Ancestry of Franz, Duke of Bavaria

CHARLES MARTEL, Duke of Austrasia (714-741) (born 676 - died at Querzy, Oct 22, 741). He m (1) (c704) to ROTRUDE of Haspengau (born c690 - died 724), the daughter of Count Lantbert of Haspengau (Hesbaye) and by his wife Chrodelinde, the daughter of Chrodobert, Count of Wormsgau, royal chancellor. He m (2) (725) SUANACHILDE of Bavaria (born 707 - died after 741 a nun at Abbey of St Marie at Chelles, near Paris). CHARLES MARTEL and ROTRUDE of Haspengau were the parents of,

PEPIN III, King of the Franks (751-768) (born 714 - died Sept, 768). He m (c740) to BERTRADA of Laon (born c725, died July 12, 783, at Choisy), the daughter of Carobert, Count of Laon by his wife Bertrada of Neustria, the daughter of Theuderic III, King of Neustria. PEPIN III and BERTRADA of Laon were the parents of,

CHARLES I the Great (Charlemagne) , King of the Franks (768-800) and Emperor (800-814) (born at Ingelheim, near Mainz, April 2, 742, died at Aachen, Jan 28, 814). He left an illegitimate daughter by a concubine named SIGRADA (living c780 - c790). CHARLES and SIGRADA were the parents of,

REDBURGA of Neustria, Carolingian princess (born c784 - died after 828, probably buried within Winchester Cathedral though her tomb no longer survives). Originally named Rothaide, the English called her Raedburh (Redburga being the Latinized form of that name). She was married (c800) to EGBERT the Great (born c770 - died Feb 4, 839, buried in Winchester Cathedral, Southampton, near London), King of Wessex (802 - 839) and King of England (827 - 839), the son of Eahlmund of Wessex, under king of Kent, and his wife NN, an Oicsinga princess of Kent (perhaps named Eadburh), the daughter of Aethelbert II, King of Kent. REDBURGA and EGBERT were the parents of,

AETHELWULF, King of Wessex (839 - 856), King of Kent (856 - 858) after he abdicated in Wessex in favour of his eldest son Aethelbald (born c802 - died Jan 13, 858 in Kent, buried in Winchester Cathedral, Southampton). He married firstly (c824) to OSBURGA of Hampshire (born c810 - died 855 at Wantage Palace in Berkshire, probably buried in Winchester Cathedral though her tomb no longer survives), the daughter of Oslac of the Jutes, Earl of Hampshire and Cup-Bearer to Aethelwulf. Aethelwulf was married secondly (Oct 1, 856) at Verberie-sur-Oise in France, to JUDITH of Neustria (843 - after 880), the daughter of Charles II the Bald, Emperor of the Franks and his first wife Ermentrude of Orleans, the daughter of Count Odo of Orleans. With Aethelwulf's death, Judith remarried secondly (858) to her stepson, King Aethelbald of Wessex (born 830 - died 860) which marriage was annulled by the church, and lastly she became the second wife of Baldwin I (born c830 - died 879), Count of Flanders (864 - 879). AETHELWULF and OSBURGA were the parents of,

ALFRED the Great, King of England (871 - 899) (born 849 at Wantage Palace, Berkshire - died Oct 26, 899, buried in Winchester Cathedral, Southampton). He m (868 at Winchester) to EAHLSWITH of Gainas (born c853 - died Dec 5, 902 as a nun at the Abbey of St Mary (called Nunnaminster) buried in Winchester Cathedral, Southampton), the daughter of Aethelred Mucil, Earl of Gainas and Mercia, and his wife Princess Eadburga of Mercia, the daughter of Wigmund, King of Mercia. ALFRED and EAHLSWITH were the parents of,

AETHELWEARD of Wessex, Aetheling (born c880 - died Oct 16 or 26, 922). The name of his wife remains unrecorded. AETHELWEARD was the father of,

WULFRIDA of Wessex (Wulfthryth) (born c915 - died before 964). She m ORDGAR, Earl of Devonshire (born c910 - died 971). WULFRIDA and ORDGAR were the parents of,

