35 Generations                                         

1. KLEPH (Cleph)
(Born c530 – Died before Sept, 572), King of Lombardy (572 – 574).
His parentage remains unrecorded. Kleph was married (c550) to MASANA N (Born c535 – Died before 572) of unrecorded parentage. Kleph was murdered by his manservant. Kleph and Masana were the parents of,

2. ROMILDA of Lombardy
(Born c567 – Died 611 at Cividale)
Romilda was the sister of King Authari of Lombardy (582 – 590). Romilda was the married (c583) to GISULF I (Born c560 – Died 611 at Cividale), Duke of Friuli (c589 – 611), the son of Duke Grasulf I of Friuli and his wife NN of Lombardy, the unnamed daughter of Audoin, King of Lombardy (died c565).
Duke Gisulf was killed defending the city of Cividale against the Avar invaders. Duchess Romilda, thinking to spare her own life, treacherously opened the city to the Avars and a great slaughter of the inhabitants ensued. Romilda was the mistress for one night of the Avar general, who then callously abandoned her to the sexual depredations of his chief followers before ordering the duchess to be impaled alive outside the city, as a fit reward for her treason. Romilda and Gisulf I were the parents of,

3. APPA of Friuli (Acca)
(Born c595 – Died before 643)
Appa was taken captive by the Avars and sold into slavery but was redeemed and made a suitable royal marriage with (c613) LEUTHAIR II (Born c580 – Died 643), Duke of of Alemannia (c631 – 643), the son of Duke Kunzo (608 – c631) and his wife NN. Appa and Leuthair were the parents of,

4. NN of Alemannia (an unnamed son)
(Born c620)
He was married to NN, the unnamed daughter of Willibald (Born c595 – Died 642) patrician of Burgundy, a descendant of Godomar, King of Burgundy (523 – 532).

5. GODFREY of Alemannia (Godofried)
Duke of Alemannia (687 – 709)
(Born c650 – Died 709)
He was married (c683) to UTA of Bavaria (Born c665 – Died before Dec 11, 718), the daughter of Theudebert II, Duke of Bavaria and his first wife Regintrude of Austrasia, the daughter of Dagobert I, King of Austrasia and Neustria (629 – 639) and his concubine Ragnetrude N. Godfrey and Uta were the parents of,

6. NEBI-HUOCHING of Alemannia
Duke of Alemannia
(Born c690 – Died 727)
He was married to Hersuinda N and left issue,

7. NEBI of Alemannia (Huabi)
Duke of Alemannia and Count in the Linzgau (727 – c779)
(Born c707 – Died c779).
The identity of his wife remains unknown. Duke Nebi was the father of,

8. EMMA of Alemannia (Imma)
(Born c732 – Died 788)
Emma was married (c747) to GEROLD I of Vinzgau, Count of Kraichgau (Born c725 – Died 799 being killed in battle against the Avars), probably the son of Duke Theudebald of Alemannia. If this parentage can be proved correct then Emma and Gerold were cousins. Their younger daughter Hildegarde of Vinzgau became the third wife of the Emperor Charlemagne and was mother of the Emperor Louis I the Pious (816 – 840). Emma and Gerold were the parents of,

9. ERMENTRUDE of Vinzgau (Irmentrude)
(Born c753 – Died 820)
Ermentrude was married (before 770) to WELF I of Altdorf (Born c745 – Died before 800), the son of Ruthard, Count in the Argengau and his wife Hermenlinde, the daughter of Berthold N. Ermentrude and Welf I were the parents of,

10. WELF II of Altdorf
Count of Altdorf and Bavaria
(Born c775 – Died Sept 3, 819) He was married (c795) to HEILWIG of Engern (Born c781 – Died after Nov 3, 833), the daughter of Bruno II, Count of Engern and his wife Hasalda of Saxony, the daughter of Duke Widukind (Wittukind). As a widow Countess Heilwig became the Abbess of the convent of St Marie at Chelles, near Paris. Welf II and Countess Heilwig were the parents of,

11. CONRAD I of Argengau
Count of Argengau and Linzgau, Count of Alemannia and Count of Auxerre
(Born c800 – Died Sept 21, 862)
He was married (c836) to ADELAIDE of Tours (Born c819 – after 862), the daughter of Hugh II of Alsace, Count of Tours and Orleans and his wife Ava of Hamelant, the daughter of Count Eberhard I of Hamelant. Conrad and Adelaide left issue.

