The Ancestry of Queen Anne Stuart

50 Generations

Burgundian chieftain and military leader
Born (c300 AD) he was the father of,

Burgundian chieftain
(Born c325 AD) he was the father of,

Burgundian chieftain and warlord
(Born c350 AD) he was the father of,

4. GUNDICAR of Burgundy
King of Burgundy – also called Gundicus
(Born c380 AD – Died 436 AD) He was the father by an unknown concubine of,

5. GUNDIOC of Burgundy
King of Burgundy (436 – 474 AD) – also called Gunderic.
(Born c410 AD – Died 474 AD) He was married (c430 AD) to FLAVIA RICIMIA (Born c415 AD – Died before 474 AD) the sister of the Roman military leader Flavius Ricimer. Gundioc and his queen were the parents of,

6. CHILPERIC II of Burgundy
King of Burgundy (474 – 491 AD)
He ruled jointly with his two elder brothers Gundobad and Godesgesil. Chilperic was married (c470 AD) to AGRIPPINA N (Born c454 – Died 491 AD) of noble but unspecified Gallo-Roman parentage.
Chilperic and his two sons were killed by his brother Gundobad, whilst Queen Agrippina was captured and killed by being thrown into the Rhone River with a millstone tied around her neck. Chilperic and Queen Agrippina were the parents of,

7. CLOTILDA of Burgundy
Princess of Burgundy
(Born 475 AD at Vienne – Died June 3, 545, at Tours and buried within the Church of St Genevieve in Paris). Clotilda became the second wife at Soissons (492 AD) of CLOVIS I (Born 466 AD – Died Nov 27, 511 at Paris and buried within the Church of St Genevieve in Paris), King of the Salian Franks (481 AD – 511), the son of Childeric I, King of the Salian Franks (466 – 481 AD) and his wife Basina of Cologne, the former wife of King Basinus of Thuringia. Queen Clotilda was canonized as a saint (June 3). She and Clovis were the parents of,

8. CLOTAIRE I of Neustria
King of Neustria (511 – 561)
(Born 497 AD – Died 561 at Compeigne, Aisne, and buried with the Abbey of St Medard at Soissons). Clotaire I was married fourthly (c532) to ARNEGUNDE of Thuringia (Born c518 – Died c573 and was buried within the Abbey of St Denis at Rheims, near Paris), the daughter of Baderic, King of Thuringia (c505 – c529). Clotaire and Arnegunde were the parents of,

9. CHILPERIC I of Neustria
King of Neustria (561 – 584)
(Born 533 – Died Oct, 584, at the villa of Chelles, near Marne, being murdered at the instigation of Queen Fredegonde. He was buried within the Abbey of St Germain-des-Pres in Paris).
Chilperic was married thirdly (568) to FREDEGONDE of Ardenne (Born 545 – Died 597 in Paris, and was buried within the Church of St Germain-des-Pres), the daughter of Count Brunulf of Ardenne and Cambrai and his wife Clotilda of the Visigoths, the daughter of Amalric II, King of the Visigoths. Chilperic I and Queen Fredegonde were the parents of,

10. CLOTAIRE II of Neustria
King of Neustria (584 – 629)
(Born 569 – Died Oct 18, 629, and was buried within the Church of St Germain-des-Pres in Paris). He was married secondly (c602) to BERTHETRUDE of Scheldt (Born c584 – Died 618, and buried within the Abbey of Rouen in Normandy), the daughter of Arnoald I, Margrave of Scheldt (570 – 601) and his wife Bilchilde of Austrasia, the daughter of Theudebald I, King of Austrasia (547 – 555) and his wife Vuldetrada of Lombardy. Clotaire II and Berthetrude were the parents of,

11. DAGOBERT I of Neustria
King of Neustria and Austrasia (629 – 639)
(Born 602 – Died Jan 9, 639, and was buried within the Abbey of St Denis at Rheims, near Paris) He was married secondly (before 630) to NANTECHILDE (Nanthilda) (Born c610 – Died 645), the daughter of Sandregiselus, Lord of Bobigny, an Austrasian magnate. Dagobert I and Queen Nantechilde were the parents of,

