Descendants of Siegfried I of Walbeck
(5 Generations)

Siegfried I, Count of Walbeck, the son of Lothair II, Count of Walbeck, and his wife Matilda, daughter of Bruno, Count of Arneburg and Querfort. He was the younger brother of Lothair III Udo of Stade, Margrave of Nordmark 982 - 1003.
(b. c943 - d. March 15, 991)
married 972
Kunigunde of Stade, daughter of Henry I, Count of Stade, and his first wife Judith, daughter of Udo (Otto), Count of the Wetterau.
(b. 956 - d. July 13, 997)
buried at Germersleben

Their children

Generation 1

1. Henry of Walbeck
(b. 973 - d. 1002, being killed in battle)

2. Frederick, Count of Walbeck, Burgrave of Magdeburg
(b. 973 - d. after 1012)
married (1) c990
Thietberga N
(b. c975 - d. c997)
married (2) c999

For their children see Generation 2 - 1

3. Thietmar of Walbeck, Provost of Walbeck 1002 - 1009, and Bishop of Merseburg 1009 - 1018, the famous historian and chronicler
(b. July 25, 975
d. Dec 1, 1018)

4. Siegfried of Walbeck, Abbot of Berge, Magdeburg 1009 - 1032, Bishop of Munster 1022 - 1032
(b. c978 - d. Nov 27, 1032)

5. Bruno of Walbeck, Bishop of Verden 1034 - 1049, Abbot of Nienburg and Magdeburg from 1025
(b. c981 - d. Aug 29, 1049)

6. Irmengard of Walbeck
Abbess of Alsleben
(d. after 1018)

7. Bertha of Walbeck
(d. after 1018)
Abbess of Alsleben

Generation 2
(2 - 1)

1.(first marriage) Conrad of Walbeck, Burgrave of Magdeburg
(b. c995 - d. c1060)
married c1037
Adelaide of Bavaria, perhaps the daughter of Eberhard II, Count of Ebersberg, Margrave of Krain, and his wife Adelaide of Saxony
(b. c1015 - d. c1053)

For their children see Generation 3 - 1

2.(second marriage) Meinfried of Walbeck, Burgrave of Magdeburg
(b. c1010 - d. 1079, being killed in battle)

Generation 3
(3 - 1)

1. Matilda of Walbeck
(b. c1053 - d. c1100)
married c1069
Dietrich, Count of Plotzkau, the son of Bernard, Count of Plotzkau
(b. c1045 - d. Aug 13, before 1100)

For their children see Generation 4 - 1

Generation 4
(4 - 1)

1. Helferic of Plotzkau, Margrave of Nordmark
(b. c1075 - d. 1118)
married c1108 (her second)
Adela of Beichlingen, the widow of Dietrich III, Count of Katlenburg, and daughter of Kuno of Nordheim, Count of Beichlingen, and his wife Kunigunde of Orlamunde, the widow of Yaropolk Izyslavitch, Prince of Vladimir and Turov.
(b. c1092 - d. 1123)

For their children see Generation 5 - 1

2. Conrad of Plotzkau, Bishop of Magdeburg
(b. c1078 - d. after 1100)

3. Irmengarde of Plotzkau
(b. 1083 - d. Nov 26, 1154)
married (1)
Lothair Udo III of Stade, Margrave of Nordmark, the son of Lothair Udo III of Stade, Margrave of Nordmark, and his wife Oda, the daughter of Herman, Count of Werle
(b. c1065 - d. June 2, 1106)
married (2)
Gerhard I
, Count of Heinsberg
(b. c1075 - d. after 1128)

For their children see Generation 5 - 2

4. Adelaide of Plotzkau
(b. c1087 - d. after 1118)
married c1102
Otto I of Regensburg, Landgrave of Steffling, the son of Henry I, Burgrave of Regensburg, and his wife, NN of Schweinfurth.
(b. c1076 - d. Oct 21, 1143)

For their children see Generation 5 - 3

Generation 5
(5 - 1)

1. (first marriage) Bernard II, Count of Plotzkau
(b. c1110 - d. before Dec 31, 1147)
married after Oct 26, 1147 (her first)
Kunigunde of Bavaria, who remarried c1150 to Dietrich of Meissen, Margrave of Northern Lausitz, as his second wife.
(b. c1130 - d. before Feb 9, 1185)

2. Conrad of Plotzkau, Margrave of Nordmark
(b. c1112 - d. Feb, 1133)
married c1131
Salome of Poland, daughter of Boleslav III, King of Poland, and his second wife Salome, daughter of Henry, Count of Berg-Schelkingen
(b. 1119 - d. c1136)

3. Irmengarde of Plotzkau
(b. c1114 - d. before 1176)

(5 - 2)

1. Henry II of Stade, Margrave of Meissen
(b. 1102 - d. Dec 4, 1128)
married c1120
Adelaide of Ballenstadt, the daughter of Otto, Count of Anhalt and Ballenstadt, and his wife Eilika, the daughter of Magnus I, Duke of Saxony, she remarried to Werner, Count von Veltheim (d. 1170).
(b. c1105 - d. before Nov 18, 1170)

2.(first marriage) Adelaide of Stade
(b. 1104 - d. after 1123)
married c1119
Henry II of Eilenburg, Margrave of Meissen, the son of Henry I of Eilenburg, Margrave of Nordmark, and his wife Gertrude, daughter of Eckbert I, Margrave of Meissen
(b. 1103 - d. 1123)

3. Irmengarde of Stade
(b. 1105 - d. 1178)
married c1122
Poppo II, Count of Henneberg, the son of Godebold II, Count of Henneberg, and his wife Liutgarde of Hohenberg
(b. c1100 - d. 1156)

4. NN of Stade (daughter)
(b. 1106 - died young or unmarried)

5. (second marriage) Uda of Heinsberg
(b. c1108 - d. c1143)
Siegfried II, Count of Artlenburg
(b. c1100 - d. 1147)

Their children are beyond the scope of this work

6. Siegfried, Count of Heinsberg
(b. c1110 - d. 1137)

(5 - 3)

1. Luitgarde of Regensburg
(b. c1107 - d. 1150)
nun at Abbey of Admont, near Frauenburg, Austria.

2. Otto II of Regensburg, Landgrave of Steffling 1143 - 1175
(b. c1110 - d. 1175)
married c1140
Adelaide of Wittelsbach, the daughter of Otto IV of Wittelsbach, Count of Bavaria, and his wife Eilika, daughter of Frederick, Count of Lengenfeld
(b. c1125 - d. after 1175)

Their children are beyond the scope of this work

3. Frederick of Regensburg
(b. c1115 - d. before 1175)

4. Henry III, Burgrave of Regensburg
(b. c1118 - d. Nov 27, 1174)
married (1) 1145
Bertha of Austria, the daughter of Leopold III, Margrave of Austria, and his wife Agnes of Hohenstaufen, the widow of Frederick I, Duke of Swabia, and daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV.
(b. 1124 - d. April 11, 1160)
married (2)
NN of Oettingen
(b. c1146 - d. after 1174)

Their children are beyond the scope of this work



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