Ancestry of Mary I of England

Her descent from Vologaeses IV of Parthia

- 46 Generations

VOLOGAESES IV of Parthia (born c153 AD - died 208 AD), King of Parthia (192 - 208 AD). He was a descendent of Tiridates I, King of Parthia (reigned 249 - 211 BC), though his exact position in the Arsacid genealogy remains unknown. Vologaeses IV rebelled against the rule of Vologaeses III whom he succeeded as king. He was soon attacked by the Roman emperor Septimius Severus (195 AD) who advanced into Mesopotamia and occupied the city of Nisibis. The emperor plundered the city of Ctesiphon (199 AD) before peace with Rome was restored (202 AD). He was married to NN of Iberia, the daughter of Pharasmenes III, King of Iberia. VOLOGAESES IV and his Iberian wife were the parents of,

CHOSROES I of Armenia, King of Armenia (191 - 216 AD) (born c175 AD - died 216 AD). During his reign Armenia was a client kingdom of the Persian Empire. CHROSROES I was the father of,

TIRIDATES II of Armenia, King of Armenia (216 - 252 AD) (born c197 AD - died 252 AD). TIRIDATES III was the father of,

CHROSROES II of Armenia surnamed the Valiant, King of Armenia (279 - 287 AD) (born c225 AD - died 279 AD, being killed by his brothers). CHROSROES II was the father of,

TIRAN TIRIDATES IV of Armenia surnamed Helios (the Great), King of Armenia (298 - 330 AD) (born c256 AD - died 330 AD). He was converted to Christianity by St Gregory. He m. ASHKEN of Ossetia (born c270 AD - died before 330 AD), the daughter of Ashkadar, King of Ossetia (Alania). TIRIDATES IV and ASHKEN were the parents of,

CHOSROES III of Armenia, King of Armenia (330 - 339 AD) (born c287 AD - died 339). CHROSROES III was the father of,

BAMBISHN of Armenia (born c315 AD). She m ATHENOGENES, the son of Hesychius, Primate of Armenia (343 - 348 AD). BAMBISHN and ATHEOGENES were the parents of,

St NARSES I the Great (born c335 AD - died 373 AD). Hereditary Bishop and Primate of Armenia (353 - 373 AD). He m SANDUKHT Mamikonida, the daughter of Vardan I, Prince of the Mamikonids. NARSES I and SANDUKHT Mamikonida were the parents of,

St ISAAC I the Great (born c359 AD - died 438 AD). Hereditary Bishop and Primate of Armenia (378 - 458 AD). ISAAC I was the father of,

SAHAKANOYSH of Armenia (living c450 AD). She m HAMAZASP I (born c365 AD - died 432 AD), Prince of the Mamikonids. SAHAKANOYSH and HAMAZASP I were the parents of,

HAMAZASPIAN, Mamikonid prince (living c470 AD). He was the brother of St Vardan and St Hamayeak both of whom were killed (451 AD). HAMZASPIAN was the father of,

HAMAYEAK (living c500 AD), Mamikonid prince in Armenia who ruled under the suzerainty of the Persians. HAMAYEAK was the father of,

MUSHEL (living 555), Mamikonid prince living under Roman suzerainty. MUSHEL was the father of,

DAVID (living c600), Mamikonid prince under Persian overlordship. DAVID was the father of,

HAMAZASP II, Mamikonid prince (c638 - 661) and Prince of Armenia (born c595 - died 661). He held the Byzantine title of Kuropalates (655 - 658). He m NN Rshtuni, the daughter of Prince Theodore Rshtuni. HAMAZASP II and his wife were the parents of,

HRAHAT (living c680), Mamikonid prince in Armenia under Arab suzerainty. HRAHAT was probably the father of,

HAMAYEAK (living 703 - 712), Mamikonid prince - the patrician Myales. HAMAYEAK was probably the father of,

ARTAVAZD (living (771 - 778). He migrated to Georgia and was appointed as strategus of the Anatolians (778). ARTAVAZD was probably the father of,

HAMAYEAK (Miactes), Mamikonid prince (born 755 - died c820). He m. NN of Byzantium, the daughter of Leo V the Armenian, Emperor of Byzantium. HAMAYEAK and his wife were the parents of,

KONSTANTIUS (born 785), Byzantine nobleman. He m PANCALO. KONSTANTIUS and PANCALO were the parents of,