ELFRIDA of Devonshire (Aelfthryth) (945 at Lydford Castle, Devon - Nov 17, 1000 at Wherwell Abbey in Hampshire). Elfrida m (1) AETHELWALD, Earl of East Anglia (c933 - 962), the son of Athelstan 'Half-King,' Earl of East Anglia and his wife Elfwen of Dorchester. She was m (963) (2) (his third) EDGAR I (born 943 - died July 8, 975 at Winchester Castle, Southampton, buried in Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset), King of England (959 - 975), the younger son of Edmund I, King of England (940 - 946) and his first wife Aelfgifu of Wessex, the daughter of Eadric, Earl of Wessex. ELFRIDA and EDGAR I were the parents of,

AETHELRED II the Redeless (Unready), King of England (978 - 1013) and (1014 - 1016) (born 965 - died April 23, 1016 in London, buried within Old St Paul's Cathedral, London). He abdicated in favour of Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark (1913) but was later restored (1014). AETHELRED II m (1) (c980) to AELFGIFU of York (born c963 - died after 993), the daughter of Thored Gunnarsson, Earl of York and his wife Hilde N. This union ended in divorce (993) and Queel Aelfgifu became a nun. AETHELRED II m (2) AETHELFLAED of Northumbria (b c975 - died Feb, 1002), the daughter of Aethelred, Earl of Northumbria, and (3) (April 5, 1002 at Winchester Cathedral) to EMMA of Normandy (born c982, Rouen Castle, Rouen - died March 14, 1052 at Winchester Castle, London, buried in Winchester Cathedral), the daughter of Richard I the Fearless, Duke of Normandy (942 - 996) and his second wife (and former mistress) Gunnora de Crepon, the sister of Herfastus de Crepon, forester of Arques. AETHELRED II and AELFGIFU of York were the parents of,

EDMUND II Ironside, King of England (April - Nov, 1016) (born 984 - died Nov 30, 1016 at Oxford or London, buried in Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset). He m (Aug, 1015 at Malmesbury, Wiltshire) to EALDGYTH of Sweden (born c995 - died c1028 in England), the widow of the Danish earl Sigeferth (died 1015) and daughter of Olaf III Skotkonnung, King of Sweden and of the captive Slav princess Edla. EDMUND II and EALDGYTH of Sweden were the parents of,

EDWARD the Exile, English aetheling (born 1017 - murdered Aug 31, 1057 in London, probably at the instigation of Harold of Wessex, buried in Old St Paul's Cathedral, London). He m (c1047) to AGATHA of Brunswick (born c1029 - died after 1094 as a nun at Newcastle-upon-Tyne), the daughter of Luidolf of Brunswick, Margrave of Friesland and his wife Eleanor of Egisheim, the daughter of Gerhard III, Count of Egisheim. EDWARD and AGATHA were the parents of,

St MARGARET Aetheling (born c1048 probably at Nadasd (now Meczeknasdasd in county Baranya, Hungary - died Nov 16, 1093 at Edinburgh Castle, buried in the Church of St Lawrence in the Escorial Palace, Madrid) m (1069) (his second) to MALCOLM III Canmore (born 1031 - died Nov 13, 1093 being killed in battle near Alnwick in Northumberland, buried in the Church of St Lawrence with Margaret), the son of Duncan I, King of Scotland (1034 - 1040) and his wife Suthen (Sybil) of Northumbria, the daughter of Eadulf, Earl of Northumbria, and sister-in-law to Earl Siward of Northumbria. St MARGARET and MALCOLM III were the parents of,

St DAVID I of Scotland (born 1084 - died May 24, 1153 at Carlisle in Cumbria, buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fifeshire), King of Scotland (1124 - 1154). He m (1113) to MATILDA of Huntingdon (1072 - before April 22, 1131, buried in Scone Abbey, Perthshire), the widw of Simon de St Liz, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton, and daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon and his wife Judith of Lens, the daughter of Lambert of Boulogne, Count of Lens. DAVID I and MATILDA of Huntingdon were the parents of,

