Ancestry of Philippa of Hainault

Maternal Ancestry

IVOR, King of Uppsala in Sweden, and Lethra in Denmark, living 690,

AUD, Princess of Uppsala, married firstly Rurik, King of Lethra in Denmark,

HAROLD Hilditonn, King of Lethra, died 770,

HALFDAN, Margrave of Frisia, living 782,

RURIK, first Prince of Novgorod from 862, died 879,

IGOR I, Grand Prince of Kiev 912-945, born 875, murdered 945, married 913, St Olga (born 896, died at Kiev, July 11, 969), of unknown parentage, regent of Kiev 945-964, and left issue,

SVYATOSLAV I, Grand Prince of Kiev 940-970, born 914?, murdered 973, married Predslava, daughter of Zsoltan, Duke of Hungary, by his wife, Men, daughter of Marot, Khan of the Jewish Khazars, but left issue by his mistress Malusha, daughter of Malek of Lubeck,

ST VLADIMIR I, Grand Prince of Kiev 980-1015, born 956, died July 15, 1015, married firstly c975,  Malfreda (born c958, died 1002), daughter of  Boleslav II, Duke of Bohemia, by his wife Emma, who was probably a daughter of Slavnic, Count of Libic, whom he repudiated, secondly, 978, Ragnhilda (born c963, died a nun 1002), daughter of Rognwald, Prince of Polotsk, whom he repudiated in 989, thirdly at Cherson in 989, Anna Lecapena (born at Constantinople, March 13, 963, died 1011), daughter of Romanus II Lecapenus, Emperor of Byzantium, by his second wife Theophano, daughter of Craterus, an inn-keeper of Laconia, and fourthly, c1012, Adela, daughter of Conrad II, Duke of Swabia, by his second wife, Riclinda, daughter of Burchard II, Duke of Swabia, leaving by his second wife,

JAROSLAV I, Grand Prince of Kiev 1019-1054, born 978, died Feb 20, 1054, married firstly, unknown, and secondly, 1019, Ingegarde (born 1001?, died Feb 10, 1050), daughter of Olaf III Skotonnung, King of Sweden, by his wife Astrid, and left issue by his second wife,

ANNE, Princess of Kiev, born 1036?, died 1089, married firstly, Jan 29,  1044, as his third wife, Henry I, King of France (born 1008, died Aug 4, 1060), son of Robert II the Pious, King of France, and his third wife Constance, daughter of William II, Count of Provence, and secondly, 1066, as his third wife, Raoul IV, Count of Valois-Vexin (born c1010, died 1074), son of Raoul III of Crepy, Count of Valois-Vexin, leaving issue by her first husband,

PHILIP I, King of France 1060-1108, born 1052, died July 29, 1108, married firstly, 1071, Bertha (born 1055, died at the Chateau of Montreuil-sur-Mer, 1093), daughter of Floris I, Count of Holland, by his wife Gertrude (later wife of Robert I the Frisian, Count of Flanders),  daughter of Bernard II, Duke of Saxony, whom he repudiated in 1092, secondly, in Oct, 1092, Bertrada (born 1070, died a nun at the abbey of Fontevrault, 1117), former wife of Fulk IV, Count of Anjou, and daughter of Simon I, Seigneur of Montfort, by his third wife Agnes, daughter of Richard, Count of Evreux, leaving issue by his first wife,

CONSTANCE, Princess of France, born 1078, died 1125, married firstly, 1094, as his first wife, Hugh I, Count of Champagne (born c1066, died June, 1126), son of Theobald III, Count of Blois-Chatres, by his second wife Alice, daughter of Raoul III of Crepy, Count of Valois-Vexin, from whom she was divorced in 1104, and secondly, at Chatres in April or May, 1106, Bohemond I of Taranto, Prince of Antioch (born 1054, died at Apulia, March 3, 1111), eldest son of Robert Guiscard, Duke of Apulia, by his first wife Alberada (later wife of Richard of Apulia), aunt of Girard, Baron of Buonalbergo, leaving issue by her second husband,