BARDAS - he held the title of magistrus. BARDAS was the father of,

BASILISCUS - he held the title of rector. BASILISCUS was the father of,

GREGORIA (born c885 - died after 921). She m (1) the patrician NIKETAS SKLERUS (born c880 - died c921), and m (2) Photeinus Munir Sklerus. GREGORIA and NIKETAS were the parents of,

KONSTANTIN Sklerus, Byzantine patrician (born c920 - died after 980). He m (c950) to SOPHIA Phokaina (born c936 - died c980). KONSTANTIN and SOPHIA were the parents of,

THEOPHANO Skleraina (born 956 in Constantinople - died Sept 15, 991 at Nijumegen). She m (April 14, 972 in Rome) to the Holy Roman Emperor OTTO II (born 955 - died Dec 7, 983), the son of the Emperor Otto I (962 - 973) and his second wife Adelaide of Burgundy, the widow of Lothair II of Arles, King of Italy, and daughter of Rudolf III, King of Burgundy (912 - 937). THEOPHANO and OTTO II were the parents of,

MATILDA of Saxony, Imperial Princess (born 978 - died Nov 4, 1025 at Esch, Sauer). She m (991) to EZZO of Lorraine, Count Palatine of Lorraine (born 955 - died May 21, 1034 at Saalfeld, Thuringia, buried at Abbey of Brauweiler), the son of Hermann I Pusillis (the Little), Count of Zulpichgau, Bonngau and Eifelgau, and his first wife Hedwig of Dillingen, the daughter of Count Heinrich of Dillingen. MATILDA and EZZO were the parents of,

RICHESA of Lorraine (born 996 - died March 21, 1063 at Saalfeld, Thuringia, buried at Cologne). She m (1013) to MIKESZKO II Lambert, King of Poland (born 990 - died May 10, 1034), the son of Boleslav I Chrobry (the Brave), King of Poland (992 - 1025) and his third wife Ermenilda of Silicia, the daughter of Dobremir, Prince of the Sorbs in western Silicia. RICHESA and MIESZKO II were the parents of,

KAZIMIERZ I the Great of Poland, King of Poland (1040 - 1058) (born July 25, 1016 - died March 19, 1058). He m (1041) DOBRONEGA MARIA of Kiev (born 1014 - died 1087), the daughter of St Vladimir I, Grand Prince of Kiev and his wife Adela of Oeningen, the daughter of Kuno, Count of Oeningen. KAZIMIERZ I and DOBRONEGA MARIA were the parents of,

VLADISLAV I HERMANN of Poland, Duke of Poland (1081 - 1102). (born 1040 - died June 4, 1102 at Plotzk). He m (1) (1080 at Plotzk) to JUDITH of Bohemia (born 1058 - died Dec 25, 1086), the daughter of Vratislav II, King of Bohemia and Hungary (1086 - 1092) and his second wife Adelaide of Hungary, the daughter of Andrew I, King of Hungary (1045 - 1060). VLADISLAV I and JUDITH were the parents of,

BOLESLAV III of Poland, King and Grand Prince of Poland (1102 - 1138) (born 1084 - died 1138). He m (1) (1103) to ZYBISLAVA of Kiev (born c1090 - died 1112), the daughter of Svyatopolk I Izyslavitch, Grand Prince of Kiev and an unnamed concubine. He m (2) (1113) to SALOME of Berg-Schelkingen (born c1097 - died July 27, 1144), the daughter of Coutn Heinrich of Berg and Schelkingen. BOLESLAV III and ZYBISLAVA were the parents of,

VLADISLAV II of Poland, Grand Duke of Poland and Breslau, Duke of Silesia and King of Poland (1139 - 1142) (born 1105 - died May 30, 1159). He m (1126) to AGNES of Austria (born 111 - died 1163), the daughter of Leopold III, Margrave of Austria and his wife Agnes of Franconia, Imperial Princess, the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich IV (1056 - 1106). VLADISLAV II and AGNES were the parents of,

RICHILDA of Silesia (born 1135 - died 1185). She m (July, 1152) (his second) to ALFONSO VII, King of Castile and Leon (born March 1, 1105 - died Aug 21, 1157 at Fresnada, buried in the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Toledo), the son of Prince Raymond of Burgundy, Count of Castile and his wife Queen Urraca of Castile (1109 - 1126), the daughter and heiress of King Alfonso VI of Castile. RICHILDA and ALFONSO VII were the parents of,