HENRY of Scotland, Prince of Scotland and Earl of Huntingdon (1136 - 1152) (born 1114 - died June 12, 1152, buried in Kelso Abbey, Roxburghshire). He predeceased his father. Henry m (1139) to ADA de Warenne (born c1122 - died 1178), the daughter of William de Warenne, second Earl of Surrey and his wife Elisabeth of Vermandois, the daughter of Hugh I, Count of Vermandois. HENRY of Scotland and ADA de Warenne were the parents of,

ADA of Scotland, Princess of Scotland (born 1146 - died after 1206), sister to kings Malcolm IV (1153 - 1165) and William I the Lion (1165 - 1214). Ada m (1162) to FLORIS III (born c1137 - died 1191), Count of Holland. ADA of Scotland and FLORIS III of Holland were the parents of,

WILLIAM I of Holland, Count of Holland (born c1174 - died July 2, 1222). He m (1) (1197) to ADELAIDE of Gueldres (born c1188 - died Feb 4, 1218), the daughter of Count Otto I of Gueldres and Zutphen and his wife Richarda of Bavaria, the daughter of Otto I, Duke of Bavaria. WILLIAM I and ADELAIDE of Gueldres were the parents of,

FLORIS IV of Holland, Count of Holland (born 1210 - died July 19, 1234). He m (c1225) to MATILDA of Brabant (born 1210 - died Dec 21, 1267, buried in the Cistercian abbey of Schonau), the widow of Count Heinrich II of the Palatinate, and daughter of Duke Henry I of Brabant and his first wife Matilda of Flanders, the daughter of Matthew I of Alsace, Count of Flanders. FLORIS IV and MATILDA of Brabant were the parents of

ADELAIDE of Holland (born 1231 - died before April 9, 1284, buried in Valenciennes), heiress of the county of Holland. Adelaide m (Oct 9, 1246) to JOHANN I of Avesnes, Count of Hainault and Count of Holland by right of his wife (born May 1, 1218 at Houffalize - died Dec 24, 1257 at Etraeungt, France, buried at Valenciennes), the son of Bouchard, Seigneur of Avesnes and his wife Countess Margaret of Hainault. ADELAIDE and JOHANN I were the parents of,

JOHANN II of Hainault, Count of Hainault (born 1247 - died Aug 22, 1304). He m (1270) to PHILIPPINA of Luxemburg (born c1253 - died April 6, 1311), the daughter of Henry II, Count of Luxemburg and his wife Margaret of Bar. JOHANN II and PHILIPPINA were the parents of,

MARIE of Hainault (born 1291 - died Sept, 1354). She m (Sept, 1310) to LOUIS I, Duc de Bourbon (born 1279 - died Jan 22, 1341), the son of Robert de Bourbon, Count of Clermont by his wife Beatrice of Burgundy, the daughter of Jean of Burgundy. MARIE and LOUIS I were the parents of,

JACQUES I de Bourbon, Comte de La Marche (born c1320 - died April 6, 1362). He m (1335) to JEANNE de Chatillon (born c1322 - died Aug 15, 1371), the daughter of Hugh de Chatillon, Count of St Pol. JACQUES I and JEANNE were the parents of,

JEAN I de Bourbon, Comte of La Marche (1361) and Vendome (1374) (born c1339 - died June 11, 1393). He m (Sept 28, 1364) to CATHERINE de Vendome, Countess of Vendome (born 1351 - died April 1, 1412), the daughter of Jean VI, Count of Vendome. JEAN I and CATHERINE de Vendome were the parents of,

LOUIS de Bourbon, Comte de Vendome (1412 - 1446) (born c1374 - died Dec 21, 1446). He m (1) (Dec 21, 1414) to BLANCHE of Roucy (born c1400 - died Aug 22, 1421), the daughter of Hugh II, Count of Roucy. He m (2) (Aug 24, 1424) to JEANNE de Laval (born c1410 - died Dec 18, 1468), the daughter of Guy XIII, Count of Laval. LOUIS and JEANNE de Laval were the parents of,

