Ancestry of Constance of Hohenstaufen

15 Generations

1. CHARLEMAGNE (Charles the Great)
King of the Franks (768 – 814) and the first Carolingian Emperor (800 – 814)
(Born April 2, 746 at the Palace of Ingelheim – Died (Jan 28, 814 at Aachen)
Buried within Aachen Cathedral
Charlemagne was married thirdly (771 at Aachen) to Hildegarde of Vinzgau (Born 757 – Died April 30, 783 at Thionville, and was buried within the Abbey of St Arnulf at Metz in Lorraine), the daughter of Gerold I, Count of Vinzgau and Prefect of Bavaria and his wife Emma of Alemannia (Imma), the daughter of Nebi (Hnabi), Duke of Alemannia.
Charlemagne and Queen Hildegarde were the parents of,

2. LOUIS I the Pious
Carolingian Emperor (816 – 840)
(Born Aug, 778, at the villa of Chasseneuil in Agenois – Died June 20, 840, at the Palace of Ingelheim, near Mainz)
Louis was married firstly (794 at Orleans) to Ermengarde of Hesbaye (Born c780 – Died Oct 3, 818 at Angers in Anjou), the daughter of Ingelramnus, Count of Hesbaye in Liege and his wife Rotrude, who was probably the daughter of Thuringcbert, Count of Breisgau.
Louis married secondly (Feb, 819) to JUDITH of Altdorf (Born 805 – Died April 19, 843 at Tours, and buried within the Abbey of St Martin there), the daughter of Welf II, Count of Altdorf and Swabia and his wife Heilwig of Engern, the daughter of Bruno II, Count of Engern in Westphalia.
Louis and the Empress Judith were the parents of,

3. GISELA of Neustria
Carolingian princess
(Born 820 – Died after July 1, 874)
Buried within the Abbey of St Calixtus at Cysoing
Gisela was married (c836) to EBERHARD, Duke of Friuli (Born c805 – Died Dec 16, 866 and buried within the Abbey of St Calixtus), the son of Unruoch of Ternois, Duke of Friuli, by his wife Ingeltrude of Paris, the daughter of Gerard I, Count of Paris and Rotrude of Austrasia.
Gisela and Duke Eberhard were the parents of

4. BERENGAR I of Italy
Berengar I of Friuli, King of Italy (888 – 915) and Carolingian emperor (915 – 924) (Born c843 – Murdered April 7, 924 at Verona)
Berengar was married firstly (c878) to BERTILLA of Spoleto (Born c863 – Murdered Dec, 911), the daughter of Suppo II, Marquis of Spoleto.
Berengar was married secondly (before 915) to Anna of Provence (Born c895 – Died after May, 936), the daughter of Louis III the Blind, King of Arles and Provence and Emperor (901 – 905) and his wife Adelaide of Bliesgau, the daughter of Count Erenfried I of Bliesgau and Charmois and his wife Adalgunde of Burgundy, the half-sister of Rudolf I, King of Burgundy (888 – 912).
Berengar I and Empress Bertilla were the parents of,

5. GISELA of Friuli
Imperial princess
(Born c880 – Died June, c911)
Gisela became the first wife (c895) of ADALBERT I of Lombardy (Born c870 – Died 923), Margrave of Ivrea in Italy, the son of Anscar II (Anchier), Margrave of Ivrea and Count of Angleteria and his wife Gisela N.
Gisela and Margrave Adalbert were the parents of,

6. BERENGAR II of Ivrea
King of Italy (950 – 961)
(Born c900 – Died Aug 6, 966 at the Castle of Bamberg)
Berengar II was deposed by the Emperor Otto I (961) and imprisoned with his wife at Bamberg)
Berengar II was married (c934) to Willa of Arles (Born 920 – Died after Aug 6, 966 at Bamberg Castle, a prisoner until her death), the daughter of Boso, Count of Arles and his wife Willa of Tuscany, the daughter of Adalbert II, Duke of Tuscany.
Berengar II and Queen Willa were the parents of,

