Ancestry of Zita of Bourbon-Parma

- 41 Generations

1. CHARLEMAGNE (Charles the Great), Carolingian king (78 - 814) and Holy Roman Emperor (800 - 814). He m (3) (771) to and HILDEGARDE of Vinzgau (born 758 - died 783), the daughter of Gerald I, Count of Vingau and his wife Emma of Alemannia, the daughter of Nebi, Duke of Alemannia. CHARLEMAGNE and HILDEGARDE were the parents of,

2. LOUIS I the Pious, Holy Roman Emperor (816 - 840) (born 778 - died 840). He m (1) (at Orleans, 794) to ERMENGARDE of Haspengau (born c781 - died Oct 3, 818 at Angers in Anjou), the daughter of Ingelramnus, Count and Duke of Haspengau (Hesbaye) and his wife Rotrude, who was a connection of the Carolingian royal hoiuse. Louis I m (2) (Feb, 819) to and JUDITH of Altdorf (born 802 - died 843), the daughter of Welf II, Count of Altdorf and Swabia, and his wife Heilwich (Heilwig) of Saxony. LOUIS I and JUDITH were the parents of,

3. GISELA of Neustria, Imperial princess (born 820 - died July 1, 874, buried Abbey of St Calixtus, Cysoing). She m (c836) to EBERHARD, Duke of Friuli (born c810 - died Dec 16, 866, buried in Abbey St Calixtus, Cysoing), the son of Unruoch (Hunroch), who was a descendent of Bego I, Count of Paris (died 816). GISELA and EBERHARD were the parents of,

4. INGELTRUDE of Friuli (born c839 - died after July 1, 874). She m (c853) to HENRY of Grabfeldgau, Margrave of Austrasia (born c830 - died 886). INGELTRUDE and HENRY were the parents of,

5. BERENGAR II of Grabfeldgau, Count of Bayeux in Normandy and Rennes in Brittany (born c856 - died 892, killed by invading Norsemen). He was the father of,

6. POPPA of Bayeux (born c875 - died before 927). She was captured with Bayeux by the Viking leader ROLLO (born c853 - died 932). He became the first Duke of Normandy (912). He put aside Poppa in order to make a political marriage with Gisela of Neustria (911). POPPA and ROLLO were the parents of,

7. WILLIAM I Longsword, Duke of Normandy (927 - 942). He became Duke when his father abdicated (927) (born 893 – died 942). He m (1) SPROTA (born c915 - died c950), a captive Breton noblewoman whom he later repudiated, and (2) (939) LUITGARDE of Vermandois (born c924 - died after 985), who remarried to Theobald I, Count of Blois-Chartres, the daughter of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois (902 - 943) and his wife Hildebrande of Neustria, the daughter of Robert I, King of France (922 - 923). WILLIAM I and SPROTA were the parents of,

8. RICHARD I the Fearless, Duke of Normandy (942 - 996) (born 933 – died 996). He m (1) (c961) EMMA of France (born c945 - died 968), the daughter of Louis IV, King of France (936 - 954) and his wife Gerberga of Saxony, the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich I (919 - 936). He m (2) (c990) to GUNNORA de Crepon (born c956 - died 1031 at Rouen Castle), the sister of Herfastus de Crepon, forester of Arques. RICHARD I and GUNNORA were the parents of,

9. RICHARD II, Duke of Normandy (996 - 1027) (born c976 - died 1027). He m (c997) to JUDITH of Rennes (born 982 - died 1017), the daughter of Conan I the Red, Count of Rennes and Duke of Brittany and his second wife Ermengarde Gerberga of Anjou (later Countess of Angouleme), the daughter of Geoffrey I, Count of Anjou. He m (2) (1019) to PAPIA of Envermeu (born c1003 - died c1048). RICHARD II and JUDITH were the parents of,

