Roman Vestal virgin, implicated in the conspiracy of Catiline, she was successfully defended by her brother-in-law Cicero, the husband of her half-sister Terentia.
(fl. 73 - 58 B.C.E.)

Fabia Aconia Paullina see Paullina, Fabia Aconia

Fabia Eudocia
Byzantine Augusta 610 - 612, daughter of Rogatus, governor of Africa, first wife of emperor Heraclius (575 - 641). Mother of emperor Constantius III (612 - 641).
(b. 593 - d. Aug 13, 612, Constantinople)

Fabia Numantina see Numantina, Fabia

Fabia Orestilla
Roman Imperial patrician, m. the future Gordian I (159 - 238 C.E.) but died long before he was elected emperor (238 C.E.). mother of Gordian II : grandmother of Gordian III.
(b. c173 - d. before 238 C.E.)

Fabia Victoria Iovina
Roman patron of Civita, proconsular Africa, wife of Lucius Lucceius Hadrianus.
(fl. c200 C.E.)

Fabiola (1)
Roman Christian patrician, traveller, and founder of pilgrim hostels in Palestine.
(b. c340 - d. Dec 27, 399 C.E., Rome)

Fabiola (2)
Roman Christian patrician, corresponded with St Jerome and St Augustine.
(b. c380 - bur. Nov 28, 452 C.E., Rome)

Fabiola (3)
Queen consort of the Belgians 1960 - 1993, she m. (1960, Brussels) King Baudouin I (1930 - 1993), the daughter of Gonzalo Mora y Fernandez, Marques de Casa Riera, and Blanca de Aragon y Carillo de Albornoz. No children.
(b. June 11, 1926, Madrid, Spain)

Fabray, Nanette
American actress, Margaret Ratcliffe in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939).
(b. Oct 27, 1920, San Diego, California)

Fabris, Eleanora
Italian-Australian contralto vocalist, Il Trovatore.
(b. c1840, Italy - d. April 14, 1910, Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Fabrizzi, Orsola
Italian vocalist, I Traci amanti (London, 1796).
(fl. c1780 - 1797)

Roman Republican patrician, first wife of the triumvir Marcus Antonius. Their children died in infancy. Cicero destroyed her family's genealogical records to insult Antonius.
(b. c80 - d. c48 B.C.E.)

Fadilla, Arria
Roman Imperial princess, dau. of Marcus Antonius and sister of Commodus, whom she alerted to a conspiracy against him in 189 C.E.
(b. 159 - d. before 213 C.E.)

Fagnani, Costanza Brusati, Marchesa
Italian society figure, mistress of Lord Pembroke and then of the Duke of Queensberry ('Old Q') by whom she was the mother of Maria Emilia, Marchioness of Hertford..
(b. Dec 6, 1747 - d. Jan 24, 1805, Milan, Lombardy)

Irish saint, of the royal house of Hyfiarchra of Connaught. Her three brothers were also revered as saints. The church of Killfaile (Killealy) is named in her honour.
(fl. c550)

Merovingian queen, m. Childebert, King of Austrasia and mother of Theuderic II (587 - 613). She and her husband were poisoned together according to tradition.
(b. c570 - murd. 595)

Fairbrother, Louisa (Sarah Louisa)
British actress, morganatic wife (1847) Prince George, Duke of Cambridge (1819 - 1904) cousin to Queen Victoria. Known as Mrs Fitzgeorge, her children bore that surname.
(b. 1816, Covent Garden, London - d. Jan 12, 1890, Mayfair, London)

Fairlie, Alison
British author
(b. 1917 - d. 1993)

Faith (Foy)
Gallo-Roman Christian martyr.
(d. c286 C.E., Agen, Gaul)

Falkland, Amelia Fitzclarence, Lady
British diplomatic memoirist, dau. of William IV, m. Lucius Cary, Viscount Falkland,, Governor of Bombay, India 1848 - 1853. Her memoirs, Chow Chow (1857).
(b. March 21, 1807 - d. July 2, 1858)

Falley, Margaret Dickson
American genealogist and author, she wrote Irish and Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research.
(b. Nov 8, 1898, Minneapolis, Minnesota - d. July 10, 1983, Lake Forest, Illinois)

Fallis, Barbara
American ballerina and dance educator
(b. 1924, Denver, Colorado - d. Sept 5, 1980, New York)

Falmouth, Mary Frances Elizabeth Stapleton, Lady
British peeress, seventeenth holder of the Barony of Falmouth 1831 - 1891.
(b. 1822 - d Nov 20, 1891)

Faltskog, Agnetha (Anna)
Swedish popular vocalist, member of ABBA.
(b. April 5, 1949)

Irish virgin saint, dau. of Conall the Red, Prince of Oriel, Ulster. She built the monastery of Rosairthir (Rossory) in Fermanagh, becoming abbess of that house.
(b. c460 C.E., Rathmore, near Clogher - d. Jan 1, c510)

Fane, Isabella
Anglo-Indian diarist 1835 - 1837.
(b. 1804, England - d. 1886, Pau, southern France)

Chinese empress, formerly a concubine, the third wife of emperor Jiajing (d. 1567).
(b. c1513 - d. 1547)

Roman Stoic, dau. of Thrasea Paetus, exiled. Friend of Pliny the Younger.
(b. c36 - d. 107 C.E.)

Carolingian heiress, last descendant of Remiston of Aquitaine, m. Donat Loup, Count of Bigorre. Ancestress of the ruling dynasties of Foix, Bearn, Aure, Montaner and Lavedan.
(fl. 820 - c830)

Faquilene of Astarac see Astarac, Faquilene d'

Fara see Burgundofara

Fare, Gabrielle Francoise Marie Victoire de Riquet de Caraman, Comtesse de la
French courtier of Louis XVI, m. (1) (1775) Gabriel Marie Joseph Henri, Comte de la Fare, m. (2) (c1796) Francois Joseph Alexis Joly.
(b. 1755 - d. 1841)

Farinato, Vittoria
Italian painter, daughter and pupil of artist Paolo Farinato.
(b. 1565, Verona - d. after 1606)

Farmer, Emily
British water colour painter, The Listener.
(b. 1826 - d. May 8, 1905)

Farnborough, Amelia Hulme, Lady
British horticulturalist and art critic.
(b. Jan 23, 1772, London - d. Jan 15, 1837, Bromley Hill, Kent)

Farnese, Elisabeth/Isabella see Elisabeth Maria Isabella

Farnese, Francesca
Italian saint
(b. 1593 - d. 1651)