7. ROSALA of Ivrea
Princess of Italy
(Born c954 – Died Jan 26, 1003, probably at Ghent, Flanders)
Rosala was married firstly (968) to ARNULF II (Born 962 – Died March 30, 987), Count of Flanders (born 962, died March 30, 987), son of Baldwin III, Count of Flanders (958 – 961) and his wife Matilda of Saxony (later wife of Godfrey, Count of Verdun), the daughter of Herman, Duke of Saxony and his wife Hildegarde of Westphalia, heiress of Westerburg, the daughter of Lambert of Louvain, Count of Westphalia.
Rosala then became the first wife (988) of Robert II the Pious (Born March 27, 972 at Orleans – Died July 20, 1031 at Melun, and buried within the Abbey of St Denis at Rheims, near Paris), King of France (987 – 1031), the son of Hugh Capet, King of France (987 – 996) and his wife Adelaide of Poitou, the daughter of William III, Duke of Aquitaine. Her second marriage remained childless and was annulled (992)
Queen Rosala and Count Arnulf were the parents of,

8. BALDWIN IV of Flanders
Count of Flanders and Valenciennes (987 – 1036)
(Born 980 – Died May 30, 1036)
Baldwin married firstly (1012) to Ogiva of Luxemburg (Born c994 – Died Feb 21, 1030), the daughter of Frederick I, Count of Luxembourg, by his wife Ermentrude of Gleiberg, the daughter of Heribert, Count of Kinziggau and Gleiberg.
Baldwin was married secondly (1031) to ELEANOR of Normandy (Born c1014 – Died c1071), the daughter of Richard II, Duke of Normandy and his wife Judith of Brittany, the daughter of Conan I, Duke of Brittany.
Baldwin and Eleanor of Normandy were the parents of,

9. JUDITH of Flanders
Called Fausta in some sources – perhaps a nickname
(Born 1033 – Died March 4 or 5 1094, at the Abbey of Weingarten)
Judith was married firstly (1051) to Tostig Godwinsson, Earl of Northumbria (Born 1025 – Died Sept 25, 1066 at the battle of Hastings), younger brother of King Harold II (1066) and the son of Godwin Wulfnothsson, Earl of Wessex and his wife Gytha Thorliksdotter, the daughter of Thorkils Sprakkaleg, and niece of King Canute II (Knud) of Denmark and England (1016 – 1035), and brother of Harold II.
Countess Judith was married secondly (1071) to WELF IV (Born 1039 – Died Nov 8, 1101), Duke of Bavaria, the son of Alberto Azzo VII, Marquis of Este and his first wife Cunegonde of Bavaria, the daughter of Welf II, Duke of Bavaria.
Duchess Judith and Welf IV were the parents of,

10. HENRY I the Black
Duke of Bavaria (1120 – 1127)
(Born 1074 – Died Dec 13, 1127)
Henry was married (c1095) to WULFHILDA of Saxony (Born 1075 – Died Dec 29, 1126), the daughter of Magnus I Billung, Duke of Saxony and his wife Sophia of Hungary, the widow of Udalrich III (Ulric), Margrave of Carinthia and Istria, and daughter of Bela I, King of Hungary and his wife Richesa of Poland, the daughter of Mieczyslav II, Duke of Poland.
Henry the Black and Duchess Wulfhilda were the parents of,

11. JUDITH of Saxony
(Born 1100 – Died Feb 22, 1132)
Judith became the first wife (1121) of Frederick II (Born 1090 – Died April 4 or 6, 1147, and buried within the Abbey of St Walpurgis in Alsace), Duke of Swabia (1105 – 1147), the son of Frederick I, Duke of Swabia and Count of Hohenstaufen, and his wife Agnes of Franconia, the daughter of Henry IV, Emperor of Germany (1039 – 1056), and later wife of Leopold III, Margrave of Austria.
Duchess Judith and Frederick II were the parents of,