12. CLOVIS II of Neustria
King of Neustria (639 – 657)
His mother Queen Nantechilde ruled as regent until 645
(Born 633 – Died 657) King (639 – 657) married (648) BALTHILDE N (Born c630 – Died Jan 30, 678 at Chelles, near Paris) who was an Anglo-Saxon captive of unspecified parentage. As a widow Balthilde ruled as regent for her young sons until she was ousted from power during a court coup (c665). Balthilde retired from court and became the Abbess of the convent of St Marie at Chelles, near Paris. She was venerated as a saint (Jan 30). Clovis II and Queen Balthilde were the parents of,

13. THEUDERIC III of Neustria
King of Neustria (673 – 690)
(Born 651 – Died Jan, 690). He was married firstly  (c670) to CLOTILDA of Austrasia (Born c655 – Died June 5, 692), the daughter of Anisegal, Duke (dux) of Austrasia and his wife Bega of Landen, the daughter of Pepin I of Landen, Duke of Austrasia and his wife Iduberga of Aquitaine.
Theuderic was married secondly (c680 – c685) to Doda N (Born c665 – Died June 3, 694). Theuderic III and his first wife Queen Clotilda were the parents of,

14. BERTRADA of Neustria
Merovingian princess
(Born c687 – Died after 730 at the Abbey of Prum at Ardenne in Austria), she was the sister to King Childebert III of Neustria (690 – 711). Bertrada was married (c705 – c710) to Count CAROBERT of Laon (Born c678 – Died after 747), the son of Martin of Austrasia, Count of Laon and his wife Bertha of Austrasia, the daughter of Hugobert, Count Palatine in Austrasia and Neustria, patron of the Abbey of Echternach. She separated from her husband in order to embrace the religious life. Bertrada and Carobert were the parents of,

15. BERTRADA of Laon
Carolingian queen consort (751 – 768) nicknamed ‘au Grand Pied’ (broad foot)
(Born c725 at Laon, Aisne – Died July 12, 783) at Choisy, Annecy, and buried within the Abbey of St Denis at Rheims, near Paris). Bertrada was married (c743) to PEPIN III, King of the Franks (751 – 768) Born 715 – Died Sept 24, 768 at the Palace of St Denis, near Paris, buried within the Abbey of St Denis at Rheims), the son of Charles Martel, Duke of Austrasia and ‘Hammer of the Franks’ and his first wife Rotrude of Haspengau, the daughter of Lantbert II, Count of Haspengau (Hesbayne). Queen Bertrada and Pepin III were the parents of,

16. CHARLEMAGNE (Charles the Great)
King of the Franks (768 – 771) as joint ruler with his brother Carloman III and was then sole ruler (771 – 800).
He became the first Holy Roman Emperor (800 – 814) being crowned in Rome.
(Born April 2, 746 at Aachen – Died Jan 28, 814 at Aachen) he was married firstly (c760 – c762) to HIMILTRUDE of Austrasia (Born c747 – Died c790 at the Abbey of St Gertrude at Nivelles in Brabant, and buried within the cloister there) probably the daughter of his cousin Count Bernard of Austrasia and his first wife Gisela of Laon, the sister to Queen Bertrada, wife of Pepin III.
Himiltrude was later repudiated by Charles (769) in favour of a more prestigious alliance with the Lombards. Queen Himiltrude was forced to retire to the Abbey of St Gertrude at Nivelles, where she became a nun. Charlemagne and Queen Himiltrude were the parents of,

17. PEPIN the Hunchback
Carolingian prince
(Born c762 – Died 811, at the Abbey of Prum near Ardenne in Austrasia, and buried within the cloister there). Pepin was Charlemagne’s eldest legitimate son but he was born with a minor deformity and was eventually displaced as imperial heir by his half-brother Louis, the son of his stepmother Queen Hildegarde.
After his rebellion against King Charles failed (792) Pepin was forcibly tonsured as a monk and immured within the Abbey of Prum where he remained until his death. Bertha then returned to her brother’s court in Toulouse and became a nun there. Pepin was married (before 780) to BERTHA of Toulouse (Born c763 – Died after Dec 14, 804 at the Abbey of St Guilhem-les-Desert in Toulouse), the daughter of theodoric I of Toulouse, Duke of Septimania and Count of Autun and his wife Aldana of Austrasia, the daughter of Charles Martel, Duke of Austrasia and his second wife Suanachilde of Bavaria, the daughter of Tassilo II, Duke of Bavaria (c715 – c720). Pepin and Bertha were the parents of,