10. ROBERT I called the Devil or the Magnificent, Duke of Normandy (1028 - 1035) (born c1001 - died 1035 whilst on crusade). He m (c1027 but quickly annulled) to ESTRITH Sveinsdotter, Princess of Denmark (born c1000 - died May, c1040), the daughter of Sveyn I Haraldsson, King of Denmark (988 - 1014) and of England (1013 - 1014), and of his second wife Sigrid of Vastergotland, the widow of Olaf of Sweden. Robert I left issue by his mistress ARLETTA of Falaise (Herleve) (born c1011 - died c1050, later the wife of Viscount Herluin de Conteville), the daughter of Fulbert, a common tanner of Falaise and his wife Duxia. ROBERT I and ARLETTA were the parents of,

11. WILLIAM I (the Conqueror), Duke of Normandy (1035 - 1087) as William II, King of England (1066 - 1087) (born Falaise Castle, 1028 - died Sept 9, 1087 at the Priory of St Gervais, Rouen). He m (1050 at Eu ) to MATILDA of Flanders (born 1032 - died Nov 2, 1083 at Abbey of the Holy Trinity, Caen), the daughter of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders (1036-1067) and his wife Adela Capet, widow of Richard III, Duke of Normandy, and only daughter of Robert II, King of France, by his third wife Constance, daughter of William II, Count of Provence, and sister of King Henry I. WILLIAM I and MATILDA were the parents of,

12. ADELA of Normandy , Princess of England, born 1064, died at Marcigny-sur-Loire, March,1138, married at Breteuil,1080, Stephen I Henry, Count of Blois-Chatres (born 1045, died May 19,1102, in the Holy Land, fighting at the siege of Ramleh), son of Theobald III, Count of Blois-Chatres, by his first wife Gersende (later wife of Albert Azzo II, Marquis of Este), daughter of Herbert I Wake-Dog, Count of Maine. Adela and Stephen were the parents of,

13. STEPHEN of Blois, King of England Dec, 1135-1154, born at Blois, 1096?, died at Dover, Kent, Oct 25, 1154, married Matilda of Boulogne (born 1103?, died at Hedingham Castle, Essex,  May 3, 1152), daughter of Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, by his wife Mary, daughter of Malcolm III Canmore, King of Scotland, and left issue,

14. MARY of Blois , Princess of England, born 1136, died a nun at the monastery of St Austreberte, near Montreuil, 1182, was abbess of Romsey, Hampshire till 1160, when she was forced to marry, as his first wife, Matthew of Alsace, Count of Flanders (born 1135?, killed at the siege of Driancourt, July 25, 1173), son of Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders, by his wife Sybilla, daughter of Fulk V of Anjou, King of Jerusalem, as his first wife. Divorced in 1169, she retired to become a nun once again at St Austreberte, near Montreuil, France. Mary and Matthew were the parents of,

15. MATILDA of Flanders, born 1162, died 1211, married 1179, as his first wife, Henry I, Duke of Brabant (born c1160, died Sept 5, 1235), son of Godfrey III of Louvain, Duke of Lower-Lorraine, by his first wife Margaret, daughter of Henry II, Count of Limburg, and left issue,

16. HENRY II, Duke of Brabant 1235-1248, born 1189, died Feb1,1248, married firstly, Aug 22, 1215, Maria (born 1201, died 1235), daughter of Philip of Swabia, King of Germany, by his wife Irene Angela, widow of Roger, Duke of Apulia, and daughter of Isaac II Angelus, Emperor of Byzantium, secondly, 1240, Sophia (born at Wartburg Castle, Thuringia, March 20, 1224, died May 29, 1275), daughter of Louis IV, Landgrave of Thuringia, by his wife St Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew II, King of Hungary, leaving issue by his first wife,

17. HENRY III, Duke of Brabant 1248-1261, eldest son, born c1227, died Feb 28, 1261, married c1248, Alice (born 1232, died Oct 23, 1273), daughter of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy, and his first wife Yolande, daughter of Robert III, Count of Dreux, and left issue