12. CONRAD II of Burgundy
Count of Auxerre and of Burgundy (862 – 875)
 (Born c839 – Died 875), He was married firstly (c855) to ERMENTRUDE of Sundgau (Born c840 – Died c859) the daughter of Liutfrid II of Alsace, Count of Sundgau and secondly (c859 – c860) to Judith of Friuli (Waldrada) (Born c842 – Died c903), the daughter of Eberhard, Duke of Friuli and his wife Gisela of Neustria, the daughter of the Emperor Louis I the Pious (816 – 840). As a widow Countess Judith remarried to Count Adalbert II of Thurgau. Conrad and his first wife Ermentrude were the parents of Rudolf I, King of Burgundy (888 – 912) and of his sister,

13. ADALGUNDE of Burgundy
(Born c856 – Died c902)
Adalgunde was married (c871) to ERENFRIED I (Born c850 – Died c904), Count of Bliesgau and Charmois, and left issue,

14. EBERHARD I of Bliesgau
Count of Keldachgau and Bonngau
(Born c876 – Died c937)
Eberhard was the brother of Adelaide of Bliesgau, the wife of Louis II the Blind, King of Provence. The identity of his wife remains unknown. Count Eberhard I was the father of,

15. ERENFRIED II of Zulpichgau
Count of Zulpichgau and Bonngau and Count of Keldachgau and Avelgau
(Born c905 – Died c970)
He was married (c933) to RICHWARA of Boulogne (Born c917 – Died 963) the daughter of Adelulf of Flanders, Count of Boulogne and the great-granddaughter of Alfred the Great, King of England (871 – 899). Erenfried II and Richwara were the parents of,

16. HERMANN Pusillus of Avelgau
Count of Avelgau, Bonngau and Keldachgau
(Born c935 – Died July 16, 996)
He was married firstly (c953), Heilwig of Dillingen (Born c937 – Died Jan 22, c970). Hermann was married secondly (c975) N of Aders, the daughter of Henry, Count of Aders, by his wife Adelaide of Monchenthal. Hermann and his second wife were the parents of,

17. ADOLF I of Avelgau
(Born c980 – Died after 1041)
He was appointed as bailli (vogt) of Deutz. The identity of his wife remains unknown. Adolf I was the father of,

18. ADOLF II of Avelgau
(Born c1005 – Died after 1041)
He succeeded his father as bailli of Deutz. The identity of his wife remains unknown. Adolf II was the father of,

19. ADOLF  I of Berg
(Born c1030 – Died 1083)
Count of Berg (1077 – 1083), bailli of Gerresheim (1059 – 1068), bailli of Werden (1063 – 1065), and bailli of Deutz and Berg from 1068. The identity of his wife remains unknown. Adolf I of Berg was the father of,

20. ADOLF II of Berg
Count of Berg (1083 – 1090) and Count of Hovel (Huvili)
(Born c1050 – Died c1090)
He was married (c1075) to ADELAIDE of Laufen (Born c1059 – Died c1104) the daughter of Henry, Count of Laufen and his wife Ida of Werle-Hovel. Countess Adelaide was remarried secondly to Count Frederick I of Sommerschenburg). Adolf II and Adelaide of Laufen were the parents of,

21. ADOLF III of Berg
Count of Berg-Hovel (c1090 – 1106) and bailli of Werden
(Born c1080 – Died July 31, 1106)
He was married (c1097 – c1100) to ADELAIDE of Cleves (Born c1082 – Died after 1106), the daughter of Arnold I, Count of Cleves and his wife Ida of Louvain, the daughter of Godfrey I of Louvain, Duke of North Lorraine.