18. AEDA of Neustria
Carolingian princess
(Born c785 – Died before 843) She became the wife (c798 – c802) of BILLUNG (Born c770 – Died 843), Count of Thuringia, whose parentage remains unrecorded. Aeda and Billung were the parents of,

19. ODA Billung
Countess of Thuringia
(Born 806 – Died May, 913 aged 107 years, at Gandersheim Abbey, near Goslar, and was buried within the cloister there). Oda became the wife (c820 – c825) of LUIDOLF I (Born c800 – Died 866, and buried within the Abbey of Bruneshausen, later Gandersheim), Duke of Saxony, count in East Saxony and Lord of Herzfeld, the son of Bruno III, Count of Engern in Saxony and his wife Oda of Montfort (also called Ordrada or Suana). Oda and Luidolf were the parents of,

20. ODA of Saxony (also called Enda)
(Born c847 – Died after 874).
Oda was married (c860 – c865) to LOTHAIR I (Born c835 – Died Feb 2, 880 at Ebstorf, being killed in battle), Count of Stade in Germany, the son of Abbo of Stade. Countess Oda and Lothair were the parents of,

21. LOTHAIR II of Stade
Count of Stade in Germany (880 – 929)
(Born c870 – Died Sept 5, 929 at Lenzen, being killed in battle) Count Lothair was married (c905 – c910) to SWANHILD of Saalgau (Born c890 – Died Dec 3, after 929), the granddaughter of Henry I of Saalgau, Duke of Austrasia and his wife Ingeltrude of Friuli who was the granddaughter of the Emperor Louis I the Pious (816 – 840). Lothair and Countess Swanhild were the parents of,

22. HENRY I the Bold of Stade
Count of Stade and the Heiangau in Germany (929 – 976)
(Born c915 – Died May 11, 976, buried in the Abbey of Heeringen). Henry was married firstly (c935 – c940) to Judith of the Wetterau (Born c925 – Died Oct 16, 973), the daughter of Odo I, Count of the Wetterau and his wife Kunigunde of Vermandois, the daughter of Herbert I, Count of Vermandois and his wife Bertha of Morvois. Henry was married secondly (c974) to HILDEGARDE of Rheinhausen, the daughter of Elli I, Count of Rheinhausen. Henry and Hildegarde of Rheinhausen were the parents of,

23. HILDEGARDE of Stade
(Born 975 – Died Oct 3, 1011, buried within the Abbey of St Michael in Lunenburg) She became the second wife (c990) of BERNARD I, Duke of Saxony (Born c940 – Died Feb 9, 1011), the son of Herman I Billung, Duke of Saxony, by his wife Hildegarde of Westerburg, and the paternal grandson of Billung, Count of Stuebeckshorn. Duchess Hildegarde and Bernard I were the parents of,

24. BERNARD II of Saxony
Duke of Saxony (1011 – 1059)
(Born c995 – Died June 29, 1059) Bernard was married firstly (c1015) to Bertrada Haraldsdotter (Born c995 - Died c1017), sister of Olaf II Skotonnung, King of Norway, and daughter of Harold II Granske, under-King of Vestfold, in Norway, by his wife Astrid Gudbrandsdottir, later wife of Sigurd Styr (died 1018), the son of Halfdan, King of Trondheim.
Duke Bernard was married secondly (1019) to EILIKA of Schweinfurth (Born c1004 - Died after 1055), the daughter of Henry of Swabia, Margrave of Schweinfurth, by his wife Gerberga of Tullfeld, the daughter of Otto III, Count of Tullfeld and Grabfeldgau. Bernard and Eilika were the parents of,

25. ORDULF of Saxony
Duke of Saxony (1059 – 1072) – also called Ordulph
(Born 1020 – Died March 28, 1072). Ordulph was married firstly (1042) to ULFHILD Olafsdotter (also called Gisela and Wulfhild) (Born 1026 – Died May 24, 1070), the daughter of Olaf II Skotunnung, King of Norway, by his Anglo-Saxon concubine Alfhilda, and the sister of King Magnus I of Norway (1024 – 1047). Ordulph was married secondly (1070) to Gertrude of Haldensleben (Born c1033 – Died Feb 21, 1116), the widow of Frederick, Count of Formbach, and the daughter of Conrad of Haldensleben, Margrave of Nordmark. Ordulf and Duchess Ulfhild were the parents of,