18. JOHN I, Duke of Brabant 1261-1294, second son, born 1251, died May 4, 1294 of a wound received at a tournament at Bar, married firstly, Sept 5, 1270, Margaret (born 1254, died 1271), daughter of St Louis IX, King of France, by his wife Margaret, daughter of Raymond Berengar IV, Count of Provence, secondly, 1273, Margaret (born 1253, died July 3, 1285), daughter of Guy of Dampierre, Count of Flanders, by his first wife Matilda, daughter of Robert VII, Count of Bethune, leaving issue by his second wife,

19. JOHN II the Peaceful, Duke of Brabant 1294-1312, born Sept 27, 1275, died Oct 27, 1312, married at Westminster Abbey, July 8, 1290, Margaret (born Windsor Castle, Sept 11, 1275, died 1333), daughter of Edward I, King of England, by his first wife Eleanora, daughter of St Ferdinand II, King of Castile and Leon, and left issue,

20. JOHN III, Duke of Brabant 1312-1355, born 1297, died Dec 5, 1355, married July 19, 1311, Maria (born 1302, died Oct 31, 1335), daughter of Louis, Count of Evreux, and his wife Margaret, daughter of Philip of Artois, Lord of Conches’, and left issue,

21. MARGARET, Princess of Brabant, born Feb 9, 1323, died 1368, married June 6, 1347, Louis of Male, Count of Flanders (born Nov 25, 1330, died Jan 9, 1384), son of Louis I, Count of Flanders, and his wife Margaret, daughter of Philip V, King of France, and left issue,

22. MARGARET, Princess of Flanders, only child and heiress, born April 13, 1350, died March 16, 1405, married firstly March 21, 1356, Philip I, Duke of Burgundy (born 1345, died Nov 21, 1361), son of Philip, of Burgundy, Count of Boulogne (1323 - 1346), by his wife Jeanne, daughter of William XIII, Count of Auvergne, and later second wife of John II, King of France. Margaret married secondly June 19, 1369, Philip I the Bold, Duke of Burgundy (born Jan 15, 1342, died April 27, 1404), son of John II, King of France, by his first wife Bona (formerly called Judith), daughter of John of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia, and left issue by her second husband,

23. JOHN the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy 1404-1419, only son and heir, born May 28, 1371, murdered Sept 10, 1419, married at Cambrai, April 12, 1385, Margaret (born 1363, died Jan 23, 1424), daughter of Albert I, Duke of Bavaria, Count of Holland and Hainault, by his wife Margaret, daughter of Louis I, Duke of Silesia-Brieg, and left issue,

24. PHILIP III the Good, Duke of Burgundy 1419-1467, Founder of the Order of the Golden Fleece, only son and heir, born June 30, 1396, died June 15, 1467, married firstly, June 1409, Michelle (born Jan 11, 1395, murdered at Ghent, July 8, 1422), daughter of Charles VI, King of France, by his wife Isabella, daughter of Stephen III, Duke of Bavaria-Ingoldstadt, secondly, at Moulin-Engilbert, Nov 30, 1424, Bona (born 1395, died at Moulin-Engilbert, Sept 17, 1425), widow of Philip, Count of Rethel and Nevers, and daughter of Philip of Artois, Count of Eu, by his wife Marie (later wife of John I, Duke of Bourbon, and daughter of John I, Duke of Berry, and thirdly, Jan 10, 1429, Isabella (born Feb 21, 1397 at Evora, died at Aire, Artois, Dec 17, 1471), only surviving daughter of John I, King of Portugal, by his wife Philippa, eldest daughter of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and titular King of Castile, and granddaughter of Edward III, King of England, and left issue by his third wife,

