Ancestry of the Princess de Lamballe

Paternal Line

CHARIBERT, Neustrian nobleman, living c636, was the father of,

CHRODOBERT (Robert I), living 630, father of,

LAMBERT I, Count of Wormsgau, born c590, died after 650; besides a daughter, St Angadresima (c645 - 695), first abbess of Orer, near Beauvais, he was the father of,

CHRODOBERT (Robert II), chancellor of Neustria 658-678, and count of Wormsgau from 678; born c620, died after Oct, 678, married Doda (died after 678), possibly of the Deux family. Chrodobert and Doda were the parents of,

LAMBERT II, Count of Wormsgau, born c670, died c742, who was the father of,             

ROBERT I, Count of Oberrhe in Wormsgau 733-757, and Duke of Haspengau 757-764, born c705, died 764, married c730, Willisvinta (born c715, died c769), daughter of Count Adalhelm, and left issue,

TURINCBERT, brother of Robert Cancor, Count of Oberrheingau, born c738, died after 770, the identity of his wife remains unknown; father of,

ROBERT II, Count of Oberrhe in Wormsgau 770-807, born c758, died July 12, 807, he married firstly, Theoderata (born c765, died 789), of unknown parentage, and secondly, c790, Isingarde, also of unknown parentage, and left issue by his first wife,

ROBERT III, Count in Wormsgau 812-830, born c788, died 834, married c808, Wialdrute (born c797, died c840), daughter of Hugh II, Count of Orleans, by his wife Ava, and left issue,

ROBERT, Count of Paris and Tours 822-866, born c815, killed at the battle of Brissarthe, Oct, 866, married firstly, c840, Agane  (born c825, died c855), probably a relative of Hardouin, Count in Neustria, and secondly, c856, Adelaide (c840 - c880), sister of Adalhelm, Count of Laon, and left issue by his second wife,

ROBERT I, King of France 922-923, born c866, killed in battle near Soissons, June15, 923, brother of King Eudes (857 - 898), married firstly, c883, Adela (born c867, died c894), perhaps the daughter of Robert I, Count of Troyes, by his wife Gisela, daughter of  Louis the German, King of the Franks, and secondly c894, Beatrix (born 880, died after March in 931), the daughter of Pepin II, Count of Senlis and Seigneur of Saint-Quentin and Peronne, and sister of Herbert I, Count of Vermandois, leaving issue by his second wife,

HUGH the Great, Duke of Paris, born c895, died at Dourdan, June 19, 956, married firstly, 922, Judith (born c897, died 925), daughter of Rotger I, Count of Maine, by his wife Rothilda, widow of Hugh, Count of Bourges, and daughter of Charles II the Bald, Emperor of the Franks, and secondly, 929, Edhilda (born c907, died Sept 14, 937), daughter of Edward the Elder, King of England, by his second wife, Elfleda, daughter of Ethelhelm, Earl of Wiltshire, and thirdly 938, Hedwig (Hathuide, Hadevich) (born 922, died May 10, 965, at Aix-la-Chapelle), daughter of Henry I, Emperor of Germany and his second wife St Mathilda, daughter of Theodoric, Count of Westphalia and Ringelheim, leaving issue by his third wife,

HUGH CAPET, King of France 987-996, born 940, died at Paris, Oct 24, 996, married 968, Adelaide (born 945, died June 15, 1004), daughter of William III, Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou, by his wife Adela, daughter of Rollo,1st Duke of Normandy, leaving issue,

ROBERT II the Pious, joint-King 987-996, sole King of France 996-1031, born at Orleans, 970, died July 20, 1031 at Melun, married firstly, 988, Rosala (born 954?, died Jan 26, 1003, probably at Ghent, Flanders), whom he divorced in 992,  widow of Arnulf II, Count of Flanders, and daughter of Berengar II of Ivrea, King of Italy, by his wife Willa, daughter of Boso, Count of Arles, secondly, Oct, 996, Bertha (born 967, died c1018), from whom he was forced to seperate in 1003, widow of Eudes I, Count of Blois-Chatres, and daughter of Conrad I, King of Burgundy, by his second wife Matilda, daughter of Louis IV, King of France, and thirdly, c1002, Constance (born c986, died July 25, 1032), the daughter of William II, Count of Provence, by his wife Adelaide Blanche (later 2nd wife of Otto William, Count of Burgundy), daughter of Geoffrey I Grisgonelle, Count of Anjou, by his wife Adelaide, widow of Lambert, Count of Chalons, and daughter of Robert I of Vermandois, Count of Troyes, leaving issue by his third wife,