26. IDA of Saxony
Princess of Saxony – also called Relinde
(Born c1043 – Died July 31, 1102) Ida was married firstly (1060), as his second wife, to Frederick of Luxembourg (Born c1005 – Died May 18, 1065), Duke of Lower-Lorraine and Bar. Duchess Ida was married secondly (c1066) to ALBERT III, Count of Namur (Adalbert) (Born c1025 – Died June 22, 1102), the son of Albert II, Count of Namur by his wife Reginlinda of Lorraine, the daughter of Gozelo I, Duke of Lower-Lorraine. Countess Ida and Albert III were the parents of,

27. ADELAIDE of Namur
Heiress and sovereign Countess of Namur (1102 – 1124)
(Born c1068 – Died 1124) Adelaide was married (1080) OTTO II, Count of Chiny (Born c1065 – Died between 1124 – 1131), the son of Arnold II, Count of Chiny, by his wife Adela of Montdidier-Roucy, the daughter of Hilduin III of Montdidier, Count of Roucy. Countess Adelaide and Otto II were the parents of,

28. IDA of Namur
Heiress and sovereign Countess of Namur (1124 – c1126)
(Born c1083 – Died c1126) Ida became the first wife (c1100) of GODFREY I the Bearded of Louvain (Born c1063 – Died Jan 25, 1139, and buried at the Abbey of Afflighem), Duke of Lower Lorraine and Margrave of Antwerp, the son of Henry II, Count of Louvain, by his wife Adela of Orlamunde, probably the widow of Stephen II, Count of Champagne, and the daughter of Eberhard, Count of Orlamunde. Ida and Godfrey were the parents of,

29. GODFREY II of Louvain
Duke of Lower-Lorraine (1139 – 1142)
(Born c1100 – Died Nov or Dec, 1142) He was married (1139) to LUITGARDE of Sulzbach (Born 1121 – Died after 1163), later wife of Hugh IX, Count of Metz and Dagsburg), daughter of Berengar II, Count of Sulzbach, by his second wife Adelaide of Diessen (Wolfratshausen), the daughter of Otto II, Count of Diessen, Thaming and Ambras. Duchess Luitgarde remarried secondly to Hugh IX, Count of Metz and Dagsburg. Godfrey and Duchess Luitgarde were the parents of,

30. GODFREY III of Louvain
Duke of Lower-Lorraine (1142 – 1190) (Born 1142 – Died Aug 10, 1190 and buried within the Church of St Peter in Louvain, Brabant). He was married firstly (1155) to MARGARET of Limburg (Born c1143 – Died 1173), the daughter of Henry II, Count of Limburg (1151 – 1167) and his first wife Matilda of Saffenberg, the daughter of Adolf, Count of Saffenberg and Seigneur of Rolduc.
Godfrey was married secondly (c1175) to Imagina of Looz (Born c1158 – Died c1217), the daughter of Louis I, Count of Looz, and his wife Agnes of Metz, daughter of Volmar, Count of Metz. Godfrey and Duchess Margaret were the parents of,

31. HENRY I of Brabant
Duke of Brabant (1183 – 1235)
(Born 1165, died Sept 5, 1235 at Cologne (Koln) and buried within the Church of St Peter at Louvain in Brabant). Henry I was married firstly (1179) to MATILDA of Flanders (Born 1162 – Died 1211), heiress of the county of Boulogne, the daughter of Matthew of Alsace, Count of Boulogne and Flanders, by his first wife Mary of Blois, Princess of England, the daughter of Stephen of Blois, King of England (1135 – 1154).
Duke Henry was married secondly (April 22, 1213) at Soissons, Aisne, to Marie Capet, Princess of France (Born 1198 – Died Aug 15, 1238, and buried within the collegiate Church of St Peter in Louvain), the widow of Philip I, Count of Namur, and the daughter of Philip II Augustus, King of France (1180 – 1223), by his third wife Agnes of Meran, the daughter of Berthold V, Duke of Meran. Henry I and Duchess Matilda were the parents of,