BOHEMOND II, Prince of Antioch 1126-1130, born 1108, killed in battle against the Turks at the river Jihan, near Anarzabus, in the Holy Land, Feb, 1130, married in 1126,  Alice (born 1111, died 1140?, probably at Lattakieh), second daughter of Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem, by his wife Morphia, daughter of Gabriel, Prince of Melitene,

CONSTANCE, Princess of Antioch 1130-1163 (in name only, her husbands actually ruled), only child and heiress, born 1127, died 1163, married firstly, cApril, 1136, at the Cathedral of Antioch, Raymond, Count of Poitiers (born 1114, died in battle against the Saracens, June 28, 1152), a younger son of William IX, duke of Aquitaine, by his second wife Philippa, widow of Sancho V Ramirez, King of Aragon, and daughter of William IV, Count of Toulouse, secondly, before May in 1153, as his second wife, Reynald of Chatillon, Prince of Antioch (born c1110, died 1187, being executed by order of the Emperor Saladin after being captured at the battle of Hattin), son of Henry I, Seigneur of Chatillon, by his wife Ermengarde, daughter of Alberic, Seigneur de Montjay, leaving issue by her second husband,

AGNES ANNE, Princess of Antioch, born 1154, died 1184, married in 1168, as his second wife, Bela III, King of Hungary (born 1148, died April 23, 1196), son of Geza II, King of Hungary, and his wife Euphrosyne, daughter of Mstislav I, Grand Prince of Kiev, by his second wife Liubova, daughter of Dimitry Sawditsch, and left issue,

ANDREW III, King of Hungary 1205-1235, born 1175, died Oct 26, 1235, married firstly, 1203,  Gertrude (born 1188, murdered by rebellious subjects, Sept 28, 1213), daughter of Berthold IV, Duke of Meran, by his wife Agnes, daughter of Dedo V of Groitzsch and Rochlitz, Margrave of North Lausitz, by his wife Matilda, daughter of Goswin II, Count of Heinsberg, by his wife Adelaide, daughter of Frederick, Count of Sommerschenburg secondly, 1215, Yolande (born 1196, died 1233), daughter of Peter II of Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople, by his secondwife, Yolande, daughter of Baldwin V, Count of Hainault, and thirdly, May 14, 1234, Beatrice (born 1213, died a nun at the convent of Gemmola, before May 8 in 1245), daughter of Aldobrandino I, Marquis of Este, leaving issue by his first wife,

BELA IV, King of Hungary 1235-1270, born 1206, died May 3, 1270, married 1218, Maria Lascaris (born 1206, died 1270), daughter of Theodore I, Emperor of Byzantium, by his first wife, Anna Angela, daughter of Alexius III Angelus, Emperor of Byzantium, and left issue,

STEPHEN V, King of Hungary 1270-1272, born 1240, died Aug 1, 1272, married, Elizabeth (born 1240, died c1291), daughter of Kuthen, Khan of Cumania, and left issue,

MARIA, Princess of Hungary, born 1257, murdered March 25,1323, married in 1269,  Charles II, King of Naples (born 1254, died May 5, 1309), son of Charles I, King of Naples, by his first wife Beatrice, daughter of Raymond Berengar IV, Count of Provence, leaving issue,

MARGARET, Princess of Valois-Naples, born 1272, died Dec 31, 1299, married Aug 16, 1290, as his first wife, Charles I, Count of Valois (born March 12, 1270, died Dec 16, 1325), son of Philip III, King of France, by his first wife Isabella, daughter of James I, King of Aragon, and left issue,

JEANNE, Princess of Valois, born 1291, died March 7, 1342, married May 19, 1305,William III, Count of Hainault and Holland (born 1280, died June 7, 1337), left issue

PHILIPPA, Princess of Hainault, born at Valenciennes June 24, 1311, died at Windsor Castle, Aug 14, 1369, married ay York Minster, Jan 24, 1328,  Edward III, King of England (born at Windsor Castle, Nov 13, 1312, died at Sheen Palace, Surrey June 21, 1377), and left issue.