Farquhar, Sybella Martha Leigh Bennett, Lady
British patrician and heiress, she was the descendant of the American Indian princess Pocohontas and the Englishman John Rolfe.
(b. 1786 - d. April 20, 1869)

Farrard, Jan
American actress
(b. 1928 - d. Nov, 1980)

Farrar, Phoebe
Australian pioneer in the Northern Territory
(b. 1868, Fish River, NT - d. 1960, Darwin)

Farrer, Margaret Irene
British gynaecologist
(b. Feb 23, 1914 - d. July 25, 1997)

Farrington, Sarah Chisholm
American writer
(b. 1907 - d. April, 1992)

Carolingian queen 783 - 794, dau. of Count Radolf, fourth wife of Charlemagne (742 - 814). Championed the dynastic claims of her stepson Louis I the Pious (778 - 840).
(b. c767 - d. Aug 10, 794, Frankfurt-am-Main)

Fasuko, Mayeda
Japanese princess, wife (1880) of Prince Arisugawa (1862 - 1913) of the Imperial family.

(b. Feb 13, 1864 - d. June 29, 1933)

Princess of Egypt, sister of King Farouk, murdered by her husband, Rhiad Ghali.
(b. Dec 17, 1930, Cairo, Egypt - shot Dec 10, 1976, Los Angeles, California)

Arab Muslim matriarch, dau. of the prophet Mohammed. Wife of Ali, Caliph of Baghdad (d. 661). Mother of caliphs Hasan and Huseim, and ancestress pf the Fatimid dynasty.
(b. 606 - d. 632)

Fatima Sultan Begum
Persian princess, sister of Shah Tahmasp II, m. Reza Quli Afshar. She killed herself after her father-in-law Nadir Shah caused the deaths of her brother and nephews.
(b. c1717 - suicide 1740)

Faucigny-Lucinge, Gisele Fabvier, Princesse de
French centenarian, died in her 101st year, m. Prince Humbert de Faucigny-Lucinge (1901 - 1959).
(b. March 21, 1903, Paris - d. March 5, 2004, Calvire-Cuire (Rhone).

Roman Christian saint, venerated on Dec 19, wife of Praetextato (Protasius) and mother of St Anastasia the Younger.
(fl. c279 - 304 C.E.)

Fausta, Flavia Maxima
Roman Augusta 313 - 326 C.E., wife of Constantine I (d. 337). Executed for adultery and dynastic conspiracy against her stepson Crispus. Suffocated in her bath. Coins survive.
(b. c287 - d. April, 326 C.E.)

Faustina I, Annia Galeria
Roman Augusta 138 - 140 C.E., m. emperor Antoninus Pius. Mother of Faustina II. Established the puellae Faustinianae, for support and education of girls from poor families. Deified.
(b. c94 - d. 140 C.E.)

Faustina II, Annia Galeria Lucilla
Roman Augusta 147 - 175 C.E., dau. of Antoninus Pius, m. Marcus Aurelius. Mother of Commodus. Possibly involved with the rebellion of Avidius Cassius. Coins survive.
(b. c130 - d. 175 C.E., Faustinopolis (Halala), Asia Minor)

Spanish Infanta, daughter and heiress of Favila, King of the Asturias and Froiluba, m. Luitfredo III, Duke of Suevena.(fl. c755 - c770)

Faydiva of Uzes
French Crusader to Palestine 1147 - 1148, companion of Eleanor of Aquitaine, m. (c1130) Alfonso I Jordan, Count of Toulouse (1104 - 1148). Stepmother of Count Raymond V.
(b. c1110 - d. 1155)

Febronia of Lombardy
Saint, daughter of King Aistulf. Nun at convent of All Saints (later San Marino), Pavia.
(b. c733 - d. Feb 14, c780, Pavia, Lombardy, Italy)

Febronia of Vladimir (Euphrosyne)
Russian saint, m. Prince Peter of Vladimir. Husband and wife took religious vows in old age, shortly before their deaths.The church honoured her as a saint on June 25.
(b. c1163 - d. 1228, Murov)

Fedelmia (Feidelmai)
Irish virgin saint, dau. of King Laoghaire, sister of Ethnea. Converted by St Patrick. Venerated on Jan 11.
(b. c416 - d. c433 C.E., Cliabach, near Rathcroghen)

Feilden, Olivia Constance Leonora
British Justice of the Peace for Hantshire (1950).
(b. July 3, 1908 - d. 1975)

Feitel, Barbara
American psychologist
(b. 1929 - d. Oct, 1993)

Fel, Marie
French soprano, mistress of the painter Maurice Quentin de La Tour.
(b. 1713 - d. 1794)

Felbrigg, Margaret von Teschen, Lady
Polish princess, dau. of Primislav, Duke of Teschen. Third wife of Sir Simon Felbrigg.
(b. c1363, Teschen, Silesia, Poland - d. 1416, Felbrigg, Norfolk, England)

Felicia of Barbarano
Italian Franciscan saint, known for devotion to prayer and her ascetism. Her biography was written by Bonsignore Cacciaguerra (1568).
(b. 1527, near Rome - d. 1553)

Felicia of Hauteville
Queen consort of Hungary 1097 - 1102, first wife (1097) of King Koloman (1065 - 1114). She was the daughter of Roger I, Count of Sicily, and was the mother of King Stepehen II (1101 - 1131). The Hungarians called her ' Buzilla ' and she died whilst on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
(b. c1079, Apulia, Sicily - d. 1102, Jerusalem, Palestine)

Felicia of Roucy
Queen of Aragon 1063 - c1086, m. Sancho V Ramirez (d. 1094). Divorced for political reasons despite the fact that she had borne three sons, including Alfonso I (1073 - 1134).
(b. c1057 - d. 1123)

Felicitas (1)
Roman Christian patrician widow whose seven sons were tortured to death before her. She was executed several months later, being beheaded because of her rank.
(b. c114 - d. Nov 23, 160 C.E., Rome)

Felicitas (2)
Roman Christian abbess of Hippo, Carthage, sister to St Augustine.
(b. c340 - d. 420 C.E.)