SANCHIA of Castile (born Sept 21, 1154 - died Nov 9, 1208 at Sijena, buried in the convent of Nuestra Senora, Sijena). She m (Jan 18, 1174) (his second) ALFONSO II, King of Aragon (1162 - 1195) (born March, 1157 - died April 25, 1196 at Perpignan, buried in the convent of Nuestra Senora, Poblet), the son of Raymond Berenger IV, Count of Barcelona and his wife Queen Petronilla of Aragon, the daughter and heiress of Ramiro II, King of Aragon (1134 - 1137). SANCHIA and ALFONSO II were the parents of,

PEDRO II of Aragon, King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona (born 1176 - died Sept 14, 1213, being killed at the battle of Muret, fighting on behalf of the Albigensians). He m (June 15, 1204) to (her third) MARIA of Montpellier (born 1182 - died April 21, 1213 in Rome, buried within the Basilica of St Peter's there), the daughter of William VIII (Guillaume), Seigneur of Montpellier (1173 - 1218), and his wife Eudoxia Komnena, the daughter of Alexios Komnenus, governor of Constantinople (1180 - 1182) and his wife Maria Dukaina. PEDRO II and MARIA were the parents of,

JAIME I the Conqueror, King of Aragon (1213 - 1276) (born Feb 1, 1207 at Montpellier - died July 25, 1276 at Valencia, buried at Cabret). He m (Sept 8, 1235 at Barcelona in Aragon) (his third) VIOLANTE of Hungary (Yolande) (born 1214 - died Oct 12, 1251 at Huesca), the daughter of Andrew III, King of Hungary (1205 - 1235) and his second wife Yolande of Courtenay, the daughter of Pierre II of Courtenay, Emperor of Constantinople (1217 - 1219). JAIME I and VIOLANTE were the parents of,

ALFONSO X the Wise, King of Castile and Leon (1252-1284) (born Nov 23, 1220 - died April 4, 1284). He m (Nov 26, 1246) to VIOLANTE of Aragon (also called Yolande) (born 1237 - died at Ronscavelles, 1301), the daughter of Jaime I, King of Aragon, by his second wife Vioante of Hungary, the daughter of Andrew II, King of Hungary (1205 - 1235). ALFONSO X and VIOLANTE were the parents of,

SANCHO IV, King of Castile (1284-1296) (born May 13, 1258 - died April 26, 1296). He m (1282) to MARIA la Granda de Molina (born 1263 - died June 1, 1321), the daughter of Alfonso, Count de Molina, the son of Alfonso, Duke de Molina (1203 -1272), who was the younger son of Alfonso IX, King of Castile and Leon. SANCHO IV and MARIA de Molina were the parents of,

FERDINAND IV the Summoned, King of Castile (1296-1312) (born Dec 6, 1285 - died Sept 7, 1312, in his tent at Jaen, whilst preparing for a raid into Granada) He m (1302) to CONSTANZA of Portugal (born Jan 3, 1290 - died Nov 17, 1313), the daughter of Diniz, King of Portugal by his wife, St Isabella the daughter of Pedro III, King of Aragon, and his wife Constance of Hohenstaufen, the daughter of Manfred of Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily. FERDINANDO IV and CONSTANZA were the parents of,

ALFONSO XI, King of Castile (1312-1350) (born Aug 11, 1311 - died March 26, 1350) He m (1333) to MARIA of Portugal (born 1313 - died at Lisbon, Jan 18, 1357, supposedly murdered by order of her own father because of her scandalous amours), the daughter of Alfonso IV, King of Portugal by his wife Beatriz Sanchez, the daughter of Sancho IV, King of Castile. ALFONSO XI and MARIA were the parents of,

PEDRO I the Cruel, King of Castile (1350-1369) (born at Burgos, Aug 30, 1334 - murdered March 23, 1369). Pedro I claimed to have m (1) (1352, secretly) to his mistress MARIA de Padilla (born 1335 - died 1361) who was not recognized as queen, the daughter of Juan Garcias de Padilla. Pedro I m (2) (at the church of Santa Maria la Nueva, at Vallodolid, June 3,1352) to BLANCHE de Bourbon (born 1336 - murdered at the castle of Jerez, 1361), the daughter of Pierre I, Duke of Bourbon, by his wife Isabelle de Valois, daughter of Charles I, Count of Valois. Pedro I m (3) (bigamously, 1354) to JUANA de Castro (born c1336 - died 1374). PEDRO I and MARIA de Padilla were the parents of,