25. CHARLES the Bold (the Rash), Duke of Burgundy 1467-1477, only son and heir, born Nov 10, 1433, died Jan 5, 1477 at the battle of Nancy), married firstly, May 19, 1440, Catherine (born 1428, died Sept 13, 1446), daughter of Charles VII, King of France, by his wife Marie, daughter of Louis II of Anjou, King of Naples, secondly, Oct 30, 1454, Isabella (born1435, died Sept 25, 1465), daughter of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon, by his wife Agnes, youngest daughter of John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, by his wife Margaret of Bavaria, and thirdly, at Damme, July 3, 1468,  Margaret (born Fotheringay Castle, Nothants, May 3, 1446, died at Malines, Nov 28, 1503), daughter of Richard, Duke of York, by his wife, Lady Cecilia Neville, daughter of Sir Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland, and left issue by his second wife,

26. MARIE, Duchess of Burgundy 1477-1482, only daughter and heiress, born Feb 12, 1457, died at Ghnet, March 27, 1482, after a fall from her horse, whilst she was pregnant, married Aug 20, 1477, as his first wife, Maximiliam, Archduke of Austria, (born at Vienna Neustadt, March 22, 1459, died at Wels, Upper Austria, Jan 12, 1519), later emperor of Austria as Maximilian I, only son of Frederick III, Emperor of Austria by his wife Eleanore, daughter of Edward I (Duarte), King of Portugal, and left issue,

27. PHILIP I of Austria, King of Castile 1504-1506, eldest son and heir-apparent, born at Bruges, July 22, 1478, died at Burgos, Sept 25, 1506, married Oct 21, 1496, Juana the Mad (La Loca), Queen of Castile 1504-1555 (born at Toledo, Nov 6, 1479, died Tordesillas Castle, April 4, 1555, a complete lunatic), second daughter of Ferdinand V, King of Aragon, by his first wife Isabella I, Queen of Castile, successor of King Henry IV in 1474, and daughter of John II, king of Castile, by his second wife, Isabella of Portugal, and left issue,

28. CHARLES V, Emperor of Austria 1519-1556, when he abdicated, King of Spain as Charles I, born at Ghent, Feb 20, 1500, died Sept 21, 1558, at Yuste, Estremadura, married at Seville, March 11, 1526, Isabella (born Oct 4, 1503, died at Toledo, May 1,1539), daughter of Manuel I, King of Portugal by his second wife Maria, third daughter of Ferdinand V, King of Aragon, and his first wife Isabella I, Queen of Castile, and left issue,

29. PHILIP II, King of Spain 1556-1598, only son and heir, born Vallodolid, May 21, 1527, died at the Escorial Palace, Madrid, Sept 13, 1598, married firstly, at Salamanca, Nov 13, 1543,  firstly, Maria Manoela (born Oct 15, 1527, died at Vallodolid, July 12, 1545, from the effects of childbirth), daughter of John III, King of Portugal, by his wife Catherine, daughter of Philip I, King of Castile, by his wife Juana the Mad, Queen of Castile, daughter of Ferdiannd V, King of Aragon, and Isabella I, Queen of Castile, secondly, at Winchester Cathedral, July 25, 1554, Mary I, Queen of England (born at Greenwich Palace, Kent, Feb 18, 1516, died at St James’s Palace, London, Nov 17, 1558), only child of Henry VIII, King of England, by his first wife Catharine, widow of Arthur, Prince of Wales, and daughter of Ferdinand V, King of Aragon, by his first wife, Isabella I, Queen of Castile, thirdly, by proxy, June 21, 1559, Elisabeth (born at Fontainebleau, April 2, 1545, died Oct 3, 1568), daughter of Henry II, King of France, by his wife Catherine, daughter of Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino, and fourthly, at the Alcazar Palaca, Segovia, Nov 12, 1570, his niece, Anna Maria (born Nov 2, 1549, died at Badajoz, Oct 26, 1580), daughter of Maximilian II, Emperor of Germany, by his wife Maria, daughter of Charles V, Emperor of Austria, and sister of King Philip II of Spain, leaving issue by his fourth wife,