32. HENRY II of Brabant
Duke of Brabant (1235 – 1248) nicknamed ‘the Courageous’
(Born 1189 – Died Feb 1, 1248). He was married firstly (before Aug 22, 1215) to Maria of Hohenstaufen and Swabia, Princess of Germany (Born 1201 – Died 1235), the daughter of Philip of Swabia, King of Germany and his wife Irene Angela, the widow of Roger of Hauteville, Duke of Apulia, and the natural daughter of Isaac II Angelus, Emperor of Byzantium.
Henry II was married secondly (1240) to SOPHIA of Thuringia (Born March 22, 1224 at Wartburg Castle, Thuringia – Died May 29, 1275), the daughter of Louis IV, Landgrave of Thuringia (1217 – 1227), by his wife St Elizabeth of Hungary (1207 – 1231), the daughter of Andrew II, King of Hungary (1205 – 1235). Henry II and Duchess Sophia were the parents of,

33. MATILDA of Brabant
Princess of Brabant
(Born 1224 – Died Sept 29, 1288) Matilda was married firstly (June 14, 1237) at Compeigne to ROBERT I, Count of Artois (Born Sept, 1216 – Killed Feb 9, 1250, at the battle of El Mansurah, whilst on Crusade in Egypt), the son of Louis VIII, King of France (1223 – 1226), and his wife Blanche of Castile, the daughter of Alfonso VIII, King of Castile.
Countess Matilda was married secondly (before May 31, 1254) to Guy III of Chatillon, Count of St Pol (Born c1220 – Died March 12, 1289), the son of Hugh V of Chatillon, Count of St Pol, by his wife Marie d’ Avesnes, the daughter of Gautier II, Seigneur d’ Avesnes and his wife Margaret, Countess of Blois. Matilda and Robert I of Artois were the parents of,

34. ROBERT II of Artois
Count of Artois (1250 – 1302)
(Born after August in 1250 – Died July 11, 1302) He was married firstly (1262) to AMICIA de Courtenay (Born 1249 – Died 1275), the daughter of Pierre de Courtenay, Seigneur of Conches, and his wife Peronelle of Joigny, the daughter of William II, Count of Joigny.
Robert II was married secondly (1277) to Agnes de Bourbon (Born c1264 - Died Sept 7, 1289), daughter of Archambaud VII, Seigneur de Bourbon. He was married thirdly (1298) to Margaret of Holland (Born c1283 – Died Oct 18, 1342), the daughter of Johannn II, Count of Holland, by his wife Philippina of Luxemburg, the daughter of Henry II, Count of Luxembourg-Namur. Robert II and Countess Amicia were the parents of,

35. PHILIP of Artois
Seigneur (Lord) of Conches (1275 – 1298)
(Born 1273 – Died Sept 11, 1298) He was  married (Nov, 1281) to BLANCHE of Brittany (Born 1270 - Died March 19, 1327), the daughter of Jean II, Duke of Brittany by his wife Beatrice Plantagenet, the daughter of Henry III, King of England (1216 – 1272). Philip and Blanche were the parents of,

37. MARGARET of Artois
(Born 1284 – Died April 24, 1311) She was married (1300) to LOUIS Capet, Prince of France and Count of Evreux (Born May, 1276 – Died May 19, 1319), the son of Philip III, King of France (1270 – 1285) and his second wife Marie of Brabant, the daughter of Henry III, Duke of Brabant. Margaret and Louis were the parents of,

38. PHILIP III of Navarre
Philip III, King consort of Navarre (1318 – 1343) and Count of Evreux (1319 – 1343)
(Born 1301 – Killed Sept 16, 1343, at the siege of Algesiras, at Granada in Spain). Philip was married (June 18, 1318) to JEANNE II, Queen of Navarre (1316 – 1349) (Born Jan 28, 1311 – Died of the Black Death Oct 6, 1349 at the Chateau of Conflans, near Paris), the only surviving child and heiress of Louis X le Hutin (the Strong), King of France and Navarre (1314 – 1315) and his first wife Margeurite of Burgundy, the daughter of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy. King Philip and Queen Jeanne II were the parents of,

39. CHARLES II the Bad of Navarre
King of Navarre (1349 – 1387)
(Born Oct, 1332 – Died Jan 1, 1387) He was married (1351) to JEANNE de Valois, Princess of France (Born June 24, 1343 – Died Nov 3, 1378 at Evreux), the widow of Henry, Duke of Limburg, and the daughter of Jean II, King of France (1350 – 1364) and his first wife Bonne of Luxemburg (Judith), the daughter of Jean of Luxemburg, King of Bohemia. Charles II and Queen Jeanne were the parents of,