JEAN II de Bourbon, Comte de Vendome (born c1428 - died Jan 6, 1477). He m (Nov 9, 1454) to ISABELLE de Beauvau (born 1436 - died 1474), the daughter of Louis de Beauvau. JEAN II and ISABELLE de Beauvau were the parents of,

FRANCOIS I de Bourbon, Comte de Vendome (born 1470 - died Oct 2, 1495) He m (Sept 8, 1487) to MARIE de St Pol (born 1471 - died April 1, 1546), the widow of Jacques of Savoy, Count of Rosmont, and daughter of Pierre II, Count of Luxemburg and St Pol. FRANCOIS I and MARIE de St Pol were the parents of,

CHARLES de Bourbon, Duc de Vendome and Bourbon (1515 - 1537) (born June 2, 1489 - died March 25, 1537). He m (May 18, 1513) to FRANCOISE d' Alencon (born 1491 - died Sept 14, 1550), the daughter of Rene II, Duc d' Alencon. CHARLES and FRANCOISE d' Alencon were the parents of,

ANTOINE de Bourbon, Duc de Vendome and king consort of Navarre (1555 - 1562) (born April 22, 1518 - died Nov 17, 1562). He m (Oct 20, 1548) to JEANNE III of Navarre (born Jan 7, 1528 - died June 9, 1572 in Paris), former first wife of Wilhelm V, Duke of Cleves (born 1516 - 1592), the daughter of Henry II, King of Navarre and his wife Margeurite d' Angouleme, the sister of Francois I de Valois, King of France (1515 - 1547). ANTOINE and JEANNE III were the parents of,

HENRY IV of France, King of Navarre (1572 - 1610) and King of France (1589 - 1610) (born Dec 13, 1553 at Pau in Bearn - assassinated in Paris (May 14, 1610). He m (1) (Aug 18, 1572 at Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris) MARGEURITE de Valois, Princess of France (born May 14, 1553 at St Germain-en-Laye - died March 27, 1615 in Paris, buried in the Abbey of St Denis, at Rheims). This marriage was annulled (1599). Henry IV m (2) (Dec 27, 1600 at Lyons, Burgundy) to MARIE de Medici, Princess of Florence and Tuscany (born April 26, 1573 in Florence - died July 3, 1642 in Cologne, Germany), the daughter of Francesco I de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and his first wife the Archduchess Johanna of Austria, daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I (1555 - 1564). HENRY IV and MARIE de Medici were the parents of,

CHRISTINE de Bourbon, Princess of France (born Feb 10, 1606 at the Louvre Palace, Paris - died Dec 27, 1663 at Turin in Piedmont). She m (Feb 10, 1619 in Paris) to VITTORIO AMADEO I, Duke of Savoy (born May 8, 1587 at Turin in Piedmont - died Oct 7, 1637 at Vercelli), the son of Carlo Emanuele I, Duke of Savoy and his wife the Infanta Catalina Francesca Michaela of Spain, the daughter of Philip II, King of Spain (1555 - 1598). CHRISTINE and VITTORIO AMADEO I were the parents of,

ADELAIDE HENRIETTA of Savoy (born Nov 6, 1636 at Turin, Piedmont - died March 18, 1676 at Munich). She m (June 25, 1652 in Munich) to FERDINAND MARIA, Elector of Bavaria (1651 - 1679) (born at Munich, Oct 31, 1636 - died at Schlessheim, May 26, 1679), the son of Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria (1597 - 1651) and his second wife Maria Anna of Austria, the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II. ADELAIDE HENRIETTA and FERDINAND MARIA were the parents of,