Fenn, Eleanor Frere, Lady
British children's author, her pseudonym ' Mrs Teachwell', The Fairy Spectator (1789).
(b. 1743 - d. Nov 1, 1813)

Fennena of Kiuavia
Queen of Hungary c1291 - 1295, daughter of Ziemovit, Duke of Kiuavia. First wife of Andrew III (1271 - 1301). Mother of St Elizabeth of Hungary (the younger).
(b. 1276 - d. 1295, Buda)

Fenton, Lavinia
British actress, famous in the role of Polly Peachum in The Beggars Opera (1728). She m. (1751) Charles Paulet, Duke of Bolton, as his second wife.
(b. 1708 - d. Jan 24, 1760, Westcombe Park, Greenwich, London)

Fenwick, Millicent Hammond
American politician
(b. c1902 - d. Sept 16, 1992)

Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
German princess, the daughter of Prince Ernest and his wife Feodora, the half-sister to Queen Victoria. She m. (1894, at Langenburg) Emich Karl, 5th Prince of Leiningen (1866 - 1939).
(b. July 23, 1866, Langenburg - d. Nov 1, 1932, Waldleiningen)

Feodora of Leiningen
German princess, elder half-sister of Queen Victoria, daughter of the Duchess of Kent, and her first husband Emich Charles, Prince of Leiningen. Briefly considered as a wife for George IV, she m. (1828) Prince Ernest of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1794 - 1860).
(b. Dec 7, 1807, Amorbach, Thuringia - d. Sept 23, 1872, Baden-Baden)

Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen
Grand duchess of Saxe-Weimar 1910 - 1918, m.last Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst.
(b. May 29, 1890, Hanover, Germany - d. March 12, 1972, Freiburg-im-Breisgau)

Fercinta (Ferrocinta)
Spanish saint, a recluse at Toledo renowned for her sanctity and piety. Venerated in Limousin and Poitou, France on Nov 13.
(fl. c550)

Ferguson, Harriet Rankin
American community activist, president of the Girl Scouts of American 1946 - 1952.
(b. June 6, 1888 - d. Jan 14, 1966)

Ferlotti Rinaldi, Teresa
Italian ballet dancer, performed at King's Theatre, Haymarket, L'Espiegle soubrette.
(fl. c1780 - 1795)

Fermoy , Ruth Sylvia Gill, Lady
British courtier and pianist, lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, wife of George VI. Grandmother of Princess Diana, the daughter-in-law of Elizabeth II.
(b. 1908, Bieldside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - d. July 6, 1993, Buckingham Palace, London)

Ferrieres, Isabel de
Norman religious patron, m. (1) Roger Mortimer, Lord of Wigmore (d. 1214) : m. (2) Piers Fitzherbert (d. 1235). She built the chapel attached to the Hospital of St John of Lechlade.
(b. c1181 - d. before April 29, 1252)

Greek Christian martyr, killed during the persecutions of emperor Diocletian, together with twenty others who refused to abjure the Christian faith.
(d. c301 C.E., Nicomedia, Bithynia, Asia Minor)

Fessenden, Clementina
Canadian patriot, journalist, and ardent Imperialist, founder of Empire Day.
(b. c1846, Trenholm, Trenholme, Quebec, Canada - d. Sept 14, 1918, Ontario, Canada)

Festing, Gabrielle
British writer, John Hookham Frere and His Friends.
(b. c1851, Kensington, London - d. April 17, 1924)

Fetti, Lucrina
Italian painter, she produced portraits of the Gonzaga family of Mantua.
(b. c1595 - d. 1651)

Feuer, Kathryn Beliveau
American scholar
(b. 1926 - d. March, 1992)

Ffrangcon-Davies, Dame Gwen
British actress
(b. Jan 25, 1891 - d. Jan 27, 1992)

ffrench, Rose Dillon, Lady
Irish peeress 1798 - 1805 as 1st Baroness ffrench, widow of Sir Charles ffrench, 1st bt (d. 1784). The peerage was granted in honour of her late husband's services to the Crown.
(b. c1740 - d. Dec 8, 1805, Dublin)

Fibich, Judith Berg
American choreographer, Look Up and Live : Lamp Unto My Feet.
(b. 1911, New Jersey - d. 1992, Manhattan, New York)

Filastre, Francoise
French poisoner, implicated in the 'Affairs of the Poisons' 1679 - 1680.
(b. 1645 - burnt alive Oct, 1680, Paris)

Field, Sylvia
American actress
(b. 1900 - d. July 31, 1998)

Field, Virginia
American actress
(b. 1947 - d. Jan, 1992)

Fields, Annie Adams
American writer, biographer, and Boston society hostess, friend of Sarah Orne Jewett.
(b. June 6, 1834, Boston, Massachusetts - d. Jan 5, 1915)

Fields, Dorothy
American songwriter and librettist, 'The Way You Look Tonight', in Swing Time (1936).
(b. July 15, 1905, Allenhurst, New Jersey - d. 1974)

Fields, Dame Gracie
British singer and actress, Holy Matrimony (1943) : Molly and Me (1945). DBE (1979).
(b. Jan 9, 1898, Rochdale, England - d. 1979)

Fields, Marje
American talent agent for placing actors in television advertising.
(b. 1920 - d. Jan 27, 1998, Manhattan, New York)

Irish concubine, mistress of Oswiu, King of Northumbria, and mother of King Aldfrith (c650 - 705). Accused of connivance in the murder of Peada of Mercia (656).
(fl. c635 - 656)

Fincana of Dalriada
Irish virgin saint, daughter of King Donald I Brek. One of the 'Nine Maidens.' Lived the religious life at Abernethy. Not to be confused with Fyncana.
(b. c620 - d. Aug 21, c670)

Finch, Anne, Countess of Winchilsea see Winchilsea, Countess of

Finch, Flora
British-American comic actress, Bunny's Suicide (1912) : The Women (1939)
(b. 1869, London - d. 1940)

Findlay, Dame Harriet Jane (Lady Findlay)
British civic activist, CBE (1929).
(b. March 12, 1880 - d. July 24, 1954)

Findlay, Helen
American gallery director
(b. 1909 - d. Sept, 1992)

Queen of Scotland, daughter of Sinill, mormaer of Moray, m. King Lulach (1031 - 1058), mother of Malsnechtai, earl of Moray (c1053 - 1085).
(fl. c1050 - 1057)

Finnia (Findia, Fine)
Irish saint, daughter of Cennfaeladh, King of Deisi, sister of St Ita.
(b. c485 C.E. - d. Sept 28, c550)

Queen of Tirconaill c1422 - 1439, daughter of the dynast of Offaley, widow of King Niall 'the Rough,' m. (2) Aedh of Clannaboy (d. 1444). Highly honoured during her lifetime. Became a nun during her long widowhood.
(b. c1405 - d. July 25, 1493, Killeigh Abbey)

Firmina (1)
Roman Christian martyr, executed with her judge Olympiades, whom she had converted. Arrested for providing comfort to imprisoned Christians.
(b. c275 - d. Dec 1, c303 C.E., near Civita Vecchia)

Firmina (2)
Roman Christian patrician, Pope Gelasius I corresponded with her. Ennodius of Ticinum wrote two poems in her honour, including de murena inlustris feminae Firminae.
(fl. 496 C.E. - 508)

Persian princess, daughter of King Peroz I, m. Ephthalite king. Sister and mother-in-law of King Kavadh I : maternal grandmother of King Chrosroes I (c500 - 579).
(fl. c450 - c470 C.E.)