40. CHARLES III of Navarre
King of Navarre (1387 – 1425)
(Born 1361 - Died Sept 8, 1425 at Olite) He was married (May 27, 1375) to LEONORA of Castile (Born 1352 – Died March 15, 1416), the daughter of Henry II, King of Castile and his wife Juana Manuel, the daughter of Juan Emanuel III, Count of Pennafiel and Villena and his wife Constanza of Aragon, daughter of Jaime II, King of Aragon (1291 – 1327). Charles III and Queen Leonora were the parents of,

41. BLANCHE II of Navarre (Blanca)
Queen Regnant of Navarre (1425 – 1441)
The second daughter (Born 1386 – Died April 1, 1441) Blanche was married firstly (1402) to Martin II el Joven, (Born 1375 – Died July 25, 1409 at Calgliari), King of Sicily (1389 – 1409), (as his second wife) the son of Martin I, King of Aragon (1396 – 1410) and his first wife Maria Lopez de Luna, the daughter of Count Lope de Luna.
Queen Blanche was married secondly (June 18, 1420), as his first wife, to JUAN II (Born June 28, 1397 – Died Jan 19, 1479), King of Aragon (born June 28, 1397, died Jan 19, 1479), son of Ferdinando I, King of Aragon and his wife Leonora of Albuerquerque, the daughter of Infante Sancho, Count of Alberquerque. Queen Blanche II and Juan II of Castile were the parents of,

42. LEONORA of Aragon (also Leonor or Eleanor)
Queen Regnant of Navarre (Jan – Feb, 1479)
(Born 1426 – Died Feb 12, 1479) She was married (July 30, 1436) to her first cousin GASTON IV, Count of Foix (Born 1412 – Died July, 1472), the son of Jean de Grailly, Count of Foix and his wife Jeanne of Navarre, the eldest daughter of Charles III, King of Navarre. Queen Leonora and Gaston de Foix were the parents of,

43. GASTON de Foix
Prince of Viana and heir to the throne of Navarre
(Born 1444 – Died Nov 23, 1470) Gaston was married (March 7, 1461) to MADELEINE de Valois, Princess of France (Born Dec 1, 1443 – Died 1495 at Pampeluna) the daughter of Charles VII, King of France (1422 – 1461), by his wife Marie of Anjou, the daughter of Louis II of Anjou, King of Naples and his wife Yolande of Aragon (Violante), the daughter of, Juan I, King of Aragon (1387 – 1396). Gastone and Madeleine were the parents of,

44. CATHERINE de Foix
Queen Regnant of Navarre (1483 – 1515)
(Born 1470 – Died Feb 12, 1517 at Mont-de-Marsan, France), the sister and heiress of Francis Phoebus, King of Navarre (Born 1467 – Died 1484), Catherine was married (1484 at Orthez) to JEAN II d’ Albret (Born 1469 – Died June 17, 1516), King consort of Navarre (1484 – 1515) the son of Alain II d’ Albret, Duke of Guienne and his wife Francoise of Brittany, Viscountess of Limoges, the daughter and co-heiress of Guillaume de Chatillon-Blois, Viscount of Limoges. Catherine and Jean II were the parents of,

45. HENRY II d’ Albret
King of Navarre (1517 – 1555)
(Born April 18, 1503 at Sanquesa – Died May 25, 1555 at Pau). Henry II was married (Jan 24, 1527) to MARGEURITE d’ Angouleme (Born April 11, 1492 at Angouleme – Died Dec 21, 1549 at Odos-en-Bigorre), the widow of Charles IV, Duke of Alencon, and sister of Francis I, King of France (1515 – 1547) being the daughter of Charles of Valois, Comte d’ Angouleme, by his wife Louise of Savoy, Comtesse and Duchesse d’Angouleme, the daughter of Philip I, Count of Savoy. Henry and Margeurite were the parents of,

46. JEANNE III d’ Albret
Queen Regnant of Navarre (1555 – 1572)
(Born Jan 7, 1528 – Died June 9, 1572 at Paris). She was married firstly (as his first wife) (1540 at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Paris) to William V, Duke of Cleves (1539 – 1592) (Born July 28, 1516 – Died Jan 5, 1592), son of Johann III, Duke of Cleves, by his wife Maria of Juliers (Julich) the  daughter and heiress of William III, Duke of Juliers-Berg. This marriage remained childless and was annulled (1543).
Jeanne III was married secondly (Oct 20, 1548) to ANTOINE of Bourbon, King consort of Navarre (Born April 22, 1518 – Died Nov 17, 1562, from wounds received at the siege of Rouen), the son of Charles of Bourbon, Duke of Vendome, by his wife Francoise d’ Alencon, the daughter of Rene, Duke of Alencon. Queen Jeanne and Antoine de Bourbon were the parents of,