ROBERT I, Duke of Burgundy, born 1011, died March 27, 1076, married fristly, 1033, Hedwig (also Helie’and Alix, born c1016, died April 22, 1109) from whom he was divorced c1045, daughter of Dalmas I, Count of Semur, by his wife Aremburga, daughter of Gervase, Seigneur of Vergy, and secondly, c1048, Ermengarde (born 1018, murdered at Querzy, March 21, 1076), widow of Geoffrey II of Chateau-Loudon, Count of Gastinois, and daughter of Fulk III the Black, Count of Anjou, by his second wife Hildegarde, the daughter of Charles, Duke of Lorraine, leaving issue by his second wife,

HILDEGARDE, Princess of Burgundy, born 1056, died 1120, married firstly 1069, as his third wife, William VIII, Duke of Aquitaine (born 1026, died Sept 25, 1086), son of William V, Duke of Aquitaine, by his third wife Agnes (later wife of Geoffrey II Martel, Count of Anjou), the daughter of Otto William, Count of Burgundy, by his first wife Ermengarde, widow of Aubrey II, Count of Macon, and daughter of Rainald, Count of Roucy. By her first marriage, Hildegarde (who remarried, as her second husband, Pedro Ansurez, Lord of Vallodolid), was the mother of,

WILLIAM IX, Duke of Aquitaine, born Oct 22, 1071, died  Feb 10, 1127, married firstly, 1089, Ermengarde (born 1066 at Angers, died a nun at Rhedon, June 1, 1147, later 2nd wife of Alan IV, Duke of Brittany), whom he divorced in 1092, daughter of Fulk IV, Count of Anjou, by his first wife Hildegarde, daughter of Lancelin I, Seigneur of Beaugency, secondly, 1094, as his second wife, Philippa (born 1074, died Nov 28, 1118 at the abbey of Fontevrault), widow of Sancho V, King of Aragon, and daughter of  William IV, Count of Toulouse, by his wife Emma, daughter of Robert, Count of Mortain, half-brother of William I the Conqueror, King of England, and left issue by his second wife,

WILLIAM X, Duke of Aquitaine, born 1099, died at Compostela, Spain, whilst on a pilgrimage, April 9, 1137, married c1120, Aenor (born c1107, died at Talmond, after March in 1130), daughter of Aimery I de Rochefoucald, Viscount of Chatellerault, by his wife Dangerosa (later mistress of her father-in-law, Duke William IX), daughter of Bartholomew, Seigneur de L’Isle-Jourdain, and his wife Gerberga, and left issue,

ELEANOR, Duchess of Aquitaine 1137-1204, born either at the Ombriere’ Palace, Bordeaux or at Belin Castle, Guienne, 1122, died April 1,1204, at the Abbey of Fontevrault, elder daughter and heiress, married firstly July 22,1137, at Bordeaux Cathedral, Gascony, Louis VII, King of France (born 1120, died Sept 19, 1180), son of King Louis VI by his second wife Adelaide, daughter of Umberto II, Count of Savoy, from whom she was divorced on March 18, 1152, and secondly May 18, 1152 at Bordeaux Cathedral, Henry II, King of England (born March 5, 1133 at Le Mans, Anjou, died July 6, 1189 at Chinon Castle, France), eldest son of Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou, by his wife Matilda, widow of Henry V, Emperor of Germany, and only surviving child and heiress of Henry I, King of England, leaving issue by her second husband,

MATILDA, Princess of England, born June,1156 at Windsor Castle, died June 28,1189 at Brunswick, Germany, married Feb1,1168, at Minden Cathedral, Germany, as his second wife, Henry V the Lion, Duke of Saxony (born at Ravensberg, 1129, died Aug 6, 1195 at Brunswick), only son and heir of Henry IV the Proud, Duke of Saxony, by his wife Gertrude (later 1st wife of Henry II Jasmirgott, Duke of Austria, and daughter of Lothair II, Emperor of Germany, leaving issue,

HENRY VI, Duke of Saxony, born 1173, died April 28, 1227, married Jan, 1194, as his first wife, Agnes (born 1176, died May 9, 1204), daughter of Conrad, Count Palatine of the Rhine, by his wife Irmengarde, the daughter of Berthold I, Count of Henneberg, secondly, 1209, Agnes (born 1186, died Jan 1, 1266), daughter of Conrad of Ravensberg, Margrave of Lausitz, by his wife Elisabeth, widow of Sobeslav II, Duke of Bohemia, and daughter of Mieszko III, Duke of Poland, leaving issue by his first wife,