Fish, Marian Anthon (Mrs Stuyvesant Fish)
American society leader and salon hostess
(b. June 8, 1853, Grimes Hill, Staten Island, New York - d. May 25, 1915, Glenclyffe)

Fischer, Annette
American activist
(b. 1945 - d. July, 1992)

Fischer, Annie
Hungarian pianist
(b. 1914 - d. 1995)

Fisher, Carrie
American actress, Leia in Star Wars (1977), author of Postcards From the Edge (1987).
(b. Oct 21, 1956, Los Angeles, California)

Fisher, Margery Lilian Edith
British writer
(b. 1913 - d. 1992)

Fisher, Mary Frances Kennedy
American culinary writer, translator of Brillat-Savarin's The Physiology of Taste.
(b. July 3, 1908, Albion, Michigan - d. June 23, 1992, Glen Ellen, California)

Fisher, Patricia Smiles, Lady
British chairwoman
(b. April 5, 1921 - d. 1995)

Fisher, Phyllis Anne
British educator
(b. 1913 - d. 1994)

Fisher, Sarah Logan
American colonial diarist
(b. c1751 - d. 1796)

Fitnat Khanim
Turkish writer
(b. c1725 - d. 1780)

Fitton, Mary (Lady Polwhele)
English courtier, maid-of-honour to Elizabeth I. Mistress of Lord Pembroke, she was long mistakenly identified as the ' Dark Lady' of Shakespeare's sonnets.
(b. 1578, Gawsworth, Cheshire - d. 1547)

Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Amelie
British principal of the City and Guilds of London Art School 1967 - 1973.
(b. Oct 26, 1920, London - d. Nov 9, 1997, Salisbury, Wiltshire)

Fitzgerald, Ella
Black American jazz vocalist, Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook (1956) : The Duke Ellington Songbook (1957).
(b. April 25, 1917, Newport News, Virginia
d. June 15, 1996, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California)

Fitzgerald, Geraldine
Irish actress, Wuthering Heights (1939) : Dark Victory (1939) : The Mango Tree (1977).
(b. Nov 24, 1912, Dublin, Ireland)

Fitzgerald, Marion
Irish war worker, VAD commandant during WW I. CBE (1920).
(b. 1860, Battlefield House, Kerry, Ireland - d. Feb 11, 1928)

Fitzgerald, Pamela Sims, Lady
Irish beauty, wife of patriot Lord Edward Fitzgerald (1763 - 1798). Educated in the household of Philippe Egalite, Duc d'Orleans and Madame de Genlis.
(b. 1773, Fogo Island, Newfoundland - d. Nov, 1831, Paris)

Fitzgerald, Shara Kennedy
Australian cystic fibrosis activist
(b. Jan 9, 1972, Melbourne, Victoria - d. Jan 9, 2004, Melbourne)

Fitzgerald, Lady Sophia
Irish philanthropist and diarist, sister of patriot Lord Edward Fitzgerald.
(b. 1761 - d. 1826, Dutton)

Fitzherbert, Maria Anne
British morganatic first wife 1785 - 1796 of George, Prince of Wales (George IV). A Catholic, the union was not recognized by the terms of the Royal Marriage Act (1772).
(b. 1756 - d. 1837)

FitzJames, Lady Catherine
British religious, the natural daughter of King James II 1685 - 1688 and his mistress Arabella Churchill (Mrs Godfrey). Unmarried and raised a Catholic she became a Benedictine nun at Pontoise, taking the religious name of Ignatia after her profession.
(b. 1674, London - d. 1704, Pontoise, Val d'Oise, near Paris)

FitzJames, Marie Claudie Sylvie de Thiard de Bisey, Duchesse de
French courtier of Louis XV and Louis XVI, m. (1769) Jacques Charles Stuart, 3rd Duc de Fitzjames (1743 - 1805) and was the mother of Edouard Stuart, Duc de Fitzjames (1776 - 1808). An emigre, she survived the Revolution and appeared at the court of Napoleon I.
(b. 1752 - d. June 10, 1812)

Fitzjames, Victoire Louise de Matignon, Duchesse de
French society figure, courtier of Louis XV, m. (1741) Charles Stuart, 2nd Duc de Fitzjames (1712 - 1787), Governor of the Limousin, the grandson of James II of England. Mother of Jacques Charles Stuart, 3rd Duc de FitzJames (1743 - 1805).
(b. Aug 9, 1722 - d. Aug 7, 1777)

Fitzwarin, Frances Kitson, Lady
English patrician, her m. to her stepbrother John Bourchier, Lord Fitzwarin (1529 - 1556) was a dynastic alliance. Mother of William Bourchier, 4th Earl of Bath (1557 - 1623).
(b. c1530 - d. 1586)

Fitzwilliam, Maud Frederica Elizabeth Dundas, Countess
British Scout Commander, South Yorkshire 1921 - 1940, CBE (1920)
(b. July 9, 1877 - d. March 15, 1967)

Roman patrician, m. Marcus Valerius Fronto, mother of Martial (M. Valerius Martialis) (c40 - 104 C.E.) the famous poet and epigrammatist.
(fl. c35 - c50 C.E.)