CONSTANCE, titular Queen of Castile (1369-1388), eldest surviving daughter (born at Castro Kerez, 1354 - died March 24, 1394, at Leicester Castle). She m (at Roquefort, near Bordeaux, Sept 21, 1371) (his second) to JOHN of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and titular King of Castile (1371-1388) (born at the monastery of St Bavon, Ghent, June 24, 1340 - died at Leicester Castle, Feb 3, 1399), the son of Edward III, King of England (1327 - 1377), by his wife Philippa of Hainault, the daughter of William III, Count of Holland and Hainault. CONSTANCE and JOHN of Gaunt were the parents of,

CATHERINE of Lancaster (born after June 6 in 1372, at Hertford Castle - died June 2, 1418), only surviving child and heiress. She m (Sept, 1388, at the church of St Antolin, Fuentarrabia) to ENRIQUE III, King of Castile (born Oct 4, 1379 - died Dec 25, 1406), the son of Enrique II Trastamara, King of Castile, by his wife Juana of Pennafiel, the daughter of Juan Emmanuel III, Count of Pennafiel and Escalona. CATHERINE and ENRIQUE III were the parents of,

JUAN II, King of Castile (1406-1454) (born March 6, 1405 - died July 21, 1454). He m (1) (1423) to MARIA of Aragon (born 1403 - died at Villecastin, Jan, 1445, probably murdered), the daughter of Ferdinand I, King of Aragon by his wife Leonor of Alburquerque, the daughter of Sancho, Count of Alburquerque. Juan II m (2) (Aug, 1447) to ISABELLA of Portugal (born 1428 - died insane at the castle of Arevalo, Aug 15, 1496), the daughter of John, Duke of Beja, the younger son of John I, King of Portugal, by his wife Isabella of Braganza, the daughter of Alfonso I, Duke of Braganza, the legitimated natural son of Joao I, King of Portugal by his mistress Inez Perez. JUAN II and ISABELLA of Portugal were the parents of,

ISABELLA I, Queen of Castile (1474-1504) (born at the palace of Madrigal de las Altas Torres, April 22, 1451 - died at Medina del Campo, Nov 26, 1504). She succeeded her half-brother King Henry IV, and m (secretly, at Vallodolid, Oct 19, 1469, as his first wife) to FERDINAND V, King of Aragon (born at Sos, Aragon, March 10, 1452 - died at Madrigalejo, in Estramadura, Feb 23, 1516), the son of John II, King of Aragon, by his second wife Juana, daughter of Federique Enriquez, Admiral of Aragon. ISABELLA I and FERDINAND V were the parents of,

CATHARINE of Aragon (formerly Catalina), fourth daughter, (born at the castle of the Archbishop of Toledo, at Alcala de Henares, Dec 16, 1485 - died at Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdonshire, Jan 7, 1536, probably of cancer). She m (1) (at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, Nov 14, 1501) to ARTHUR, Prince of Wales (born at St Swithun’s Priory, Winchester, Sept 20, 1486 - died at Ludlow Castle, Wales, April 2, 1502), the eldest son of Henry VII, King of England, by his wife, Elizabeth of York, eldest daughter of Edward IV, King of England. Catharine m (2) (June 11, 1509, at Greenwich Palace, Kent) to her first husband's brother, HENRY VIII (born at Greenwich Palace, Kent, June 28, 1491, died at Whitehall Palace, London, Jan 28, 1547), as his first wife). They were later divorced (1533). CATHARINE and HENRY VIII were the parents of,

MARY I, Queen of England (1553-1558) (born at Greenwich Palace, Kent, Feb 18, 1516 - died at St James’s Palce, London, Nov 17, 1558). She m (at Winchester Cathedral, July 25, 1554, as his second wife) to her cousin PHILIP II, King of Spain (born at Vallodolid, May 21, 1527 - died at the Escorial Palace, Madrid, Sept 13, 1598), the only son of Charles V, Emperor of Austria and King of Spain, by his wife Isabella, daughter of Manuel I, King of Portugal. The Emperor Charles was the son of Queen Juana, sister of Mary’s mother, Catharine of Aragon, whilst his wife, the Empress Isabella, mother of Philip, was the daughter of Queen Maria of Portugal, another sister of Catharine of Aragon. Queen Mary was childless.