AGNES, Princess of Saxony, born 1201, died Aug 16, 1267, married March 24, 1225, Otto I, Duke of Bavaria (born April 7, 1206, died Nov 29, 1253), only son of Louis I, Duke of Bavaria, by his wife Ludmilla, widow of Adalbert IV, Count of Bogen, and daughter of Frederick, Duke of Bohemia, and left issue,

LOUIS II, Duke of Bavaria 1253-1294, born April 13, 1229, died Feb 2, 1294, married firstly, Aug 2, 1254, Maria (born 1226, died Jan 18, 1256, being beheaded at Donauwerth Castle, on the Danube, by order of her husband, who mistakenly believed her guilty of adultery), daughter of Henry II, Duke of Brabant, by his first wife Maria, daughter of Philip of Swabia, King of Germany, secondly, Aug 24, 1260, Anne (born c1238, died May 28, 1271), daughter of Henry II, Duke of Silesia-Glogau, by his wife Anne, daughter of Ottokar I, King of Bohemia, and thirdly, Oct 1273, Matilda (born 1251, died Dec 23, 1304), daughter of Rudolf I of Hapsburg, King of Germany, by his first wife Gertrude, daughter of Burchard III, Count of Hohenzollern-Haigerloch, which Burchard was great-great grandson of Frederick I, Count of Zollern (d before 1125), and his wife Udilhilda, daughter of Egino II, Count of Urach. Duke Louis left issue by his third wife,

LOUIS IV the Bavarian, Emperor of Germany 1328-1347, born April 1, 1282, died near Munich, Oct 11, 1347, married firstly,1308, Beatrice (born 1293, died Aug 24, 1322), elder daughter of Henry III, Duke of Silesia-Glogau, by his wife Matilda, daughter of Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Luneberg, secondly, Feb 25, 1324, Margaret (born 1310, died June 23, 1356), sister of Philippa, wife of Edward III, King of England, and daughter of William III, Count of Hainault, by his wife Jeanne, daughter of Charles I, Count of Valois,and left issue by his first wife,

STEPHEN II, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut, born 1317, died May 10, 1375, married firstly, June 27, 1328, Elisabeth (born 1319?, died March 31, 1349), the daughter of Frederick II, King of Sicily, by his wife Eleonor, the daughter of Charles II, King of Naples, and secondly, Feb 14, 1359, Margaret (born 1334?, died Sept 19, 1377), daughter of John II, Burgrave of Nuremburg, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Berthold VII, Count of Henneberg, by his wife Adelaide, daughter of Henry I the Child, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, leaving issue by his first wife,

STEPHEN III, Duke of Bavaria-Ingoldstadt, born 1337, died Sept 25, 1413, married firstly, Oct 13, 1364, Thaddaea (born 1352, died Sept 28, 1381), daughter of Bernarbo Visconti, Count of Milan, by his wife Regina (also called Beatrice), daughter of Mastino della Scala, Lord of Verona, secondly, Jan 16, 1401, Elisabeth (born 1378, died c1410), widow of Reinald, Lord of Valkenburg, and daughter of Adolf III, Duke of Cleves, by his wife Margaret, daughter of Gerhard of Juliers, Count of Ravensberg and Berg, leaving issue by his first wife,

ISABELLA (Isabeau), Princess of Bavaria-Ingolstadt, born 1369, died at the Hotel de St Pol, Paris, Sept 24,1435, married July 13, 1385, Charles VI the Mad, King of France (born at Paris, Dec 3,1368, died at Paris, Oct 21,1422), son of Charles V, King of France, by his wife Jeanne, daughter of Pierre I, Duke of Bourbon, and left issue,

ISABELLE, Princess of France, eldest surviving daughter, born Nov 9, 1389 at the Louvre Palace, Paris, died Sept 13, 1409 at the Chateau of Blois, married firstly Nov 4, 1396, at the Church of St Nicholas, Calais, as his second wife, Richard II, King of England (born at Bordeaux, Gascony, Jan 6,1367, murdered Feb 14, 1400 at Pontefract Castle, Yorkshire), son of Edward the Black Prince, Prince of Wales, eldest son of Edward III, King of England, and secondly, at Compiegne, June 29, 1406, as his first wife, Charles, Duke of Orleans (born May 26,1394, died at Amboise, Jan 4,1465), son of Louis, Duke of Orleans, and his wife Valentina, daughter of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, and left issue by her second husband,

JEANNE, Princess of Orleans, only daughter, born at the Chateau of Blois, Sept 13, 1409, died May 19, 1432, married 1424, as his first wife, John II, Duke of Alencon (born March 2,1409, died 1476), son of John I, Duke of Alencon, by his wife Marie, daughter of John V, Duke of Brittany, and left issue,