Flaccilla, Aelia Flavia
Roman Augusta 379 - 386 C.E., first wife of emperor Theodosius I. Mother of emperors Arcadius and Honorius. Gregory of Nyssa preached her funeral oration. Coins survive.
(b. c358, Hispania (Spain) - d. Sept 14, 386 C.E., Scotumin, Thrace)

Flanders, Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Countess of
Belgian princess, m. (1867) Prince Philip (1837 - 1905) brother of King Leopold II.
(b. Nov 17, 1845, Sigmaringen, Germany - d. Nov 26, 1912, Brussels, Belgium)

Queen of Ireland, dau. of Donnchadh, m. King Muirchteartach 'of the Leather-Cloaks' (d. 943). Mother of Domnall of Armagh, high King of Ireland (c929 - 980).
(b. c910 - d. 940)

Flast, Florence Fassler
American chairwoman of the New York Committee on Public Education and Religious Liberty.
(b. 1920, Manhattan, New York - d. Aug 15, 1992, Novato, California)

Merovingian founder, m. duke Wadelenus. Visited St Columbanus at Luxeuil, and founded a convent at Besancon during her widowhood.
(b. c575 - d. c630)

Flavia Domitilla see Domitilla, Flavia

Flavia Gabrielia
Greek patrician matron, who held municpial office at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt. A receipt addressed to her through her agent Christopher survives.
(fl. 553)

Flavia Juliana
Byzantine princess, relative of the Byzantine emperor Maurice, m.Visigothic prince Athanagild, and was the grandmother of Visigothic king Ervigio (c630 - 687).
(b. c587 - d. c615)

Flavia Mamilia
Roman Vestal virgin, chief priestess (Virgo Maxima), sister of Flavius Silvinus and Flavius Irenaeus. Her kinsman Aemilius Rufinus erected an inscription in her honour.
(fl. 242 C.E.)

Roman matron convicted of adultery by the prefect Maximinus. On her way to execution her clothes were torn from her, and for this outrage the executioner was burned alive.
(b. c340 - d. c371 C.E.)

Flavia Pollitta
Roman patrician, land and slave owner
(fl. c210 - 251 C.E.)

Flavia Publicia
Roman Vestal virgin, held the office of chief priestess (Virgo Maxima) 257 - 286 C.E.
(b. c220 - d. 286 C.E.)

Flavia Prajecta
Greek patrician, wife of Strategius Apion (d. c579) cos 539. Surviving papyri accounts from Oxyrhynchus, Egypt reveal her as joint-heiress with her sons of her Apion's estates.
(b. c530 - d. after 591)

Flavia Titiana
Roman empress, wife of Pertinax (126 - 193 C.E.) whom she survived. Appeared only on the coinage of Alexandria with the title Augusta. Had a reputation for adultery.
(b. c161 - d. after 193 C.E.)

Flavia Xanthippe
Roman patrician, recorded as patron of the church of St Maria Maggiore in that city.
(fl. c600)

Fleetwood, Susan Maureen
British actress
(b. 1944 - d. 1995)

Flegge, Agatha
English patron, Osbern Bockenham, dedicated his, Legendys of Hooly Wummen to her.
(fl. c1440 - 1447)

Fleming, Amalia Koutsouris, Lady
Greek-Anglo political activist and humanitarian. Exiled from Greece (1967).
(b. 1912, Constantinople, Turkey - d. Feb 26, 1986, Athens, Greece.

Fleming, Rhonda
American actress, Spellbound (1946) : A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949).
(b. Aug 10, 1922, Los Angeles, California)

Flon, Suzanne
French actress, Tu ne tueras point/Non Uccidere (Thou Shalt Not Kill) (1961).
(b. 1923, Kremlin-Bicetre, France)

Flora (1)
Greek courtesan, mistress of general Pompeius Magnus. Her portrait was placed in the temple of Castor and Pollux in Rome.
(fl. c80 - c70 B.C.E.)

Flora (2)
Roman Imperial courtier, daughter of Rufinus, who plotted to marry her to emperor Arcadius.Rufinus was executed, Flora and her mother were permitted to retire to Jerusalem.
(b. c379 - d. after 421 C.E.)

Flora (3)
Roman Christian, m. Cethegus. Supported Basilus, Bishop of Capua during his exile.
(fl. 598)

Florance, Sheila
American actress, Lizzie Birdsworth in Prisoner (1979 - 1984) : Mad Max (1979).
(b. July 24, 1916, St Kilda, Melbounre, Victoria - d. Oct 12, 1991, Melbourne)

Florence, Gertrude Tomenek Edle von Beyerfels, Princess of
German morganatic wife of Joseph Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Tuscany (1872 - 1942)
(b. April 13, 1902, Brunn, Germany - d. Feb 15, 1997, Salzburg, Austria)

Florentina (Florentia, Florence)
Visigothic Christian saint, sister of saints Leander and Isidore, maternal aunt of King Reccared. Founder and first abbess of convent of St Maria de Valle, Ecija.
(b. c530 - d. June 20, c590)

Florian, Marie Elisabeth Mignot, Marquise de
French society figure, niece of Voltaire, wife of Philippe de Claris, Marquis de Florian.
(b. 1724 - d. 1771)

Florine of Burgundy
French Crusader, daughter of Duke Eudes I. Betrothed to Danish prince Sweyn, both were killed during an Turkish attack during the First Crusade.
(b. 1081 - d. 1099)

Roman Vestal virgin, convicted of unchastity after the disastrous Roman defeat against Hannibal at Cannae, and buried alive to appease the gods.
(b. c240 - d. 216 B.C.E.)

Foch, Nina
Dutch-American actress, The Ten Commandments (1956) as Bithiah, the daughter of pharoah and foster mother of Moses (Charlton Heston) : Dark Horizon (1994) : Hush (1998).
(b. April 20, 1924, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands)

Fogarty, Anne
American designer
(b. 1919 - d. Jan 15, 1980)

Foix, Francoise de (Dame de Chateaubriand)
French courtier, mistress of King Francois I. Said to have been murdered by her jealous husband.
(b. 1495 - d. 1537)

Folcheide of Neustria
Carolingian princess, the daughter of /chrodebert II and Theodora (Doda) of Bavaria, she m. Theodebert, Duke of Bavaria (d. c725). Patron of her kinsman St Rupert of Wurzburg.
(b. c667 - d. c704)

Foley, Dorothy Hinchcliffe, Lady
British heiress and society figure, daughter of the merchant Thomas Hinchcliffe.
(b. c1720 - d. 1804)

Foly, Lucy Fitzgerald, Lady
Irish diarist, sister of patriot Lord Edward Fitzgerald.
(b. 1771 - d. 1851)

Fontaines, Adelina de
French religieuse, niece of St Bernard of Clairvaux, Abbess of Poulangy, Haute Marne.
(b. c1110 - d. after 1153)

Fontana, Zoe
Italian fashion designer, specialized in elaborate beaded evening wear.
(b. 1911, Rome - d. Oct 31, 1979, Rome)

Roman Vestal virgin, chief priestess (Virgo Maxima) whilst Julius Caesar served as Pontifex Maximus.
(fl. c90 - 73 B.C.E.)