30. PHILIP III, King of Spain 1598-1621, only surviving son and heir, born at Madrid, April 14, 1578, died at Madrid, March 31, 1621, married at Ferrara, April 18, 1599,  Margaret (born Dec 25, 1584, died at the Escorial Palace, Madrid, Oct 3, 1611), daughter of Charles, Archduke of Austria by his wife Maria, daughter of Albert V, Duke of Bavaria, and left issue,

31. PHILIP IV, King of Spain 1621-1665, born at Vallodlid, April 8, 1605, died Sept 17, 1665, married firstly, at Madrid,  Oct 8, 1615, Elisabeth (later called Isabella, born at the Louvre Palace, Paris, Nov 21, 1602, died at Madrid, Oct 6, 1644), eldest daughter of Henry IV, King of France, by his second wife Marie (formerly Maria), daughter of Francesco I de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and secondly, at Navalcarnero, near Madrid, his niece, Mariana Victoria (born Dec 24, 1635, died May 16, 1696), daughter of Ferdinand III, Emperor of Austria, by his first wife, Maria Aletea, daughter of Philip III, King of Spain, by his wife Margaret, daughter of Charles, Archduke of Inner Austria, leaving issue by his first wife,

32. MARIE THERESE (Maria Theresa), Princess of Spain, eldest daughter, born at the Escorial Palace, Madrid, Sept 20, 1638, died at Versailles, July 30, 1683, married in person, at St Jean de Luz, June 9, 1660, as his first wife, Louis XIV, King of France (born at St Germain-en-Laye, Sept 5, 1638, died at Versailles, Sept 1, 1715), son of Louis XIII by his wife Anne of Austria, Princess of Spain, eldest daughter of Philip III, King of Spain, by his wife Margaret, daughter of Charles, Archduke of Inner Austria, and left issue,

33. LOUIS, Dauphin of France from birth (Le Grand Dauphin), eldest son and heir-apparent, born at Fontainebleau, Nov 1, 1661, died at the Chateau of Meudon, April 14, 1711, married firstly,  in person, at Chalons-sur-Marne, March 7, 1680, Marie Anne Christine Victoire (Maria Anna Christina Victoria) (born at Munich, Nov 7, 1660, at Versailles, died April 20, 1690), eldest daughter of Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria, by his wife Adelaide Henrietta, daughter of Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy, and secondly, and (secretly), probably at Marly between 1691-1695, Marie Emilie Therese (born at Bourg-en-Bresse, Aug 2, 1670, died at the Rue St Antoine, Paris, cApril 13, 1732), daughter of Guillaume Claude de Joly, Baron de Choin and Governor of Bourg, by his wife, Anne Clemence’ Bonne de Grolee’ de Mepieu, leaving issue by his first wife,

34. LOUIS, Duke of Bourgogne (Burgundy), Dauphin 1711-1712, eldest son and heir, born at Versailles, Aug 6, 1682, died of smallpox at Versailles, Feb 18, 1712, married in person at at Versailles,  Dec 7, 1697, Marie Adelaide (born at Turin, Dec 16, 1685, died of smallpox at Versailles, Feb 12, 1712), eldest daughter of Victor Amadeus II, Duke of Savoy, later King of Sardinia, by his first wife Anne Marie, daughter of Philip I, Duke of Orleans, brother of King Louis XIV, and left issue

35. LOUIS XV, King of France 1715-1774, second and only surviving son, succeeded his great-grandfather, born Feb 15, 1710, died of smallpox at Versailles, May 10, 1774, in person at Fontainebleau, Sept 5, 1725, Marie (Marie Charlotte Sophia Felicitie) (born at Poznan, June 23, 1703, died at Versailles, probably of cancer, June 24, 1768), only surviving daughter of Stanislas I Leczcynski, King of Poland by his wife Catherine, the daughter of John Charles, Count Oppalinski-Lodzia, and left issue,