22. ADOLF IV of Berg
Count of Berg-Hovel (1106 – 1161)
(Born c1102 – Died after Oct 12, 1161, and was buried at Abbey of Altenberg)
Adolf IV was the bailli of Werden, Deutz, Dunwald, Kappenberg, Siegburg, Gerresheim and Essen. He was married (before 1130) IRMENGARDE of Schwarzenburg-Sponheim (Born c1110 – Died before 1161), the daughter of Engelbert, Hallgrave of Schwarzenburg-Sponheim, and a relative of Frederick I, Archbishop of Cologne. Adolf IV and Countess Irmengarde were the parents of,

23. Eberhard of Berg
Count of Berg and Altena, and Hovel (1161 – 1180)
(Born c1130 – Died Jan 23, 1180)
He was the bailli of Essen, Werden and Kappenberg, and was married (c1150 – c1155) to ADELAIDE of Arnsberg-Rietberg (Born c1137 – Died after 1200), the daughter of Henry, Count of Arnsberg-Rietberg. As a widow Adelaide became a nun and served as Abbess of Meschede and Oedingen. Eberhard and Countess Adelaide were the parents of,

24. FREDERICK I of Altena
Count of Altena (1170 – 1199)
(Born c1159 – Died 1199)
He was married (c1179) to ALVERADA of Krieckenbeck-Millendonck (Born c1163 – Died c1220), daughter of Rainer, Count of Krieckeneck-Millendonk. Frederick and Countess Alverada were the parents of,

25. ADOLF I of Altena
Count of Altena (1199 – 1249) and Count of the Mark (1225 – 1249)
(Born c1184 – Died June 28, 1249)
He also served as bailli of Werden and Cappenberg. Adolf I was married firstly (c1204) to Luitgarde of Looz (Born c1188 – Died c1209), daughter of Gerhard II, Count of Looz. Adolf I was married secondly (before April 7, 1210) to IRMENGARDE of Gueldres (Born c1195 – Died after 1230), the daughter of Otto I, Count of Gueldres and his wife Richarda of Bavaria, the daughter of Otto V, Duke of Bavaria (1180 – 1183). Adolf I and Countess Irmengarde were the parents of,

26. ENGELBERT I of the Mark
Count of the Mark (1249 – 1277)
(Born c1218 – Died Nov 16, 1277, and buried within the Abbey of Cappenberg).  Engelbert was a canon of St Andrew in Cologne (Koln) (1240) but he resigned this office (1243). Engelbert I was married firstly (c1253) to KUNIGUNDE of Bliecastel (Born c1237 – Died 1265), the daughter of Henry I, Count of Bliecastel, and secondly (c1266) to Elisabeth of Falkenburg (Born c1245 – Died after 1277), the daughter of Dietrich, Count of Falkenburg. Engelbert I and Countess Kunigunde were the parents of,

27. EBERHARD I of the Mark
Count of the Mark (1277 – 1308)
(Born c1255 – Died July 4, 1308, and was buried at Abbey of Frondenberg)
He also served as bailli of Essen. Eberhard I was married firstly (Jan 29, 1273) to IRMENGARDE of Berg (Born c1255 – Died March 22, 1294, buried in the Abbey of Frondenberg), the daughter of Adolf VI, Count of Berg (Duke of Limburg as Adolf VII) and his wife Margarethe von Hochstaden. Eberhard I was married secondly to Countess Maria von Looz. Eberhard and Countess Irmengarde were the parents of,

28. ENGELBERT II of the Mark
Count of the Mark (1308 – 1328) and Count of Arenberg
(Born c1275 – Died July 18, 1328)
He served as bailli of Werden and Essen. Engelbert II was married firstly (c1294) to Meteka von Wesemaele (Born c1276 – Died before 1299) and secondly (Jan 25, 1299) to MATILDA of Arenberg, the daughter of John, Burgrave of Arenberg by his wife Catherine of Julich. Engelbert II and Countess Matilda were the parents of,

29. ADOLF II of the Mark
Count of the Mark (1328 – 1349) and bailli of Werden and Essen
(Born c1302 – Died 1347)
He was married firstly (c1320) to Irmengarde of Cleves (Born c1310 – Died Aug 6, 1362), the daughter of Count Otto I of Cleves (1305 – 1310) and his second wife Matilda of Virneburg, the daughter of Count Rupert II of Virneburg. Adolf and Irmengarde remained childless and were divorced (c1323). Irmengarde then remarried (1324) to Johann, Count of Arkel (died 1359).
Adolf II was married secondly (March 15, 1332) to MARGARET of Cleves (Born c1312 – Died c1341), the daughter of Dietrich IX, Count of Cleves (1310 – 1349) and his first wife Margaret of Gueldres, the daughter of Rainald I, Duke of Gueldres. Adolf and Margaret were the parents of,