Fontet, Marie, Marquise de
French salonniere implicated in the 'Affair of the Poisons' 1679 - 1680, she was acquitted.
(fl. c1670 - 1681)

Fonteyn de Arias, Dame Margot
British ballerina
(b. 1919 - d. 1991)

Fotheringhame, Pattie Lewis
Australian journalist, feminist and photo engraver.
(b. 1852 - d. 1955)

Font-i -Codina, Merce
Spanish poet
(b. 1867 - d. 1894)

Foote, Lillian Vallish
American film producer
(b. 1921 - d. Aug, 1992)

Forbes, Anne Pappenheim
American endocrinologist
(b. 1911 - d. Feb, 1992)

Forbes, Elizabeth Adela
British water colour painter
(b. Dec 29, 1859, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
d. March 22, 1912, Newly, Cornwall, England)

Forbes, Eveline Louisa Michell
British author, Her Last Run (1899) : His Alien Enemy (1918)
(b. c1864, The Lowlands, Tettenhall - d. April 13, 1924)

Forbes, Helen Emily Craven, Lady
British author, The Outcast Emperor (1900) : The Polar Star (1911).
(b. Dec 18, 1874, London - d. Oct 13, 1926)

Forbes, Muriel Rose
British civil servant and alderman
(b. 1894 - d. 1991)

Forcalquier, Adelaide de
French heiress of the county of Forcalquier 1209 - 1212.
(b. c1145 - d. 1212)

Ford, Rita
American antique dealer
(b. 1900 - d. July, 1993)

Fordyce, Alice Woodard
American benefactor
(b. 1906 - d. Sept, 1992)

Forner, Maria
Spanish Catalan poet, The dead (1872).
(fl. c1860 - 1872)

Forrest, Helena Mabel Checkley
Australian poet and novelist
(b. March 6, 1872, near Yandilla, Queensland - d. March 18, 1935, Brisbane, QLD)

Forster, Agnes
English reformer of Ludgate Prison, London.
(b. c1430 - d. c1484)

Forster, Helga
Australian activist for the elderly, Hornsby, Sydney, co-founder of Christophorus House Retirement Centre, awarded the OAM.
(b. 1929, Austria - d. July 1, 1989, Gosford, NSW, Australia)

Forster, Norvela Felicia
British consultant
(b. 1931 - d. 1993)

Forster, Rose
English half-sister of courtesan Nell Gwynne, whom she nursed through her final illness.
(b. c1637 - d. after 1694)

Fortescue, Emily Ormsby-Gore, Countess
British courtier, lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary, wife of George V, CBE (1920).
(b. 1856 - d. July 12, 1929)

Forteviot, Marjory Winton Isabel Heaton-Ellis, Lady
British Red Cross activist, m. John Dewar, 1st Lord Forteviot (1885 - 1947)
(b. Sept 25, 1891 - d. Sept 6, 1945)

Fortis Froilaz
Spanish Infanta, the daughter of Fruela II, King of Leon. Abbess of Lugo, Galicia.
(b. c907 - d. c960)

Foshay, Ella Dunlevy Milbank
American benefactor, vice-president of the New York Zoological Society.
(b. 1909 - d. 1971, Hobe Sound, Florida)

Fossagrives-Penn, Lisa
American artist
(b. 1911 - d. Feb, 1992)

Fosseux, Francoise de Montmorency de (La Belle Fosseuse)
French courtier, mistress of Henry III of Navarre (IV), m. Francois de Broc, Baron de Cinq-Mars.
(b. 1563 - d. after 1582)

Foster, Cynthia Adelaide Davis, Lady
Canadian public figure and writer.
(b. 1844 - d. Sept 13, 1919, Ottawa, Canada)

Foster, Genevieve
American children's writer and illustrator, George Washington's World (1941).
(b. 1893, Oswego, New York - d. Aug 30, 1979, Westport, Connecticut)

Foster, Margaret Lesser
American publisher
(b. c1900, Montana - d. Nov 21, 1979, New York)

Fox, Emilia
British actress, Rebecca (1997) : Henry VIII (2003).
(b. July 31, 1974, London)

Foy see Faith

Merovingian saint, m. Vaudefroi, Count of Hesdin, mother of St Austreberta, Abbess of Port.
(b. c605 - d. May 17, c650)

Francesca Christina of Sulzbach
Bavarian princess, daughter of Count Palatine Theodore. Abbess of Thorn from 1717, of Essen from 1726, and prioress of Dusseldorf from 1733.
(b. May 26, 1696 - d. July 16, 1776)

Francesca Maddalena d'Orleans (Francoise Madeleine)
Duchess of Savoy, niece of Louis XIII, first wife of Duke Carlo Emanuele II (1634 - 1675). Known as Mlle de Valois before her m. (1663). She died childless.
(b. Oct 13, 1648 - d. Jan 14, 1664)

Francis, Ann (Ann Gittins)
British poet and translator, A Plain Address to My Neighbours (1798).
(b. 1738 - d. Nov 7, 1800, Edgefield, near Holt)

Francis, Connie
American vocalist
(b. Dec 12, 1938)

Francoise d'Amboise
Duchess of Brittany, m. Duke Pierre II (d. 1457). Established Carmelite Order at Vannes (1463), prioress 1472 - 1485. Beatified (1863).
(b. 1427 - d. Nov 4, 1485, convent of Couets, near Nantes)

Frank, Evelyn
American lawyer
(b. 1947 - d. Sept, 1993)

Frank, Joan Heming
American television producer of Hallmark Hall of Fame series.
(b. 1920, White Plains - d. July 24, 1997, Manhattan, New York)

Frankau, Pamela
Jewish-Anglo novelist
(b. 1907 - d. June 8, 1967)

Franklin, Aretha Louise
Black American vocalist and actress, Respect.
(b. March 25, 1942, Memphis, Tennessee)

Franklin, Gloria Friedman
American psychoanalyst
(b. 1930 - d. Feb, 1992)

Franklin, Rosalind Elsie
American crytallographer
(b. July 25, 1920 - d. March 20, 1958)

Frann, Mary
American actress, wife of comedian Bob Newhart in his CBS series, Newhart.
(b. 1943, St Louis, Missouri - d. Sept 23, 1998, Los Angeles, California)