36. LOUIS, Dauphin of France from birth, only surviving son and heir-apparent, born at Versailles, Sept 4, 1729, died of tuberculosis at Versailles, Dec 20, 1765, married firstly, in person at Versailles, Feb 23, 1745, Marie Therese Raphaelle (born at Madrid, Junbe 11, 1726, died in childbirth at Versailles, July 22, 1746), daughter of Philip V, King of Spain, by his second wife, Elisabeth, daughter of Odoardo Farnese, Hereditary Prince of Parma, and secondly, in person at Versailles, Feb 9, 1747, Marie Josephe’ (formerly Maria Josephine) (born at Dresden, Nov 4, 1731, died at Versailles, of tuberculoisis, March 13, 1767), daughter of Frederick II Augustus, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, by his wife Maria Josepha, younger daughter of Joesph I, Emperor of Austria, and left issue by his second wife,

37. CHARLES X, King of France 1824-1830, formerly Count d’Artois, born at Versailles,  Oct 9, 1757, died in exile, of cholera, at Schloss Graffenberg, Goritz, Nov 4, 1836, married in person at Versailles,  Nov 16, 1773, Marie Therese (Maria Theresa) (born at Turin, Jan 31, 1756, died at Graz, June 2, 1805), daughter of Victor Amadeus III of Savoy, King of Sardinia by his wife Maria Antoinetta, daughter of Philip V, King of Spain, and left issue,

38. CHARLES FERDINAND, Duke de Berry, born at Versailles, Jan 24, 1778, murdered at the Paris Opera House, Feb 14, 1820, married in person at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris,  June 17, 1816, Caroline (Marie Caroline Ferdinanda Louise, born at Caserta, Naples Nov 5, 1798, died at Brunnsee, Styria,  April 17, 1870, later wife of Ettore Carlo, Count Lucchesi-Palli, 8th Duke della Grazia), daughter of Francis I, King of Naples, by his first wife Maria Clemetina, daughter of Leopold II, Emperor of Austria, and left issue,

39. LOUISE MARIE THERESE, Princess of Bourbon-Berry, only surviving daughter, born at the Elysee’-Bourbon Palace Sept 21, 1819, died Feb1,1864, married at Frohsdorf, Nov 10, 1845, Charles III, Duke of Parma (born at Lucca, Jan 14, 1823, murdered March 27, 1854, at the Palazzo Giustiniani, Venice), only son of Charles II, Duke of Parma by his wife, Maria Teresa, daughter of Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy, King of Sardinia, and left issue,

40. ROBERTO I, Duke of Parma 1854-1907, eldest son and heir, born at Florence, July 9, 1848, died at Pianore, Nov 17, 1907, married firstly, at the Sistine Chapel, Rome, April 5, 1869 (the ceremony being performed by Pope Pius IX), Maria Pia (born at Gaeta, Aug 2, 1849, died at Biarritz, Sept 29, 1882), daughter of Ferdinand II, King of Naples, by his second wife Theresa Maria, daughter of Charles Louis, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Teschen, and secondly, at Schloss Fischhorn, near Zell-am-See, Oct 15, 1884, Maria Antonia (born Nov 28, 1862, at Bronnbach, died at Schloss Berg, Luxembourg, May 14, 1959), daughter of Miguel I, King and Regent of Portugal, later Duke of Braganza, by his wife Adelaide, daughter of Constantine, Hereditary Prince of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg,

41. ZITA, Princess of Bourbon-Parma (Zita Maria des Graces Adelgonde Michelle Raphaelle Gabriella Josephine Antonia Louise Agnes), born at Pianore, May 9, 1892, died at Zizers, March 4,1989, aged in her 97th year, married at Schwarzau am Steinfelde, Oct 21, 1911, Charles I, Emperor of Austria 1916-1922 (born at Persenbeug, Aug 17, 1887, died Villa Funchal, Madeira, April 1, 1922), son of Otto, Archduke of Austria by his wife, Maria Josepha, daughter of Frederick Augustus, Prince of Saxony, and left issue.