47. HENRY IV of France
King of France (1589 – 1610) (III of Navarre 1572 – 1610)
(Born Dec 14, 1553 at Pau in Navarre – assassinated May 14, 1610, outside the Louvre Palace in Paris by an insane monk). Henry was married firstly (Aug 18, 1572) in Paris to Margeurite de Valois (Born May 14, 1553, at St Germain-en-Laye, near Paris – Died March 27, 1615 at Paris), the daughter of Henry II, King of France (1547 – 1559), by his wife Catherine de Medici, daughter of Lorenzo de Medici, Duke of Urbino. This marriage remained childless and was annulled (1599).
Henry IV was married secondly (Dec 29, 1600 at Lyons, Burgundy) to MARIE de Medici, Princess of Tuscany (Born April 26, 1573 at Florence – Died July 3, 1642 at Cologne in Germany), the daughter of Francesco I de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1574 – 1587) and his first wife the Archduchess Johanna of Austria, daughter of Maximilian II, Emperor of Austria (1564 – 1576). Henry IV and Marie de Medici were the parents of,

48. HENRIETTA MARIA de Bourbon
Princess of France
(Born Nov 26, 1609 at the Louvre Palace in Paris – Died Aug 21, 1669 at the Chateau of Colombes, near Paris). She was married (June 13, 1625) at St Augustine’s Church, Canterbury, Kent to CHARLES I, King of England (1625 – 1649) (Born Nov 19, 1600 at Dunfermline Palace, Fife – executed by order of Cromwell’s Parliament at Jan 30, 1649 at Whitehall Palace, London), the second son of James I, King of England (VI of Scotland) by his wife Anne of Denmark, the daughter of Frederik II, King of Denmark, and his second wife Sophia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, the daughter of Ulrich III, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Queen Henrietta Maria and Charles I were the parents of,

49. JAMES II of England
King of England (1685 – 1688)
(Born Oct 14, 1633, at St James’s Palace, London – Died Sept 6, 1701, at St Germain-en-Laye, near Paris) the brother of Charles II (1660 – 1685). As Duke of York James was married firstly (secretly) (Nov 24, 1659) at Breda in Holland, and publicly (Sept 3, 1660) at Worcester House in the Strand, London, Lady ANNE Hyde (Born March 12, 1637) at Cranbourne Lodge, Windsor in Berkshire – Died March 31, 1671 at St James’s Palace, London, the daughter of Sir Edward Hyde, first Earl of Clarendon by his second wife Frances Aylesbury, the daughter of Sir Thomas Aylesbury.
James was married secondly (Nov 21, 1673 at Dover, Kent) to Mary Beatrice d’ Este, Princess of Modena (Born (Sept 25, 1658 at the Ducal Palace in Modena – Died May 7, 1718 at the Chateau of St Germain-en-Laye, near Paris, the daughter of Alfonso IV d’ Este, Duke of Modena by his wife Laura Martinozzi, the daughter of Girolamo Martinozzi, by his wife Margeurita Mazzarini, the daughter of Pietro Mazzarini, and the sister of the infamous Cardinal Jules Mazarin. James II and his first wife Anne Hyde were the parents of,

50. ANNE Stuart
Queen of Great Britain and Ireland (1702 – 1714)
(Born Feb 6, 1665) at St James’s Palace, London – Died Aug 1, 1714 at Kensington Palace, London and buried within Westminster Abbey), the younger sister of Mary II, wife of William III, whom she succeeded in 1702.
Anne was married (July 28, 1683at the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, London) to Prince GEORGE of Denmark (born April 2, 1653 at Copenhagen – Died Oct 28, 1708 at Kensington Palace, London), the son of Frederik III, King of Denmark, by his wife Sophia Amalia of Brunswick-Luneburg, the sister of Ernst Augustus, Elector of Hanover, father of the future King George I, and the daughter of George, Duke of Brunswick-Luneberg, by his wife Anne Eleonore of Hesse-Darmstadt, the daughter of Louis V, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt. Despite having suffered nineteen pregnancies Queen Anne left no surviving issue.