Franziska of Luxemburg
German princess and dynastic wife, daughter of Comte Charles of Luxemburg. She m. (1) (1535) Bernard IV, Margrave of Baden (1474 - 1536) and was the mother of margraves Philibert I (1536 - 1569) and Christopher II (1537 - 1575). She m. (2) (1543) Adolf IV, Count of Nassau-Idstein (1518 - 1566), and their only surviving child Magdalena (1546 - 1594) became the wife of Count Joachim von Manderscheid (d. 1582).
(b. c1514 - d. 1566)

Fraser, Augusta Zelia
Scottish writer of West Indian stories, A Study in Colour.
(b. c1867, Scotland - d. Dec, 1925)

Fraser, Dawn
Australian athlete and Olympic gold medallist.
(b. Sept 4, 1937)

Fraser, Mary
British writer
(b. 1851 - d. June 7, 1922)

Fraser-Tytler, Christian Helen
British Senior Controller ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) CBE (1941).
(b. Aug 23, 1897 - d. June 30, 1995)

Fratellini, Giovanna
Italian miniature painter, enamellist, and pastellist
(b. 1666 - d. 1731)

Fredeburga of Provence
Carolingian patrician, the great-granddaughter of emperor Louis III ' the Blind', she m. Guigues, Comte d' Albon, and was the mother of Humbert (d. c1025), and grandmother of Mallenus (d. c1036) both bishops of Grenoble.
(b. c954 - d. after 1012)

Merovingian queen, m. Chilperic I, King of Neustria, mother of King Clotaire II (569 - 629). Cruel and inscrupulous, she waged a brutal vendetta against Queen Brunhilda.
(b. 545 - d. 597)

Frederica of Baden
Queen of Sweden, wife of King Gustavus IV Vasa (1778 - 1837).
(b. March 21, 1781 - d. Sept 25, 1826, Baden)

Frederica of Hanover (' Cousin Lily of Hanover' )
Princess, daughter of King George V. Resided at Hampton Court Palace, London.
(b. Jan 9, 1848, Hanover - d. Oct 16, 1926, Biarritz, France)

Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Queen of Hanover 1837 - 1841, wife (1814) of King Ernest Augustus (1771 - 1851), daughter of Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Mother of George V, the blind King of Hanover (1819 - 1878).
(b. May 2, 1778, Hanover - d. June 29, 1841, Hanover)

Frederica of Neuenstadt
German princess, the daughter of Frederick Augustus, duke of Wurttemburg-Neuenstadt. She was appointed Abbess of Wallo, Denmark 1738 - 1748.
(b. July 27, 1699 - d. May 8, 1781)

Frederica of Prussia
Princess, niece of King Frederick William III, and stepdaughter of Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover, m. Leopold Frederick, Duke of Anhalt-Dessau.
(b. 1796 - d. 1850)

Frederica Amalia of Denmark
Princess, daughter of Frederick III and Sophia Amalia of Brunswick-Luneburg, m. (1667) Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, and was the mother of dukes Frederick IV (1671 - 1702) and Duke Christian Augustus (1673 - 1726). Dowager duchess 1695 - 1704.
(b. April 11, 1649 - d. Oct 30, 1704)

Frederica Charlotte Ulrica Katherine of Prussia
Princess Royal, great-niece of Frederick the Great, m.Frederick, Duke of York (1763 - 1827), son of George III. Childless, she created a haven at Oatlands for stray animals.
(b. May 7, 1767, Potsdam - d. Aug 6, 1820, Oatlands Park, Weybridge, Surrey).

Frederica Dorothea Sophia of Schwendt
Duchess of Wurttemburg, niece of Frederick the Great, m. Frederick Eugene II (d. 1797). Mother of King Frederick I (1754 - 1816) : grandmother of Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia.
(b. Dec 18, 1736, Schwendt, Brandenburg - d. Maarch 9, 1798, Stuttgart, Wurttemburg)

Frederica Elisabeth of Bayreuth
Duchess of Wurttemburg, niece of Frederick the Great, m. Duke Karl Eugene (1728 - 1793). Beautiful and accmplished, she was patron of the Stuttgart Opera House.
(b. Aug 30, 1732 - d. Sept 26, 1780 Fantaisie Castle, Bayreuth, Brandenburg)

Frederica Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt
Queen consort of Prussia 1786 - 1797, second wife (1769) of King Frederick William II (1744 - 1797)
(b. Oct 16, 1751, Prenzlau - d. Feb 25, 1805, Berlin, Prussia)

Frederica Louisa of Prussia
Princess, sister of Frederick the Great, m. Karl Alexander I, Margrave of Ansbach (1712 - 1757). Mother of margrave Karl Alexander II (1736 - 1806). Her marriage a disaster.
(b. Sept 28, 1714, Berlin - d. Feb 4, 1784, Schwaningen)

Frederica Louisa of Saxe-Gotha
Princess, daughter of Duke Frederick III. Accomplished and educated, but slightly deformed, she was briefly considered (1760) as bride for her cousin George III of England.
(b. Jan 30, 1741 - d. Feb 5, 1776)

Frederick, Christine McGaffey
American home economist and lecturer, pioneer of domestic efficiency.
(b. 1882 - d. 1970, Newport Beach, California)

Fredericksz, Alexandra Aloisievna Boguszewska, Countess
Russian Imperial courtier, lady-in-waiting to Alexandra, wife of Tsar Nicholas II.
(b. 1838 - d. Oct 5, 1919, St Petersburg, Russia)

Fredericksz, Emma Vladimirovna, Countess
Russian Imperial courtier, lady-in-waiting to Alexandra, wife of Tsar Nicholas II.
(b. Nov 11, 1869, Paris, France - d. Feb 20, 1945, Stockholm, Sweden)

Frederuna of Hamelant
Carolingian queen, sister of Bavo, Bishop of Chalons, first wife (907) Charles III ' the Simple' (b. 879 - d. 929). Granted Corbeny and Ponthion as her dower, she left six daughters.
(b. c890 - d. Feb 10, 917)

Fredesende of Normandy
Natural daughter of Duke Richard I, second wife of Tancred of Hauteville, Count of Leece (d. 1041), mother of Norman hero Robert ' Guiscard,' Duke of Apulia (1015 - 1085).
(b. c995 - d. 1057, Sicily)

Freed, Doris Jonas
American legal expert
(b. 1902 - d. July 23, 1993)

Freeman, Ruth B.
American public health specialist and Red Cross nursing director.
(b. 1906 - d. Dec 2, 1982, Cockeyville, Md.)