MAXIMILIAN II EMANUEL, Elector of Bavaria (1679 - 1726) (born July 11, 1662 - died Feb 26, 1726). He m (1) (July 15, 1685) to MARIA ANTONIA of Austria (born Jan 18, 1662 - died Dec 24, 1692), the daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I by his first wife Margarita Theresa of Spain, the daughter of Philip IV,  King of Spain. MAXIMILIAN II EMANUEL m (2) (Jan 2, 1695) to THERESA KUNIGUNDA Sobieska, Princess of Poland (born March 4, 1676 - died March 10, 1730), the daughter of John Sobieski, King of Poland by his wife Maria Kasimira Louisa de La Grange d' Arquien, the daughter of Henri Albert de La Grange, Marquis d’Arquien. MAXIMILIAN II EMANUEL and THERESA KUNIGUNDA Sobieska were the parents of,

CHARLES VII, Elector of Bavaria (1726 - 1742), Holy Roman Emperor (1742 - 1745) (born Aug 6, 1697 - died at Munich, Jan 20, 1745). Charles VII m (Oct 5, 1722) to MARIA AMALIA of Austria (born at Vienna, Oct 22, 1701 - died at Munich, Dec 11, 1756), the daughter of Joseph I, Emperor of Austria (1705 - 1711) by his wife Wilhelmina Amalia of Brunswick-Luenburg, the daughter of Johann Friedrich of Brunswick-Luenburg, Duke of Hanover. CHARLES VII and MARIA AMALIA were the parents of,

MARIA ANTONIA WALPURGA, Archduchess of Austria (born July 18, 1724 - died at Nymphenburg Castle, near Munich, Bavaria - died at Dresden, April 24, 1780). She m (June 20, 1747) to FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN, Elector of Saxony (born Sept 5, 1722 - died Dec 17,1763), the son of Friedrich Augustus II, Elector of Saxony, King of Poland by his wife Maria Josepha of Austria, the daughter of Joseph I, Emperor of Austria (1705 - 1711). MARIA ANTONIA WALPURGA and FRIEDRICH CHRISTIAN were the parents of,

MAXIMILIAN, Duke of Saxony (born at Dresden, April 13, 1759 - died at Dresden, Jan 3, 1838). He m (1) (at Dredsen, May 9, 1792) to CAROLINE of Parma (born at Parma, Nov 22, 1770 - died at Dresden, March 1, 1804), the daughter of Ferdinand I, Duke of Parma by his wife Maria Amalia of Austria, the daughter of Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria and her husband, Emperor Francis I, formerly Duke of Lorraine. MAXIMILIAN m (2) (at Dresden, Nov 5, 1825) to his first wife’s niece, MARIE LOUISE of Etruria (born at Barceona, Oct 2, 1802 - died at Rome, March 18, 1857, who remarried (2) Francesco, Count Rossi, and (3) Cavaliere Giovanni Vimercati), the daughter of Luis I, King of Etruria, by his wife Maria Luisa of Spain, the daughter of Charles IV, King of Spain. MAXIMILIAN and CAROLINE were the parents of,

MARIA ANNA, Princess of Saxony (born at Dresden, Nov 15, 1799 - died at Pisa, March 24, 1832). She m (at Florence, Nov 16, 1817, as his first wife) LEOPOLD II, Grand Duke of Tuscany (born at Florence, Oct 3, 1797 - died at Rome, Jan 29, 1870), the son of Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany by his first wife Maria Louisa of Naples, the daughter of Ferdinand I, King of Naples. MARIA ANNA and LEOPOLD II were the parents of,

AUGUSTA, Archduchess of Austria-Tuscany (born Florence, April 1, 1825 - died Munich, April 26, 1864). She m (at Florence, April 15, 1844) to LUITPOLD, Prince of Bavaria, Regent of Bavaria (1886 - 1912) (born at Wurzburg, March 12, 1821 - died Munich, Dec 12, 1912), the son of Ludwig I, King of Bavaria by his first wife Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, the daughter of Friedrich I, Duke of Saxe-Hildburghausen. AUGUSTA and LUITPOLD were the parents of,

