 - d. after 1692)

Drew, Jane (Beverley Jane)
British architect
(b. 1911, Surrey)

Drew, Mary
British writer, daughter of PM William Gladstone, author of Some Hawarden Letters.
(b. Nov, 1847 - d. Jan 1, 1927)

Dring, Madeleine
British violinist, pianist, vocalist, and composer
(b. Sept 7, 1923, Hornsey - d. March 26, 1977, London)

Drolling, Louise Adeone
French painter, Interior with Young Woman Tracing a Flower.which was purchased by the Duchesse d'Angouleme (Madame Royale), the daughter of Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette.
(fl. c1805 - 1824)

Droste-Hulshoff, Annette
German poet, Die Judenbuche (1841) : Geistliche Jahre (1851).
(b. 1797, Westphalia - d. 1848)

Drouet, Juliette
French actress, she was the mistress of Victor Hugo, who made her the subject of many of his poems, notably Tristesse d'Olympio.
(b. 1806 - d. 1883)

Drummond, Flora ('General Drummond')
Scottish suffragette, Commander-in-Chief of the Women's Guild of Empire (1928).
(b. 1869, Scotland - d. 1949)

Druzhinina, Iuzefa Mikhailovna
Russian genre painter
(b. 1912, Vitebsk)

Druziakina, Sofia Ivanovna
Russian soprano, professor at the Moscow Conservatory 1930 - 1945.
(b. May 29, 1880, Kiev - d. Oct 30, 1953, Moscow)

Chinese empress
(b. c1518 - d. 1554)

Du Barry, Marie Jeanne Gomard de Vaubernier, Comtesse
French courtier, mistress of Louis XV 1769 - 1774. Executed during the Revolution.
(b. 1743, Paris - guillotined 1793, Paris)

Duchatel, Louise
French salonniere and precieuse, as 'Philothee'.
(b. c1581 - d. 1645)

Du Chatelet, Marquise see Chatelet, Marquise du

Du Coudray, Angelique Margeurite le Boursier see Coudray

Du Deffand, Marie de Vichy-Champrond, Marquise
French salonniere, intellectual and letter writer, the patron of the philosophes, and friend of Horace Walpole.
(b. 1697 - d. 1780, Paris)

Dudinskaya, Natalya Mikhailovna
Russian ballerina, Sergeyev's Cinderella (1946) : Sarie, in Path of Thunder (1957) : Beethoven's Appassionata (1977).
(b. 1912, Kharkov)

Duff, Edith Florence Bonham, Lady
British military nursing organizer, WW I, CBE (1918).
(b. Jan 12, 1877 - d. May 30, 1937)

Duffield, Mary Elizabeth
British flower and water colour painter, and writer
(b. April 2, 1819, Bath - d. Jan 14, 1914)

Dufour, Camilla
French dancer and mezzo soprano, mother of the composer Gustave Dugazon (1782 - 1826).
(fl. c1790 - 1809)

Dugazon, Louise Rosalie
French composer and singer
(b.June 18, 1755, Berlin, Prussia - d. Sept 22, 1821, Paris)

Dugdale, Henrietta
Australian feminist, A few Hours in a far-off Age (1883).
(b. 1826, London, England - d. 1918)

Dulac, Germaine
French journalist and film maker, La coquille et le clergyman (The Seashell and the Clergyman) (1927).
(b. 1882 - d. 1942)

Dulcia of Barcelona
Queen of Portugal 1185 - 1198, m. Sancho I (1154 - 1211), mother of Alfonso II (1185 - 1223).
(b. 1158, Barcelona, Aragon - d. Sept 1, 1198, Coimbra, Beira, Portugal)

Dulcken, Luise
German pianist, tutor of Queen Victoria, she ws the mother of pianist and composer Ferdinand Quentin Dulcken (1837 - 1901).
(b. March 29, 1811, Hamburg - d. April 12, 1850, London)

Dumay, Alison
French concubine, unpopular mistress of Charles I, Duke of Lorraine. She was murdered by an enraged mob of townspeople, who had hated her high-handed manner, and the insulting way she had treated the duchess, Margaret of Bavaria.
(b. c1395 - murd. 1431)

Du Maurier, Dame Daphne
British novelist, Rebecca.
(b. May 13, 1907 - d. April 19, 1989, Par, Cornwall)

Dumee, Jeanne
French astronomer, Entretiens sur l'opinion de Copernic touchant la mobilitie de la terre.
(fl. 1680, b. Paris)

Dumesnil, Marie Francoise
French actress, Zulime (1740) : Merope (1743) : Semiramis (1748) : Oreste (1750).
(b. 1713, Paris - d. 1803)

Dunbar, Lady Agnes
Scottish courtier, daughter of Patrick, Earl of Dunbar and March, and his wife Agnes Randolph. She was the mistress of King David II (1324 - 1371).
(fl. c1360 - after 1371)

Dunbar, Agnes Randolph, Countess of
Scottish heroine, second wife of Patrick, Earl of Dunbar and March (d. 1369). She successfully defended Dunbar Castle against the English 1337 - 1338. Mother of Lady Agnes, the mistress of King David II.
(b. c1312 - d. 1369)

Duncan, Helen (Nell)
British spiritual medium and political victim.
(b. Nov 25, 1897, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland - d. Dec 6, 1956, Edinburgh)

Duncan, Isadora
American avante-garde dancer and performer, she died bizarrely when her scarf became entangled in the steering wheel of her car.
(b. 1878, San Francisco, California - d. 1927, Nice, Alpes Maritimes, France)