RENE, Duke of Alencon, born 1443?, died Nov 1,1492, married May 14, 1488, Margaret (born Vaudemont Castle, Lorraine, 1463, died Nov 1, 1521, at Argentan, Brittany, having become a nun in 1519), the daughter of Frederick VI of Lorraine-Vaudement, titular King of Naples, by his wife Yolande, the younger daughter of Rene I of Anjou, King of Naples, and left issue,

FRANCOISE, Princess of Alencon, born 1491, died at the Chateau de la Fleche, Sept 14,1550, married firstly April 6, 1505, Francis II of Orleans, Duke of Longueville (born 1478, died Feb 12, 1512), son of Francis I of Orleans, Duke of Longueville, by his wife Agnes, daughter of Louis, Duke of Savoy, and secondly May 18,1513  Charles of Bourbon, Duke of Vendome (born June 2,1489, died March 25,1537), eldest son of Francis of Bourbon, Duke of Vendome, by his wife Marie, widow of James of Savoy, Count of Rosmont, and daughter of Pierre II of Luxembourg, Count of St Pol, and left issue by her second husband,

LOUIS I de Bourbon, 1st Prince de Conde’, Duke d’Enghien, born May 7, 1530, killed at the battle of Jarnac, March 13,1569, married firstly, June 22, 1551, Eleonore (born Feb 24, 1535, died July 23, 1564), daughter of Charles de Roye-Roucy, Count de Roncay, by his wife Madeleine, daughter of Ferry II de Maille, Seigneur de Conti, and secondly, Sept 8, 1565, Francoise (born April 5, 1548, died June 11, 1601), daughter of Francis of Orleans, Duke of Longueville and Rothelin, by his wife Jacqueline, daughter of Charles de Rohan, Count de Rohan-Gie, leaving issue by his first wife,

CHARLES de Bourbon, Count of Soissons, born Nov 3,1566, died Nov 1, 1612, married Dec 27,1601 Anne (born 1577, died June 17, 1644), the daughter of Louis, Count de Montafie, and left issue,

MARIE of Bourbon-Soissons, born May 3, 1606, died June 3, 1692, married Jan 6, 1625, Thomas Francis, Prince of Savoy-Carignano (born Dec 21, 1596, died at Turin, Jan 22, 1656), son of Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, by his wife, Catherine Michaela Francesca, elder daughter of Philip II, King of Spain, by his fourth wife, Anna Maria, daughter of Maximilian II, Emperor of Austria, and left issue,

EMMANUEL PHILIBERT, Prince of Savoy-Carignano, born Aug 20, 1628, died April 21, 1709, married at Racconigi, Nov 7, 1684, Angelica Catherine, (born March 1,1656, died July 16,1722), daughter of Borso d’Este, Prince of Ferrara and Modena, by his wife Ippolita, daughter of Louis d’Este, Count di Montecchio and Scandiano, and left issue,

VITTORIO AMADEO I, Prince of Savoy-Carignano, born at Turin, Feb 29, 1690, died April 4, 1741, married at Moncalieri,  Nov 7, 1714, Maria Anna (born Feb 9, 1690, died July 8, 1766), the natural daughter of Victor Amadeus II, King of Sardinia, by his mistress, Jeanne Genevieve d’Albert de Chevreuse, Countess de Verua, daughter of Charles Honore d’Albert, Duke de Chevreuse, by his wife Jeanne Marie Colbert, daughter of Jean Baptiste Colbert, Marquis de Seignelay, minister to Louis XIV, and left issue,

LOUIS, Prince of Savoy-Carignano, born Sept 25,1721, died Dec 16, 1778, married May 4, 1740, Christina Henrietta (born Nov 21,1717, died Aug 31, 1778), daughter of Ernest Leopold, Landgrave of Hesse-Rheinsfels-Rothembourg, by his wife Eleonore Maria Anna, daughter of Ferdinand Charles, Count of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort, and left issue,

MARIE THERESE LOUISE, Princess of Savoy-Carignano, born at the Palazzo Carignano, Turin, Piedmont, Sept 8, 1749, murdered Sept 3,1792, by the Revolutionary mob at the prison of La Grande Force, Paris, married at Nangis, Jan 24, 1767, Alexandre Louis de Bourbon, Prince de Lamballe (born at Paris, Sept 6, 1747, died May 6,1768 at the Chateau of Louveciennes), only surviving son of Louis Jean de Bourbon, Duke de Penthievre, by his wife Marie Therese, daughter of Francesco III d’Este, Duke of Modena. The Prince and Princess left no issue.