12. FREDERICK I Barbarossa (Red-Beard)
Duke of Swabia as Frederick III (1147 – 1190)
Emperor of Germany (1155 – 1190) as FREDERICK I
(Born 1122 – Drowned June 10, 1190 at Saleph, whilst crossing the Calycadnus River, near Seleucia in Cilicia)
Buried at Tyre in Palestine
Frederick married firstly (after June, 1149) to Adela of Vohburg (Born 1130 – Died c1187), the daughter of Dietpold III, Margrave of Vohburg and his second wife Kunigunde, of Beichlingen, the widow of Count Rupert (Wipert) of Groitzsch, and daughter of Kuno of Nordheim, Count of Beichlingen.
The marriage remained childess and they were divorced (1152). Queen Adela remarried secondly to Count Diether of Ravensberg and bore him several children.

Emperor Frederick was married secondly (June 9, 1156, at Sanchist, near Wurzburg) to BEATRIX of Burgundy (Born 1145 – Died Nov 15, 1184), Countess of Burgundy and Macon, the daughter of Rainald III, Count of Burgundy and his wife Agatha of Lorraine, the daughter of Simon I, Duke of Lorraine.
Frederick I and Empress Beatrix were the parents of,

13. HENRY VI of Hohenstaufen
Emperor of Germany (1191 – 1197)
(Born Nov, 1165 – Died Sept 28, 1197)
Emperor Henry was married (Jan 27, 1186 at Milan in Lombardy) to Constance of Hauteville (Born after Feb 26, 1154 in Palermo – Died Nov 27, 1198), the daughter and heiress of Roger II, King of Sicily (1135 – 1154), and his third wife Beatrix of Rethel, the daughter of Witier, Count of Rethel and his wife Beatrix of Namur, daughter of Godfrey, Count of Namur.
Henry VI and Empress Constance were the parents of,

14. FREDERICK II of Hohenstaufen
King of Sicily (1194 – 1250) and Emperor of Germany (1220 – 1250)
Born at Jesi, near Ancona, Dec 26, 1194 – Died Dec 30, 1250) at Fiorentino, Sicily)
The emperor married fourthly and morganatically (1244, whilst on her deathbed) to his former mistress Bianca di Lancia (Born c1210, died 1245), created Marchesa d’Anglano, the daughter of Manfredo di Lancia.
Emperor Frederick and Bianca di Lancia were the parents of,

15. CONSTANCE of Hohenstaufen
(Born 1232 – Died April, 1313 at Valencia in Spain)
Constance became the second wife (1244 at Broussa) of Johannes III Dukas Vatatzes, Emperor of Byzantium (Born 1193 – Died Oct 30, 1254), the son of Basilieus Vatatzes, Duke of Thrace and his wife N Angela, the daughter of Isaac Angelus, military governor of Cilicia. As Empress of Byzantium (1241 – 1254) she adopted the name of Anna but with her return to Spain the empress reverted to her former name of Constance (Constanza).
Constance bore the Greek emperor two daughters,

1. Lascara Dukaina Vatatzina
Princess of Byzantium
(Born c1251 – Died c1300)
This lady lived for many years at the court of Aragon during the reigns of King Pedro II, and King Alfonso II. She apparently remained unmarried.

2. Princess Vataca DuKaina Vatatzina
Princess of Byzantium
(Born c1253 – Died after 1316) – Known in Spain as Princess Violante of Greece
Vataca became the first wife of Don Pedro of Aragon (Born 1259 – died 1318), Count de Ayerbe, the younger son of James I, King of Aragon by his mistress Teresa Gil de Vidaure whom he later married morganatically.
Vataca remained childless and was later divorced from Don Pedro. She was appointed as royal governess to the future Alfonso XI, King of Castile (1311 – 1350) and acted as a trusted envoy between the Aragonese royal family and the Imperial court in Constantinople.