Ancestry of Philippa of Hainault

Paternal Line

CHARLEMAGNE, Carolingian king (768 - 814) and emperor (800 - 814) (born April 2, 746 at Aachen - died Jan 28, 814 at Aachen). He left issue by his mistress SIGRADA (living c780 - c790). CHARLEMAGNE and SIGRADA were the parents of,

REDBURGA of Neustria (born c784 - died after 828, probably buried in Winchester Cathedral, Southampton, though her tomb no longer survives). Originally named ROTHAIDE, the English called her RAEDBURH, REDBURGA being the Latinized form of that name). Redburga m (c800 in France) to EGBERT the Great, King of Wessex (802 - 839) and King of England (827 - 839) (born c770 - died Feb 4, 839, buried in Winchester Cathedral, Southampton), the son of Eahlmund of Wessex, under king of Kent and his wife NN, an Oicsinga princess of Kent (perhaps named Eadburh), the daughter of Aethelbert II, King of Kent. REDBURGA and EGBERT were the parents of,

AETHELWULF, King of Wessex (839-856) and King of Kent (856 - 858, having abdicated in Wessex in favour of his eldest son Aethelbald) (born c802 - died Jan 13, 858). He m (1) (c824) to OSBURGA of Hampshire (born c810 - died 855), daughter of Oslac, Earl of Hampshire, the king’s cup-bearer, and probably sister of Osric, governor of Dorset and Hampshire, who defeated the Viking army at Winchester in 860. Aethelwulf m (2) (at Verberie-sur-Oise, Oct 1, 856, France) to JUDITH of Neustria (born 843, died c880, who remarried (2) her stepson, Ethelbald, King of Wessex, and (3) Baldwin I Iron-Arm, Count of Flanders), the daughter of Charles II the Bald, Emperor of the Franks (875 - 877), by his first wife Ermentrude of Orleans, daughter of Odo, Count of Orleans. AETHELWULF and OSBURGA were the parents of,

AETHELRED I, King of Wessex 866-871) (born c835 - killed at the battle of Merton, April 23,  871). He m (c855) to WULFRIDA of Hampshire (Wulfthryth) (born c837, died c880),  perhaps sister or cousin of Wulfhere, governor of Hampshire (c854-c878), and probably the granddaughter of Wulfhard, governor of Hampshire, who defeated the Vikings at Southampton in 840. AETHELRED I and WULFRIDA were the parents of,

AETHELHELM, Earl of Wiltshire (born c859, died 897), brother of Aethelwold, King of York. He m (c875) to EAHLSWIKTH of Mercia , who was perhaps a daughter of Ethelwulf, governor of Mercia, and niece of Queen Eahlswith, wife of Alfred the Great, leaving issue,

AELFLAED (ELFLEDA) of Wiltshire ( born c885 - died a nun at the Abbey of Wilton, Wiltshire, 920). She m (c901) (as his second wife) EDWARD the Elder, King of England (born 871, died July 17, 924 at Farndon-on-Dee), who repudiated her 916, son of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, by his wife Eahlswith, daughter of Ethelred Mucel, Earl of Gainas. AELFLAED and EDWARD the Elder were the parents of,

OTGIFA (Eadgiva), Princess of England, eldest daughter, born c906, died 953, married firstly 919, as his second wife, CHARLES III the Simple, King of France (born Sept 17, 879, died in prison at Peronne, Oct 7, 929), son of Louis II the Stammerer, King of the Franks, by his second wife Adelaide, sister of Wulfhard, Abbot of Flavigny, and daughter of Adalhard, Count of the Palace, and secondly, at St Quentin, c941, Hubert of Vermandois, Count of Meaux (born c913, died 982), son of Herbert II, Count of Vermandois and Troyes, by his wife Hildebrande of Neustria, daughter of Robert I, King of France, by his first wife Adela, daughter of Robert I, Count of Troyes. OTGIFA and CHARLES III were the parents of,

LOUIS IV d’Outremer, King of France 936-954, born 921, died Sept 10,  954, married 939, GERBERGA of Saxony (born at the abbey of Nordhausen, Saxony, 913, died at Rheims, May 5, 984), widow of Giselbert, Duke of Lorraine, and eldest daughter of Henry I the Fowler, Emperor of Germany, by his second wife Mathilda, daughter of Theobald, Count of Ringelsheim and Westphalia. LOUIS IV and GERBERGA were the parents of,

CHARLES of Neustria , Duke of Lorraine 978-992, born 953, died in prison at Orleans, 992, married firstly, (1) JUDITH of Verdun (Bona, Bonne) (born c955, died c975), the  daughter of Henry of Luxembourg, Count of Verdun, and secondly, c977, ADELA of Troyes (also called Adelaide) (born c961 - died in prison at Orleans, 991), a relative of of Herbert of Vermandois, Count of Meaux and Troyes. CHARLES and JUDITH were the parents of,

GERBERGA of Lorraine, born c975, died after Jan 27 in 1018, married c990, LAMBERT I, Count of Louvain (born c958, killed in battle at Florennes, Sept 12, 1015), younger son of Rainer III, Count of Hainault, by his wife Adela, daughter of Lambert, Count of Dagsburg. GERBERGA and LAMBERT I were the parents of,

