Ancestry of the Princesse de Lamballe

Maternal Line;

BASINUS, King of Thuringia (c460 AD - c505), born c440 AD - died c505. He was married firstly to Basina of Cologne (born c440 - died c480 AD), from whom he was divorced (465 AD, she remarried to Childeric I of the Franks). Basinus remarried secondly (c467 AD) to MENIA N, who was the mother of,

BADERIC, King of Thuringia (c505 - c529) (born c480 AD - died c529), he ruled jointly with his two elder brothers, Berthacharius and Herminifredus. The name of his wife remains unrecorded. King Baderic was the father of,

INGUNDE of Thuringia (born c500 - died before 561), married (c516) to and CLOTAIRE I, King of Neustria (511 - 561) (born 497 AD - died 561), the son of Clovis I, King of the Salian Franks, and his second wife Clotilda of Burgundy (St Clotilda), the daughter of Chilperic II, King of Burgundy, and his wife Agrippina N. Ingunde and Clotaire were the parents of,

BILCHILDE of Neustria (born c518 - died after 561), married (before 540) to ANSBERT of Scheldt (born c513 - died 570), senator and Margrave of Scheldt, the son of Ferreolus, a senator from Rodez in Aquitaine, and his wife Doda of Cologne (Dinteria), the heiress of Montfaucon, the daughter of Sigebert the Lame, King of the Franks at Cologne, and left issue,

ARNOALD I of Scheldt, Margrave of Scheldt (570 - 611), and Bishop of Metz (603 - 611) (born c540 - died 611). He was the brother of St Tarsitia and of St Ferreolus, Bishop of Uzes. Arnoald was married (c570) to BILCHILDE of Austrasia (born 555 - died c603), the daughter of Theodebald I, King of Austrasia (547 - 555), and his wife Vuldetrada of Lombardy (Waldrada), later the wife of Garivald I of Bavaria. Bilchilde was the maternal half-sister of Queen Theodelinda of Lombardy. Arnoald and Bilchilde were the parents of,

ST ARNULF, Margrave of Scheldt (601 - 640) and Bishop of Metz (611 - 640) (born Aug 13, 582, died Aug 16, 640 at Remiremont). He was married (c602) to DODA of Austrasia (born c587, died after 629, a nun at the Abbey of Treves), the daughter of Bodegesil II, Duke of Austrasia and Governor of Aquitaine, and his wife Oda of Alemannia, a close relative of Duke Gunzo of Alemannia and Swabia. Arnulf and Doda were the parents of ,

ANISEGAL, Margrave of Scheldt and Mayor of Austrasia (632 - 640), born 612, died a monk, 685, married c633,  BEGA of Landen (born c624, died Dec 17, 693, as Abbess of Andenne), the daughter of Pepin I of Landen, Duke (Mayor) of Austrasia, by his wife Iduberga of Aquitaine (Abbess of Nivelles), the daughter of Grimoald, Duke of Aquitaine, and left issue,

PEPIN II of Heristal, Duke (Mayor) of Austrasia, born 631, died Dec 16, 714, married firstly, c674, Plectrude (born c660, died c720), daughter of Hugobert, and his wife Irmina, the founders of the abbey of Echternach, and secondly, c675, Alphaida (born c670, died c720, a nun), the sister of a Frankish nobleman named Dodo, and left issue by his second wife,

CHARLES MARTEL, Duke of Austrasia (714-737), and of the Franks (737-741), born at Heristal, Liege, 687, died Oct 22, 741, ay Querzy-sur-Oise, married firstly, c709, as his first wife, ROTRUDE of Haspengau (born c690, died 724), daughter of Chrodobert (Robert), Count of Haspengau (Hesbayne). Formerly known as Rotrude of Treves, this parentage has now been proved incorrect). Charles was married secondly (725) Suanachilde of Bavaria (born 707, died after 741, a nun at the Abbey of St Marie at Chelles), daughter of Tassilo II, Duke of Bavaria (715 - c720), by his wife Piltrude of Alemannia, later wife of his brother, Duke Grimoald IIof Bavaria. Charles Martel and Rotrude were the parents of,

PEPIN III, King of the Franks 751-768, born 715, died Sept 24, 768, married c751, BERTRADA of Laon , (born at Laon, Aisne, c725, died at Choisy, July 12, 783), formerly his mistress from c736, daughter of Carobert, Count of Laon, by his wife Bertrada, daughter of Childebert III, King of Neustria, and left issue,