LUDWIG III, Regent of Bavaria (1912 - 1913), King of Bavaria (1913 - 1918) (born Munich, Jan 7, 1845 - died Sarvar, Hungary, Oct 18, 1921). He m (at Vienna, Feb 20, 1868) to MARIA THERESA of Austria-Este (born Brunn, July 2,1849 - died at Wildenwart Castle,  Feb 3, 1919), the daughter of Ferdinand of Austria, Duke of Modena by his wife Elisabeth (later wife of Charles Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria), the daughter of Joseph of Austria, Archduke Palatine of Hungary. LUDWIG III and MARIA THERESA were the parents of,

RUPERT, Crown Prince of Bavaria (1913 - 1955) (born Luitpoldpalais, Munich, May 18, 1869 - died at Leutstetten Castle, Aug 2, 1955). She m (1) (at Munich, July 10, 1900) to MARIE GABRIELLE of Bavaria (born Tegernsee, Oct 9, 1878 - died Sorrento, Oct 24, 1912), the daughter of Karl Theodore, Duke in Bavaria by his second wife Marie Jose of Braganza, the daughter of Miguel I, Duke of Braganza. RUPERT m (2) (at Hohenburg Castle, April 7, 1921) to ANTOINETTE of Luxemburg (born Oct 7,1899 at Schloss Hohenburg Castle - died at Lenzerheide, Switzerland, July 31,1954), the daughter of William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg by his wife, Maria Anna of Braganza, daughter of Miguel I, King of Portugal and Duke of Braganza. RUPERT and MARIE GABRIELLE were the parents of,

ALBERT, Duke of Bavaria (born Munich, May 3, 1905 - died 1996). He m (1) (at Berchtesgarden Sept 3, 1930) to MARIA Draskovitch de Drakostjan (born Vienna, March 8,1904 - died Wildbad Kreuth, June 10, 1969), the daughter of Dionys, Count Draskovitch de Drakostjan (1875 - 1909) by his wife Juliana de Montenuovo (1880 -1961), later wife of Charles, 5th Prince of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Wallerstein (1877 - 1930), the daughter of Alfred, 2nd Prince de Montenuovo. ALBERT m (2) (at Munich, April 21, 1971) to MARIA-JENKE Keglevich de Buzin (born Budapest, April 23, 1921 - died 1983), the daughter of Stephan, Count Keglevich de Buzin by his wife Clara, Countess Zichy zu Zich und Vasonykeo. ALBERT and MARIA Draskovitch de Drakostjan were the parents of four children,

1) MARIE GABRIELE , Princess of Bavaria (born Munich May 30, 1931). She m (at Nymphenburg Castle, Oct 23, 1957) to George, 7th Prince von Waldburg-Zeil und Trauchburg (born Wurzburg, June 5, 1928), the son of Erich August, 6th Prince von Waldburg-Zeil und Trauchburg by his wife Minica von Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, the daughter of Aloys, 7th Prince von Lowenstein- Wertheim-Rosenberg, and has issue.

2) CHARLOTTE, Princess of Bavaria (born Munich, May 30, 1931 - twin with Princess Marie Gabriele). She m (at Berg, Sept 1, 1955) to Paul, 4th Prince von Quadt zu Wykradt und Isny (born Isny, Nov 28, 1930), son of Alexander, 2nd Prince von Quadt zu Wykradt und Isny by his wife Countess Maria Anna Esterhazy, Baroness de Galantha, the daughter of Nicholas, 11th Prince Esterhazy de Galantha, and has issue.

3) FRANZ, Duke of Bavaria (born Munich, July 14 1933)

4) MAX EMANUEL, Duke of Bavaria (born Munich, Jan 21, 1937). He m (1967) to Countess ELIZABETH Douglas (born Stockholm, Dec 31, 1940), the daughter of Count Carl Ludvig Douglas by his wife Ottora Maria Hass-Heye, leaving issue,

  • Princess Sophia of Bavaria, born Munich, Oct 28, 1967,
  • Princess Maria Caroline of Bavaria, born Munich June 26, 1969,
  • Princess Helena of Bavaria, born Munich, May 6 1972,
  • Princess Elisabeth Charlotte of Bavaria, born Munich, Oct 4, 1973,
  • Princess Anna of Bavaria, born Munich, May 7, 1975,