LAMBERT II, Count of Louvain 1041-1062, born c995, died after Sept 21 in 1062, married c1011, ODA of Lower-Lorraine (born c995, died Oct 23, 1044), the daughter of Gozelo I, Duke of Lower-Lorraine, by his first wife Urraca of Ivrea (Doda), who was the daughter of  Adalbert II of Ivrea, King of Italy. LAMBERT II and ODA were the parents of,

HENRY II, Count of Louvain 1062-1078, born c1021, died 1078, married c1052, ADELA of Orlamunde (born c1030, died after 1086), probably widow of Stephen II, Count of Champagne, and the daughter of Eberhard, Count of Orlamunde, by his wife Beatrice. HENRY II and ADELA were the parents of,

IDA of Louvain, born 1066?, died 1139, married in 1084, BALDWIN II, Count of Hainault (born 1054, died after June 8 in 1099), son of Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders (I of Hainault), and his wife Richilda of Egisheim ( later 2nd wife of William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford), the widow of Rainer VI Herman, Count of Hainault, and daughter of Hugh IV, Count of Egisheim, by his wife Hedwig, daughter of Louis, Count of Dagsburg. IDA and BALDWIN II were the parents of,

BALDWIN III, Count of Hainault 1099-1120, born 1087, died 1120, married 1107, YOLANDE of Gueldres (born 1093, died before 1130, later wife of Godfrey III de Ribemont Seigneur of Valenciennes and Bouchain), daughter of Gerard I, Count of Gueldres and Wasserberg, by his wife Clementia, widow of Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg, and daughter of Adalbert II, Duke of Upper Lorraine and Count of Longwy. BALDWIN III and YOLANDE were the parents of,

BALDWIN IV, Count of Hainault 1120-1171, born c1110, died Nov 8, 1171, married 1130, ERMESINDE of Namur (born c1114, died July, 1168), daughter of Geoffrey, Count of Namur, by his second wife, Ermesinde, widow of Albert, Count of Dagsburg, and daughter of Conrad I, Count of Luxembourg, by his wife Clementia of Aquitaine, Countess of Longwy. BALDWIN IV and ERMESINDE were the parents of,

BALDWIN V the Courageous, Count of Hainault, born 1148, died Dec 17|21, 1195, married April, 1169,  MARGARET of Alsace (born 1152, died Nov 15, 1194), the widow of Raoul II, Count of Vermandois, and daughter of Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders, by his wife Sybilla, former wife of William IV Clito, Duke of Normandy and Count of Flanders, and daughter of Fulk V, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem, by his first wife Eremburga, daughter of Gervaise II, Seigneur of Chateau-du-Loir. BALDWIN V and MARGARET were the parents of,

BALDWIN I, Emperor of Constantinople 1204-1205, Count of Hainault 1195-1205 as Baldwin VI, born 1172, died 1205, married Jan 6, 1186, MARIE of Champagne (born 1174, died Aug 9, 1204), daughter of Henry I, Count of Champagne, by his wife Marie, daughter of Louis VII, King of France, by his first wife Eleanor, later wife of Henry II, King of England, and elder daughter and heiress of William X, Duke of Aquitaine. BALDWIN I and MARIE were the parents of,

MARGARET, Countess of Hainault, Flanders, and Namur 1244-1280 born 1202, died Feb 10, 1280, married firstly, July, 1212, BOUCHARD d’Avesnes, Archdeacon of Laon, and Canon of St Pierre at Lille (died 1244), son of Jacques, Seigneur d’Avesnes, Conde, Guise, Leuse and Landrecies, which union was dissolved in 1221, and secondly, in 1225, WILLIAM II, Seigneur of Dampierre, and Constable of Champagne (born c1196, died 1241), son of Guy II, Seigneur of Dampierre, by his wife Mathilde, Dame de Bourbon, divorced wife of Gaucher, Seigneur of Salins, and daughter and heiress of Archambaud VIII, Seigneur of Bourbon. MARGARET and BOUCHARD were the parents of,

JOHANN I of Avesnes, Count of Hainault 1246-1257, born April, 1218, died Dec 24, 1257, married Sept, 1246, ADELAIDE of Holland (born 1231, died 1284), daughter of Floris IV, Count of Holland, by his wife Matilda of Brabant, the daughter of Henry I, Duke of Brabant. JOHANN I and ADELAIDE were the parents of,

JOHANN II, Count of Hainault 1257-1300, Count of Holland 1300-1304, born 1249?, died Aug 22, 1304, married c1273, PHILIPPINA of Luxemburg (born c1256, died April 6, 1311), daughter of Henry IV of Limburg, Count of Luxemburg-Namur, by his wife Margaret, daughter of Henry II, Count of Bar, by his wife Philippa, daughter of Robert II, Count of Dreux-Braisne. JOHANN II and PHILIPPINA were the parents of,

WILIAM III, Count of Hainault and Holland 1304-1337, born 1280, died June 7, 1337, married May 19, 1305, JEANNE de Valois (born 1291, died March 7, 1342), daughter of Charles I, Count of Valois, by his first wife Margaret, daughter of Charles II of Anjou, King of Naples. WILLIAM III and JEANNE were the parents of,

PHILIPPA of Hainault, born at Valenciennes, June 24, 1311, died at Windsor Castle, Aug 14, 1369, married at York minster, Jan 14,  1328, EDWARD III, King of England (born at Windsor Castle, Nov 13, 1312, died at Sheen Palace, June 21, 1377), eldest son of Edward II, King of England, by his wife Isabella de Valois, the daughter of Philip IV, King of France, and left issue.