CHARLES I the Great (Charlesmagne), King of the Franks 768-800, Emperor of the Franks 800-814, born at Ingelheim, near Mainz, April 2, 746, died at Aachen, Jan 28, 814, married firstly, c761, Himiltrude (born c747, died c790, probably a nun at the Abbey of St Gertrude, Nivelles), of noble Frankish parentage, probably the daughter of Count Bernard of Austrasia, whom he divorced in 769, secondly (769)Gepurga of Lombardy (born c753 - died after 775), daughter of Desiderius, King of Lombardy, by his wife Ansa Verissima, whom he divorced in 771, thirdly, 771, Hildegarde of Vinzgau (born 757, died April 30, 783 at the Abbey of Kaufingen), the daughter of Gerold I, Count of Vinzgau and Swabia, by his wife Emma, daughter of Hnabi, Duke of Alemmania, fourthly (Oct, 783) Fastrada (born 767, died at Aug 10, 794), daughter of Radulf, Count of Thuringia, and fifthly, before Easter, 795, Luitgarde of Sundgau (born c775, died at Tours, June 4, 800), and left issue by his third wife Hildegarde,

LOUIS I the Pious, Emperor of the Franks 816-840, born Aug, 778, at the villa of Chasseneuil, Agenois,  died June 20, 840, at the palace of Ingelheim, married firstly, at Orleans, 794, Ermengarde of Haspengau  (born 779?, died at Angers, Oct 3, 818), daughter of Ingelram, Count of Haspengau (Hesbayne), and his wife Rotrude N, secondly (Feb, 819) to Judith of Altdorf (born 805, died at Tours, April 19, 843), the daughter of Welf I, Count of Altdorf in Bavaria, by his wife Heilwig of Engern, (later abbess of Chelles), the daughter of Count Bruno of Engern, and left issue,

GISELA, Princess of the Franks, born 820, died after July 1 in 874, married c836 Eberhard, Duke of Friuli (born c805, died Dec 16, 866), son of Unruoch of Ternois, Duke of  Friuli, by his wife Ingeltrude, daughter of Girard, Count of Paris, and left issue,

BERENGAR I of Friuli, King of Italy 888-915, Emperor of the Franks 915-924, born  843?, murdered at Verona, April 7, 924, married c878, as his first wife Bertilla of Spoleto (born c863, murdered Dec, 911), daughter of Suppo, Marquis of Spoleto, secondly, before 915, Anna of Provence (born c895, died after May in 936), the daughter of Louis III the Blind, King of Provence, and his wife Adelaide of Bliesgau, the niece of Rudolf I, King of Burgundy (888 - 912), and left issue by his first wife,

GISELA, Princess of Friuli, born c880, died June 13, c911, married c895, as his first wife Adalbert I of Lombardy, Margave of Ivrea, (born c870, died 923), the son of Otto Anafcarius, Margrave of Ivrea and Count of Angleria, by his wife Gisela, and left issue,

BERENGAR II of Ivrea, King of Italy 950-961, born 900?, died Aug 6, 966, whilst in captivity at Bamberg, married c934 Willa, (born 917?, died after Aug 6 in 966 at Bamberg), the daughter of Boso of Mayence, Count of Arles, by his wife Willa, the daughter of Adalbert II, Duke of Tuscany, and left issue,

ADALBERT of Ivrea, King of Italy 950-961 jointly with his father, born 936, died after July in 968, married c955 Gerberga (born c939, died 990, later first wife of Henry, Duke of Burgundy) daughter of Leotold I, Count of Macon, by his second wife Richarda, daughter of Richard, Duke of Burgundy, and left issue,

OTTO WILLIAM, Count of Burgundy c985-1026, born 959, died Sept 21,1026, married c974, as his first wife, Ermengarde (born c952, died March 2, 1002), widow of Aubrey II, Count of Macon, and daughter of Rainald, Count of Roucy, by his wife Alberada, daughter of Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine, and stepdaughter of Louis IV, King of France, secondly, c1005, Adelaide Blanche (born c965, died1029), widow of  William II, Count of Provence, and daughter of Geoffrey I Grisgonelle, Count of Anjou, by his wife Adelaide, widow of Lambert, Count of Chalons, and daughter of Robert I of Vermandois, Count of Troyes, and left issue by his first wife,

AGNES, Princess of Burgundy, born c995, died Nov 9, 1068, married, 1018, as her first husband, William V, Duke of Aquitaine (born 969, died Jan 31,1030), son of William IV, Duke of Aquitaine, by his wife Emma, daughter of Theobald I, Count of Blois-Chatres, secondly, Jan 1, 1032, as his first wife, Geoffrey II Martel, Count of Anjou (born 1005, died 1067), who repudiated her c1050, son of Fulk III, Count of Anjou, by his second wife Hildegarde, daughter of Charles, Duke of Lorraine, leaving issue by her first husband,