30. ADOLF I of Cleves
Count of Cleves (1392 – 1394) and Count of the Mark (1357 – 1394)
(Born c1335 – Died Sept 7, 1394)
Originally destined for the church, Adolf was Bishop of Munster and Archbishop of Cologne, which offices he resigned in 1364, in order to marry and produce heirs. Adolf I was married (1369) to MARGARET of Julich-Ravensberg (Born c1350 – Died 1429), daughter of Gerhard, Duke of Julich and Ravensberg and his wife Margaret of Ravensberg, the daughter and heiress of Count Otto of Ravensberg. Adolf I and Countess Margaret were the parents of,

31. ADOLF I of Cleves
Duke of Cleves (1417 – 1448) and Count of Cleves (1394 – 1448) and Count of the Mark (1398 – 1448)
(Born Aug 2, 1373 – Died Sept 23, 1448)
Adolf was married (March 2, 1400) to Agnes of the Palatine (Born 1379 – Died 1401), the daughter of Rupert III, Elector Palatine of the Rhine (1396 – 1410) and King of Germany (1400 – 1410) and his wife Elisabeth of Hohenzollern, Burgrave of Nuremburg (Nurnberg), the daughter of Frederick V of Hohenzollern, Burgrave of Nuremburg.
Adolf I was married secondly (July 12, 1406) to MARIE of Burgundy (1393 – Died Oct 30, 1463), the daughter of Jean the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy and his wife Margaret of Bavaria, the daughter of Ludwig VI of Bavaria, Elector of Brandenburg (1351 – 1365). Adolf and Marie were the parents of,

32. JOHANN I of Cleves
Duke of Cleves and Count of the Mark (1448 – 1481)
(Born Feb 16, 1419 – Died Sept 5, 1481)
He was married (April 22, 1455) to ELISABETH of Burgundy (Born 1437 – Died June 21, 1483) the heiress of the county of Nevers, the daughter of Jean of Burgundy, Comte d’ Etampes and his first wife Jacqueline de Brosse, the daughter of Jean II de Brosse, Comte de Penthievre. Johann I and Duchess Elisabeth were the parents of,

33. JOHANN II of Cleves
Duke of Cleves (1481 – 1521)
(Born April 13, 1458 – Died Jan 15, 1521). He was married (Sept 3, 1489) to MATILDA of Hesse-Marburg (Born July, 1473 – Died March 19, 1505), the daughter of Henry III, Landgrave of Hesse-Marburg (1458 – 1483) and his wife the Countess Anna von Katzenellenbogen, the daughter of Count Philipp I von Katzenellenbogen. Johann II and Duchess Matilda were the parents of,

34. JOHANN III of Cleves
Duke of Cleves (1521 – 1539), Duke of Julich and Berg, and Count of Ravensberg (1524 – 1539)
(Born Nov 10, 1490 – Died Feb 6, 1539). He was married (Oct 1, 1510) to MARIA of Julich-Berg (Born Aug 3, 1491 – Died Aug 29, 1543 at Schwanenberg Castle, Dusseldorf), the daughter of William IV, Duke of Julich-Berg and his wife Sibylla of Brandenburg, the daughter of Albert Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg. Johann III and the Duchess Maria were the parents of,

35. ANNE of Cleves
(Born Sept 22, 1515, at Schwanenberg Castle, Dusseldorf – Died July 16, 1557 at Chelsea in London).
Anne became the fourth wife (Jan 6, 1540 at Greenwich Palace, Kent) of Henry VIII (Born June 28, 1491 at Greenwich Palace – Died Jan 28, 1547 at Whitehall Palace in London and buried in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in Berkshire), King of England (1509 – 1547), the son of Henry VII, King of England, by his wife Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV, King of England (1461 – 1483). They were divorced six months afterwards (July 12, 1540) and there were no children. Anne of Cleves was buried within Westminster Abbey in London where her tomb remains.