Duncombe, Susanna
British letter writer, correspondent of Horace Walpole. Husband eulogized her in his Feminiad.
(b. c1730 - d. 1812)

Dunn, Mignon
American mezzo soprano vocalist, m. (1972) Austrian composer Kurt Klippstatter.
(b. June 17, 1931, Memphis, Tennessee)

Dunne, Irene
American actress, I Remember Mama (1948) : The Mudlark (1950) as Queen Victoria.
(b. Dec 20, 1898, Louisville, Kentucky - d. 1990)

Dunnock, Mildred
American actress, The Corn Is Green (1940).
(b. Jan 25, 1901, Baltimore, Maryland - d. July 5, 1991, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts)

Dunton, Edith Kellogg
American writer, used pseudonym ' Margaret Wade.' Author of eight volumes of the Betty Wade series (1904 - 1910 and four volumes of the Nancy Lee series (1912 - 1918).
(b. Dec 28, 1875, Rutland, Vermont - d. Dec 31, 1944)

Duparc, Elisabeth (Francesina)
French soprano, Handel's Faramondo and Serse (1738), his leading soprano 1738 - 1745.
(b. c1715 - d. 1778)

Dupin, Amantine Aurore Lucile see Sand, George

Duplessis, Marie see Plessis, Alphonsine

Dupleix, Jeanne
French diplomat in India, known as 'Joanna Begum,'corresponded with various native princes.
(b. c1703 - d. 1756)

Dupre, Eleanor Caroline
French dancer, performed Medonte, in Alexandria, Egypt (1783).
(fl. c1770 - 1787)

Dupre, Grace Annette
American portrait painter and violinist
(b. 1894 - d. 1984, Spartanburg, South Carolina)

Du Pre, Jacqueline
British cellist, she died from multiple sclerosis, OBE (1979).
(b. Jan 26, 1945, Oxford - d. Oct 19, 1987, London)

Duprez, Alexandrine Duperron
French vocalist, wife of tenor and pedagogue Gilbert Louis Duprez (1806 - 1896).
(b. 1808, Nantes - d. Feb 27, 1872, Brussels, Belgium)

Duprez, Caroline
French vocalist, daughter of tenor Gilbert Louis Duprez and wife Alexandrine Duperron.
(b. April 10, 1832, Florence, Italy - d. April 17, 1875, Pau, France)

Duprez, June
British actress, The Four Feathers (1939) : The Thief of Baghdad (1940).
(b. May 14, 1918, London - d. 1984)

Dupuy, Eliza Ann
American novelist, used the pseudonym 'Annie Young', author of The Conspirator (1850) : The Huguenot Exiles (1856) : All for Love (1873) : The Discarded Wife (1875).
(b. 1814, Petersburg, Virginia - d. Jan 15, 1881)

Durack, Fanny
Australian swimmer, Olympic medal winner (1912).
(b. 1894, Sydney, NSW - d. 1960)

Durancy, Francoise Marie
French actress, she toured Brussels and London.
(fl. c1740 - 1762)

Durand, Margeurite
French actress, feminist, journalist and philanthropist, founded the first women's daily paper, La fronde.
(b. 1865, Paris - d. 1936)

Duras, Margeurite (Margeurite Donnadieu)
French novelist, writer and film maker, Un barrage contre le Pacifique (1950) : Moderato cantabile (1960) : Les parleuses (1974).
(b. 1914, Indochina)

Duras, Marie Josephe Rigaud de Vaudreuil, Comtesse de
French courtier of Louis XV, m. (1765) Charles Armand Fidele de Durfort, Comte de Duras.
(b. 1743 - d. 1781)

Durazzo, Agnes de Perigord, Princess de
French-Italian princess, she was tragically poisoned by her son Charles of Durazzo who mistakenly believed her guilty of adultery.
(b. 1305 - d. 1345, Naples)

Durocher, Marie Josefina Mathilde
French-Brazilian obstetrician, one of the first female physicians in Latin America.
(b. 1809, Paris - d. 1893)

Durova, Elena Robertovna
Russian circus entertainer and animal trainer, m. Anatoly Durov (1894 - 1928).
(b. 1873 - d. 1967)

Duryea, Nina Larrey
American writer
(b. Aug 11, 1874 - d. Nov 1, 1951)

Duse, Eleanora
Italian stage tragedienne, Les Fourchambaults (1878) : La Gioconda (1898) : Francesca da Rimini (1902).
(b. 1858 - d. 1924, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Dusek, Josefa
Bohemian soprano, composer and pianist. The friend of Mozart, his Bella mia fiamma, addio (1787) was composed for her. Wife of pianist Frantisek Dusek (1731 - 1799).
(b. 1754, Prague - d. 1824, Prague)

Du Sousa, Noemia
Mozambique poet
(b. 1927, Lorenco Marques, Mozambique)

Duval, Denise
French soprano, created the role of Therese in Les mamelles de Tiresias (1947) and Elle in La Voix humaine (1959). Taught at the Ecole Francaise de Musique, Paris.
(b. 1921, Paris)

Dux, Claire
Polish soprano, Sophie in Der Rosenkavalier, conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham.
(b. 1885, Witkowicz, Poland - d. 1967, Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Dvorakova, Ludmila
Czech soprano, performed roles in the Ring, Gotterdammerung, Parsifal, and Fidelio.
(b. 1923, Kolin)

Irish virgin saint, founded an oratory at Gheel, Antwerp, murdered by her father. Patron of epileptics and those suffering from mental illness.
(fl. c850)

Dzhugeli, Medeia Nikolaievna
Russian athlete and gymnast, Olympic medal winner (1952)
(b. Aug 1, 1925, Kutaissi, Georgia)