AGNES of Poitou, Princess of Aquitaine, born 1024?, died a nun in Rome, Dec 14,1077, married Nov 21, 1043, as his second wife, Henry III, Emperor of Germany (born Oct 18,1017, died at Bodfeld, Oct 5, 1056), son of Conrad II, Emperor of Germany, by his wife Gisela, widow of (1) Bruno II, Margrave of Saxony, and (2) Ernest I, Duke of Swabia, the daughter of Herman II, Duke of Swabia, by his wife Gerberga, widow of Bernard I, Count of Werle, and daughter of Conrad I, King of Burgundy, leaving issue,

JUDITH MARIA, Princess of Germany, born 1047, died 1094, married firstly, 1063, Salomon, King of Hungary (born 1052, killed in battle 1087), the son of Andrew I, King of Hungary by his second wife Anastasia, daughter of Jaroslav I, Grand Prince of Kiev, and secondly, 1088, as his second wife, Vladislav I Herman, Duke of Poland (born1043, died June 4,1102), son of Casimir I, Duke of Poland, by his wife Dobronega Maria, daughter of Jaroslav I, Grand Prince of Kiev, leaving issue by her second husband,

BOLESLAV III, Duke of Poland 1102-1138, born 1084, died Oct 28, 1138, married firstly, 1103, Zybislava (born 1089?, died 1110), daughter of Svyatopluk II, Grand Prince of kiev, by his first wife, who remains unidentified, and secondly, 1113, Salome (born c1097, died 1144), daughter of Henry, Count of Berg-Schelkingen, by his wife Adelaide, Countess of Monchenthal, leaving issue by his second wife,

CASIMIR II, Duke of Poland 1161-1194, born 1138, died May 5,1194, married 1163 Helena (born c1146, died 1204?), daughter of Rotislav I of Smolensk, Grand Prince of Kiev, by his wife, who remains unidentified, and left issue,

AGNES (?), Princess of Poland, born 1164, died c1210, married 1179 Vsevolod III, Prince of Tschernigov, Grand Prince of Kiev 1210-1214 (born c1149, died 1215), son of Svyatoslav III of Tschernigov, Grand Prince of Kiev, by his first wife Maria, daughter of Vassilko, Prince of Polotzk, and left issue,

ST MICHAEL, Prince of Tschernigov, Grand Prince of Kiev, born c1188, murdered Sept 30, 1246, married c1205, a princess of Galicia (name unknown, living 1241), the daughter of Roman, Prince of Galicia (1153 - 1205), by his first wife Predslava, daughter of Rurik II, Grand Prince of Kiev, and left issue,

MARIA, Princess of Tschernigov, born c1210, died Dec 9, 1271, married 1227, Vassilko, Prince of Rostov (born Dec 7,1208, killed in battle March 4 1238), son of Constantine I, Prince of Rostov, by his wife, name unknown, a daughter of Mstislav III, Prince of Smolensk, and left issue,

BORIS, Prince of Rostov 1238-1277, born July 24,1231, died Sept 16,1277, married 1248 Maria (born c1232, died 1297), daughter of Jaroslav, Prince of Murom, and a descendant of Jaroslav, Prince of Ryazan and Murom (c1060 - 1129), leaving issue,

DIMITRY, Prince of Rostov 1277-1294, born Sept 11,1253, died 1294, married 1276, the name and identity of his wife remains unknown, but they were the parents of,

ANNA, Princess of Rostov, born c1280, died a nun at Kazan, Oct 2,1338, married Nov 8, 1294, Michael I, Grand Prince of Tver (born 1271, murdered by the Khan of the Tartars, Nov 22, 1319), son of Jaroslav III, Grand Prince of Tver and Vladimir, by his second wife Xenia, daughter of George, Prince of Novgorod, and left issue,

ALEXANDER I, Grand Prince of Tver and Vladimir 1327-1339, born Oct 7, 1301, murdered Oct 28, 1339, married 1320, Anastasia (born c1305, died 1365), daughter of George, King of Galicia 1301-08, and left issue,

NATALIA Alexandrovna, Princess of Tver, born c1329, died c1372, married c1345 Svyatoslav, Grand Prince of Smolensk (born c1321, died 1386), and left issue,

AGRIPPINA, Princess of Smolensk, born c1363, died c1402, married c1379, Ivan Holczanski, Grand Duke of Russia (c1356, died 1401), and left issue,

ANDREI Ivanovitch, Prince Holczanski, born c1382, died before 1418, the identity of his wife remains unknown, father of,