Freeman, Tiki
American vocalist
(b. 1921 - d. June, 1992)

Freemantle, Elizabeth Wynne
Scottish diarist, sister of Eugenia Wynne Campbell.
(b. 1779 - d. 1857)

French, Dawn
British commedienne and actress, the Vicar of Dibly series, and Let Them Eat Cake series with Jennifer Saunders.
(b. Oct 11, 1957, Holyhead, Wales)

Freud, Anna
Austrian psychoanalyst, daughter of Sigmund Freud.
(b. Dec 3, 1895, Vienna - d. Oct 9, 1982, London, England)

Freund, Gisele
German photographer
(b. Nov 19, 1908, near Berlin, Prussia - d. March 31, 2000, Paris, France)

Freydis Eriksdotter
Norse traveller and colonist, daughter of explorer Erik the Red.
(fl. c980 - c1010)

Frias, Maria Giron, Duchess de
Spanish grandee, m. (1570) Juan Fernando de Velasco, 5th Duque de Frias (c1560 - 1613).
(b. Feb, 1553, Moron de la Frontera - d. 1608)

Anglo-Saxon virgin saint and abbess at Binsey, patron of Oxford.
(b. c680 - d. 727)

Fridiburga of Burgundy
Merovingian queen, m. Sigebert II, king of Austrasia (601 - 613).
(fl. c610 - 613)

Friederichs, Hulda
German journalist, author, and translator, attached to the Westminster Gazette from 1898.
(b. c1861, Bonsdorf, Prussia - d. Feb 11, 1927)

Friedman, Elizabeth Smith
American cryptographer
(b. 1892 - d. Nov, 1980)

Frink, Dame Elisabeth Jean
British sculptor and illustrator, CBE (1969).
(b. 1930 - d. 1993)

Barbarian queen of the Marcomanni, received Christian instruction from St Ambrose of Milan and desired to convert her husband.
(fl. c380 C.E.)

Frith, Mary see Cutpurse, Moll

Frithugyth (Fridogitha, Frythegyth)
Anglo-Saxon queen, m. Aethelheard, King of Wessex (c670 - 740) and patron of Glastonbury abbey. She travelled to Rome with Bishop Forthere in 737.
(b. c690 - d. after 737)

Queen of the Asturias, m. King Favila (c715 - 739) whom she survived.
(fl. 737 - after 739)

Froman, Jane
American popular vocalist
(b. 1907- d. April 22, 1980)

Spanish patron of the Cistercian abbey of Ferreyra, Lugo, Galicia.
(b. c1130 - d. c1196)

Fronsac, Anne de Poussard du Vigean, Duchesse de
French courtier of Louis XIV, m. (1) Francois Alexandre d'Albret, Comte de Marennes, m. (2) Armand du Vigean du Plessis, Duc de Fronsac.
(b. 1622 - d. 1685)

Frost, Frances M.
American poet and novelist, the editor of the American Poetry Journal 1933 - 1935.
(b. Aug 3, 1905 - d. Feb 11, 1959)

Chinese empress, m. emperor Aidi, whose successor Wang Mang deprived her of the Imperial title on grounds of political intereference. Killed herself in the palace grounds.
(b. c25 - d. after Aug 15, 1 B.C.E., Peking)

Fujikawa, Gyo
Japanese-American children's author, Babies (1977).
(b. 1908, Berkeley, California - d. Nov 26, 1998, Manhattan, New York)

Fuller, Frances
American actress and executive of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
(b. Oct 4, 1907, Charleston, South Carolina - d. Dec 18, 1980, New York.

Fuller, Loie (Marie Louise)
American dancer, introduced an innovative style and theatrical lighting.
(b. 1862, Fullersburg, Illinois - d. 1928)

Fuller, Margaret (Sarah Margaret) (Marchesa d'Ossoli)
American-Italian writer
(b. May 23, 1810 - drowned July 19, 1850)

Fuller, Mary
American actress, A Daughter of the Nile (1915) : Beautiful Imposter (1917).
(b. Oct 5, 1888, Washington D.C. - d. Dec 9, 1973, Washington)

Fuller, Rosalinde
British actress, Hamlet (1922). MBE (1966).
(b. 1892, Dorset - d. Sept 15, 1982, London)

Fullerton, Georgiana Charlotte Leveson-Gower, Lady
British novelist and philanthropist, Grantly Manor (1847).
(b. 1812, Tixall Hall, Staffordshire - d. Jan 19, 1885)

Fulvia (1)
Roman patrician, divulged the conspiracy of Catiline to her lover Quintus Curius.
(fl. 63 - 52 B.C.E.)

Fulvia (2)
Roman Republican political figure, m. Marcus Antonius. The enemy of Cicero, she was the first woman to be commemorated on the coinage. Antonius abandoned her.
(b. c75 - d. 40 B.C.E., Sicyon, Sicily)

Fulvia Pia
Roman Imperial patrician, m. M. Fulvius Septimius Geta, mother of emperor Septimius Severus (145 - 211 C.E.) : paternal grandmother of Caracalla.
(b. c125 - d. before 193 C.E., Lepcis, Tripolitana, Africa)

Fulvia Sisennia
Roman patrician, mother of the poet and satirist Persius (Aulus Persius Flaccus) (34 - 62 C.E.). she and her daughter benefitted greatly from his will.
(b. c14 - d. after 62 C.E.)

Furman, Bess
American administrator, journalist, and author of Washington By-Line, (1949).
(b. 1894, Danbury, Nebraska - d. 1969)

Furniss, Grace Livingston
American dramatist, wrote several plays with Abby Sage Richardson in 1898 and 1900.
(b. 1864 - d. April 20, 1938)

Furnivall, Mary Frances Katherine Petre, Lady
British peeress
(b. May 27, 1900 - d. Dec 24, 1968)

Furtseva, Ekaterina
Russian politician and ambassador, Minister for Culture.
(b. Dec, 1910, Vyshniy Volochek, near Moscow - d. Oct 25, 1974)

Japanese princess, daughter of emperor Meiji. Chief Priestess of the Grand Ise Shrine.
(b. Jan 28, 1890 - d. Aug 11, 1974)

Roman Christian nun, dau. of Hesychius, Bishop of Vienne. Her brother Bishop Ecdicius Avitus (d. c518) dedicated his De Virginitate to her.
(b. c465 C.E. - d. c508)

Fyncana (Fincana)
Irish virgin saint, patroness of Echt, honoured as a saint on Oct 13. Not to be confused with Fincana of Dalriada.
(fl. c550)