SOPHIA Andreievna, Princess Holczanskaya, born 1405?, died Sept 21,1461, married Feb 1422, as his fourth wife, Vladislav IV Jagiello, King of Poland (born 1351, died at Grodko, near Lemberg June 1, 1434), son of Olgierd, Prince of Lithuania, by his second wife Juliana, daughter of Alexander I, Grand Prince of Tver, and left issue,

CASIMIR IV, King of Poland 1447-1492, born Nov 30, 1427, died June 7, 1492, married Feb 10,1454, Elisabeth (born 1437, died Aug 30, 1505) daughter of Albert II of Austria, King of Germany by his wife Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, daughter of Sigismund I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary and Bohemia, and left issue,

SOPHIA, Princess of Poland, born May 6,1464, died Oct 5, 1512, married Feb 14, 1479, Frederick V, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (born May 8,1460, died April 4,1536), son of Albert Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg, by his second wife Anne, daughter of Frederick II, Elector of Saxony, and left issue,

GEORGE III, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach 1536-1543, born March 4, 1484, died Dec 27, 1543, married firstly, Jan 22, 1509, Beatrix Frangepani (born 1480, died 1524), daughter of Bernard, Count Frangipani, secondly, Jan 9, 1525, Hedwig (born c1506, died Nov 28, 1531), daughter of Charles I, Duke of Munsterburg-Oels by his wife Anne, daughter of John II, Duke of Silesia-Sagan, thirdly, Amelia (born, July 27, 1516, died April 9, 1591), daughter of Henry V, Duke of Saxony, by his wife Catharine, daughter of Magnus II, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and left issue by his second wife,

ANNA MARIA, Princess of Brandenburg-Ansbach, born Dec 28, 1526, died May 20, 1589, married Feb 23, 1544, Christopher, Duke of Wurttemburg (born May 12,1515, died Dec 28, 1568), son of Ulrich VI, Duke of Wurttemburg, by his wife Sabina, daughter of Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria, and left issue,

SABINA, Princess of Wurttemburg, born July 2, 1549, died Aug 17, 1581, married Feb 11, 1566, William IV, Landgravine of Hesse-Cassel (born June 24, 1532, died  Aug 25, 1592), son of Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, by his first wife Christina, daughter of George, Duke of Saxony, and left issue,

MAURICE, Landgravine of Hesse-Cassel 1592-1627, born May 25, 1572, died  March15, 1632, married firstly, Sept 23, 1593, Agnes (born Jan 7, 1578, died Nov 23, 1602), daughter of John George I, Count of Solms-Laubach, secondly, May 22, 1603, Juliana (born Sept 3, 1587, died Feb 15, 1643), daughter of  John I, Count of Nassau-Siegen, by his first wife Magdalena, daughter of Philip IV, Count of Waldeck-Eisenberg, leaving issue by his second wife,

ERNEST, Landgrave of Hesse-Rheinsfels-Rothemburg 1648-1693, born Dec 18, 1623, died May 12, 1693, married firstly, June 10, 1647, Maria Eleonora (born Dec 16, 1632, died Aug 12, 1689), daughter of Philip Reinhard I, Count of Solms-Lich, secondly, Feb 3, 1690, Alexandrine (born 1673, died Dec 22, 1754), daughter of Johann von Durnizl, and left issue by his first wife,

WILLIAM, Landgrave of Hesse-Rheinsfels-Rothemburg 1693-1725, born May 15, 1648, died Nov 20, 1725, married March 3, 1669 Maria Anna (born June 18, 1652, died Oct 20, 1688), daughter of Ferdinand Charles, Count of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort, by his wife Anna Maria, Countess von Furstenburg, and left issue,

ERNEST LEOPOLD, Landgrave of Hesse-Rheinsfels-Rothemburg 1725-1749, born June 25, 1684, died Nov 29, 1749, married Nov 9, 1704,Eleonore Maria Anna (born Feb 16, 1686, died Feb 22, 1753), the daughter of Maximilian Charles, Prince of Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort, by his wife, Polyxena Maria, Countess Khuen von Lichtenberg un Belasi, and left issue, 

CHRISTINA HENRIETTA, Princess of Hesse-Rheinsfels-Rothemburg, born Nov 21, 1717, died Sept 1, 1778, married May 4, 1740, Louis, Prince of Savoy-Carignano (born Sept 25, 1721, died Dec 7, 1778), the son of Victor Amadeus I, Prince of Savoy-Carignano, by his wife Maria Anna, natural daughter of Victor Amadeus II, King of Sardinia, and left issue,

MARIE THERESE LOUISE, Princess de Lamballe (1749 - 1792)